Dominican Man Wounded by Machete Rolls in Pain on the Road

Dominican Man Wounded by Machete Rolls in Pain on the Road

In this video, an older Dominican man named Erasmo Garcia is shown rolling on the road between Cabrera and Nagua, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, after he was wounded by a machete. I understand the attack occurred because of a car robbery. Unfortunately I could not figure out whether it was him who got robbed and the robbers chopped him because he fought back, or if he was trying to rob someone and they fought back.

It looks like Erasmo took a really nasty chop to his left shoulder. He looks like one of those guys who live in a dusty bamboo shack and survives on occasional gigs from a local coconut farmer. He probably didn’t get prompt medical attention and died from severe infection.

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          1. O OK. I caught a glimpse of it a few years ago on cable. I just remember a big guy in jail named chopper with an accent. Figured that was what judge was referringtto.

    1. Seems like empathy for fellow human beings is totally absent in their way of thinking , or maybe they are so accustomed to seeing these types of incident , they have become emotionally numb to them .

      Either way , it’s not a nice situation @Concussive Maintenance , and surely not the right way to be ,

      It takes all sorts , as they say .

        1. I think here in the US, some of the people filming at accidents would get arrested.
          I sure wouldn’t want the cops to find me, taking pictures of the dead cops a few posts back, if it was Florida instead of Mexico.

          1. If someone was dieing in the street , what he or she may have done wouldn’t enter into my thinking . I’d see
            a human being in need of help , so I’d try and give some help regardless .

            If they had committed a crime , well , that’s to be dealt with afterwards .

    2. A lot of it is fear. The general public are not used to witnessing these sorts of injuries in everyday life. Saying that, as we see here these type of things are more common in certain countries.

      People really don’t know what to say to strangers in this type of situation. “How you doing?”…That’s not right. “Are you ok?”…Hmmm, that’s not right either.

      Witnesses generally are in shock as well as the victim.

      1. I guess you know having been a medic @A-s . All I know is , I would try and help , no question . And when I had a car accident once , the people who happened to be passing were absolutely brilliant , really kind and helped me all they could until the ambulance arrived .

        1. I don’t give a shit I was at scene one time when a sports car tried to pass in a bad place. She hit a pick-up head on, got spun around and got hit by the semi behind her.
          I was scared shiftless (I have anxiety disorder), but I knew I couldn’t let her and her passenger die alone.
          I went over the engine block and through the windshield hole to get to them.
          I stayed there holding their hands (she died very quickly) telling them that the ambulance was on it’s way and not to be afraid, that I was there. There was the Christian fish on the licence plate, and the surviving passenger wanted me to pray with him, which I did.
          It doesn’t take great brains to know what to day-to-day”I’m here with you, brother”, “Help is coming”, “God is here”, “I won’t leave you alone”…Anything soothing and caring.
          And fuck the law-if they want to arrest me for helping another human being pass over, then so be it. I will have a clear conscience and a peaceful heart.
          Life is NEVER trivial…

          1. Wow , that s indeed a powerful story as
            @kill says .
            Good in you @C M , absolutely the right thing to do . Must have been an ordeal for you too I’d imagine .

        2. @ewe, i agree 100%. Someone talking to and comforting the victim is very important and was something we were taught to do.

          Like your example i’ve seen wonderful people do the same thing and the victim could not thank them enough when recovered.

          The fear i talk about is evident here in some videos when we see members of the public giving an injured person a wide berth.

          Also this applies to homeless people, beggars we see on the streets in any country. Watch how “normal” people hardly approach them and sometimes walk to the other side of the street rather than pass them by.

          It’s not disgust, it’s fear.

          1. @A-s .

            I think a lot of people act as if disgusted by homeless people and beggers to make it easier for them to pass by , so I think you are bang on with regards to fear .

            I don’t give money to beggers , though I will buy them a cuppa and a sandwich from time to time .

            Vulnerable people need help from all of us .

          2. when i had my car accident, the coroner was the first who get to the crash scene, then the ppl around taking pics, vids, bjt no one helped, i dont think i needed any moral support cause thats not the way i am, but the other guy was so shocked… i think he was begging for a helping hand

        3. Right on Stomper!
          In situations as such, there is no room for judgments. Besides, it’s not our job to do so, if the victim was a wrongdoer, karma will keep paying them a visit. On the same hand, helping the victim will give karma points too…but that’s not why we should help. It’s because it’s the right thing to do!!

          You’re awesome!

          1. Wow. After dealing with animal abusers today, came on this site to blow some steam and get my fix. Instead, reading these comments, I feel warm inside again.
            You peeps are truly restoring my faith in humanity. And I love you all for that!!!
            Thank you!!

    1. Yeah really. Its not so important if he is the robber or not. If he is patch him up and give him morphine than let him go because I think someone would learn their lesson after this. Price is paid I think. You know cheekyme03 many people on here dont see two sides of an issue I’m glad you pointed that out.

      1. well its hard to say bro, i dont think that someone who is disrespectful with your possessions deserves the respect and kindness hes not giving you.

        just think about this, if someone steals money from you, sucks, but money can be easily generated again, but if someone steals your car, your lap top, your cell phone… i duuno, any possession you want to name, hes stealing your money, your time, your effort…

        IMO , every theft deserves this fate, but thats just MO.

        1. Right, @melmoth. A thief shows no respect for the people he steals from, so that’s the fate he should experience. I have respect for people who operate with one hundred percent compassion, but I ain’t the one. I find vengeance to be quite intriguing.

        2. @charlesmelmoth Our posessions? bro we came into this world naked and were gonna leave the same way. what then will we have? revenge is such a natural and easy response. but in the end where will that get anybody? trust me i respect your opinion but do see that doing the same or worse back to one who has harmed you only makes you just as bad or worse than them?

          1. i understand what you say man, when we die the only thing we will take with is cotton and glue stuffed i our mouth ha, but for me, your stuff is like a trade, you gave your best effort and you get your stuff, i know there are better things in life, i would give all my guitars and my car to get my brother back, he was shot 14 years ago by one of this scumbags.

      2. @bloodbath.. yeah im thinking that guy still someones family.. could be a father or a brother.. i dunno but still somebody could had helped that guy.. you are right maybe they could had given him morphine if he dies after all atleast its not that painful.. πŸ™

  1. Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read was an Australian Maniac who got his name from having his friend chop both his ears off while in prison with broken glass. Mind you he had it done without flinching and asked to have it done to show how badass he is πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t rush to save your fellow human. He is you and a part of the man filming died, if he didn’t call the ambulance, if there is even one there. These people must be super doctors. They can just watch and help the guy out at the same time. What are they advanced!

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