Dominican Man Chopped in Arm with Machete

Dominican Man Chopped in Arm with Machete

In Los Alcarrizos – a municipality in the Santo Domingo province in the Dominican Republic, a man was chopped in the elbow area of his arm with a machete. The video shows him holding his forearm, as something that looks like a bone sticks out of his wound.

I like how the victim had to open the door to the ambulance himself with that wounded arm, cause cameraman was busy filming the video.

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38 thoughts on “Dominican Man Chopped in Arm with Machete”

  1. Whoo.., that looked narly., the “man”, looked more like a kid.., yeah fckn camera man eh..? And it was probably his pal to boot., although a good cameraman will always stay and or take the shot.

  2. I dont know why , but i really want to take two fingers and just dab, fingerflip or whatever its called in english , that piece of bone piercing through his elbow …. Or maybe hold a lighter to it … I dont know why, but it just seems so appealing , and im not usually sadistic manered 😀 …
    (Sry for piss-poor english)

  3. That machete nearly missed giving a clean butcher’s chop .
    But still it ate away quite a chunk . He’s one tough nut not to have gone in a state of shock seeing the extent of trauma inflicted on him .
    STREWTH! for his having not gone delirious as he managed to hold his forearm Just by a few shreds of muscles and tendons .
    Most probably its an aftermath of some serious altercation and resultant squabble.
    Yor’ll rip-snort the flamin’ smoko off the dunny if ya strewth that bonzer clacker of a Machete whacker !

  4. All these machete wielding idiots. Just die the worst possible death and satan will laugh upon you and take you in willingly.

    I m fucking done with this crap. Humanity is a fucking waste. Hope we will be extinct rather sooner than later.

    Let nature take over, no more human nature, which disgusts me. Death upon us all.

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