Dominican Man Dying in the Street After Machete Attack

Dominican Man Dying in the Street After Machete Attack

This happened in San Pedro, Dominican Republic. The victim got involved in a machete fight and ended up with severe injuries that eventually claimed his life. He’s barely alive when the video was filmed, bleeding profusely, supported by a friend but without proper medical care he stood no chance.

I don’t know what lead to him getting attacked, nor if he was a good guy or a bad guy. He could have been a man killed protecting his home from a burglar, or a burglar killed by a man protecting his home. Nasty was to die by bleeding out in the street as stings from deep stashes burn your flesh.

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    1. His avatar always got me.

      I have a huge cat named puma and the other day he fell off the couch as I was walking by so I tried to help……… BIG mistake on my part because as I grabbed him he bit me full on the inside just above the left wrist……..

      So much so that I had to strangle him and force my right thumb into his jaw to let me go.

      He’s fine now but I’m not 馃槅

      After 3 days I’m thinking it might be infected and some advise would be handy.

      I’m being patient as it’s mostly muscle damage.

      Animals like some fleshy viruses just snap.

      1. My advice @spidey, if it’s infected cut your hand off above the discolored part, this will stop the infection from spreading up your arm. A machete, meat cleaver and a high quality camera should suffice. Then cauterize it with a very hot iron skillet and replace the dressings once every day. Good luck to you my friend!

      2. @Spidey You might have CSD(cat scratch disease). Which is not limited to just “scratches”. I’ve gotten it several times because my cat is a mean little bitch. It can cause the bite/scratch to get infected and make you feel like total shit. Kind of like flu symptoms(fever, chills, achy body, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, etc.) ..and sometimes you need antibiotics to get it well.

      3. I saw this article on the news, some woman got a scratch from her pet, cat or dog, I forget, anyway, the animal licked the scratch, it got infected, she went to the hospital, went into a coma, woke up and they had amputated both of her legs and one of her arms. She had a few fingers left on one hand. Bottom line, don’t fuck around when it comes to infections from animals. Go to the doctor and get some antibiotics right away.

        1. If he is in the US, then they seem to put it of as long as they can. You pay a fucking fortune to see a doctor there. When i was there in 92, i needed a diazepam script, i had no insurance but ended up getting them in Juarez City over the border at El Paso, we were in a Drive-away car, going from LA to Atlanta. i purchased 3 x 28 tbs – 10 mg (Blues) cost me $7.50 box. To think of that place then, it was brilliant no danger at all. How things have changed… 馃檪 Happy Days, wish i’d never come home…

          1. You also may have contracted that rare disease Cat Scratch Fever. Symptoms include dressingup in animal print spandexand using mad amountsof hairspray to style your rad ‘do.

          2. @ mikey, I just might have the fever, that a pic from my last furry meeting. Omg I am so joking, lol. Its a stitch kitten, part of my wierd stuffed animal collection, lame I know

      4. Go to the doc soon , I have been bit just like that and needed mucho RX , my friend same cat almost died from a bite in the hand . When they cut it opened to drain they pulled a green chunk of meat , smelled the room up . He spent 3 day in hospitol.

  1. I was there years ago and we were told not to venture far from the resort. The place was downright scary getto looking but the resorts are beautiful. I will never forget the shuttle bus ride from the airport to the resort, poorest looking place you could imagine.

      1. well, its not that crazy out here in San Pedro, I’ve been living here for 5 years, in the hood. I get weed delivered to me, I never go to the drug spots. I have only been robbed at gunpoint once. If you mind your business no one fucks with you…..everyone is friendly and they love outsiders, girls want to fuck and the dudes don’t even hate on you. Unlike in New York iv gotten way worst, New York is more dangerous. Instead of guns we use machete. O yea and don’t wear any chains, thats against the rules, no matter how cool you are.

  2. Just what you need when you’re cut to pieces and dying.. a bunch of people screaming like crazy. We have a couple machetes outside at my house, and now every time I see them I get freaked out. I used to have one in my closet, but it disappeared..

      1. Not if you shoot him in the balls @Juicy. I’m sure you can think up many ways of making a mans life miserable before killing him without a machete around. Just use some of that twisted and evil imagination you’re known for.

    1. This looked like a combo package. I think it’s reasonable to conclude that he was chopped with a/many machete/s whilst being lynched. Notice the frenzy of the crowd. I imagine it is the. killer who is proudly displaying his trophy rather than aiding the dying man. A bonding moment that will likely be treasured (and probably relived) by the entire community.

  3. Im Dominican. I can undestand these people clearly. Sounds like they’re concerned for him. Some are asking for help. I hear a people saying “Dont let him die” ” Are we just gonna let him die?” Maybe he was an innocent person. Dominicans are harsh when it comes to burglars and gang members. If this man was either one of those, chances are they would have left him in the middle of the street to suffer for his wrongdoings.

  4. Nothing to see here, just some black dude bleeding to death in the streets of some shit hole ran by black dudes.

    Question: Why the fuck in some backwoods shit hole do people have no issue with all but bathing in someone else’s blood? Don’t get me wrong, if my best friend go shot, I wouldn’t hesitate to help him. But damn, I know that fucker doesn’t have aids among other things. The shit hole these people are in, I’m pretty sure blood diseases are rampant. There’s no fucking way I’m touching that shit with someone else’s hands.

  5. Proud to say I live in San Pedro, We make the news all the time in Dominican Republic, I work in the hospital ANTONIO MUSA in the weekends, we get cases like this all the time, Mostly motorcycle accidents though. When I get back to the states I’ll probably have more experience then all my colleges.

  6. All you need is 4 t-shirts, rip them up into about 12 pieces, wrap them tight around major bleeders (arteries) & apply lots of pressure (enough people around) & somebody keep talking to him and tell him help is on the way. Do not let him fall into shock or sleep. But for FUCK-SAKES do not just hold him up and let him bleed out W.T.F. 馃檨 Pisses me off, i could have saved that poor boy!)

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