Dominican Man Got His Cheek Slashed with Machete

Dominican Man Got His Cheek Slashed with Machete

Video from La Republica Dominicana shows a man who took a machete blow to the head. He got to some kind of fight and that’s how it ended.

Even though the wound doesn’t look all that deep, he appears shaken by it enough to need support of his friend to get into an ambulance.

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49 thoughts on “Dominican Man Got His Cheek Slashed with Machete”

    1. Guess he s in shock and lost quite some blood that makes him dizzy. He will black out as soon as he take a seat. btw its quite bad coz i can see his cheek bone already.Lucky he aint fighting a guy with pistol.

  1. lol, dude has half of his skull fissured yet remains calm like its just another normal day, i would pass the fuck out way too early,and if not id bitch at the ambulance to hurry up. lol these latinos are stone cold i gotta tell ya.

  2. Who in the heck fights with Machetes in this day and age? With a gun in the hands of every man, woman, and child across the world (thank you gun manufactures) I just don’t understand this kind of violence. Who does a “HIT” on someone with a Machete? In fact, who in hell walks about with a machete in the first place? Bizarro land stuff!

    1. My thought too πŸ˜€
      He’s got a “gay” way of holding his (very close) “friend” to the ambulance!
      Only my opinion…I can’t believe how calm he looks though…
      Wow, he just lost an ear, and still, is very quiet. If it was me I’d be 1) running for the other, and 2) screaming -not because of the blood, blood doesn’t scare me like it scares so many people- but come on, that is brutal…

          1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that being gay is a bad thing…
            And I wasn’t talking about the guy who was hurt…
            I was only (as a joke…), mentioning that he was holding him way too close. Of course I would bring any of my friends to the hospital / ambulance…That’s logic, and he proves to be someone you can rely on…
            Ii was sarcasm…I am not saying for certain that they’re gay, and, even if they are, that’s cool with me…I just tried to make a (bad) joke, there lol…
            I meant no offense to anyone, here, @brothelinspector
            But if I did, then I apologize…
            And @re-pete : Good one!!

  3. like ive said to those who desire to take away the right to bear arms or 2nd amendment in us, if someone wants to kill they will find a way reguardless of any law they will do it or die trying. people are the most un predictable and most deadly.

  4. He looks calm all because he’s stoned .Once the dope effect wears down he’s gonna bring the hell down screaming with pain .

    Lucky Bastard ……. nearly missed getting his ears chopped though

  5. Dear friends, I have an unrelated matter. Yesterday I had a pop up on my iPhone that I couldn’t close or get rid of. It said it had my location, Apple ID, and other information. Every time I closed it, it popped back up. I was really scared because it looked like Apple, and said US Marshall. I finally restarted, deleted history, turned off cookies, and I’m back on Best Gore. But help, I’m freaking out. Is that legit? Or a freaky spam?

    1. just chew in and filter the spam out .
      No worries ! just have a blast!@escapegoose
      On a side note though just bite in a chunk outta Apple and feel like “ADAM ” every once in a while and let not your gums bleed .
      Here’s hoping acneska may play “EVE “

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