Dominican Man Stands Up to Bullies, Gets Chopped Up with a Machete

Dominican Man Stands Up to Bullies, Gets Chopped Up with a Machete

Another recent case of Dominicans resorting to violence with machetes. From what I understand, this man was being abused and one day decided to stand up for himself and told the bullies off. They retaliated by chopping him up with a machete.

You can tell those nasty deep cuts on his lower legs are defensive wounds. He crouched down on the floor and raised his knees as the only line of defence against the merciless machete blade. The left leg especially took a nasty blow right through the kneecap. He’ll never walk normally on that leg again. If he survives at all, that is.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Dominican Man Stands Up to Bullies, Gets Chopped Up with a Machete”

    1. Yeh. Apparently those who don’t regularly deal with violence or death “seize up” when their life is at stake which makes sense. If your a “good” person (or a sheep) who never see’s or experiences this shit your just going to pack it in.

      That’s why I like full contact martial arts, it let’s you know what a broken nose or leg feels like so if it ever happens in real life you don’t panic and end up getting continually beaten until your dead

    1. That’s funny. After my accident multiple people stopped. Even though it was 2 AM one guy who saw it blocked me off with his car (so some drunk or other person wouldn’t hit me while lying in the highway). Then he tried to help me apparently. I lost a shit ton of blood and he and a passing off duty SWAT officer tied me up to try and stop bleeding.

      They helped enough, but the EMTS were there within minutes and the Trauma center was less then 5 miles away. This place doesn’t seem like they have that.

  1. he went about it the wrong way if he was being abused,

    he probably confronted his bullies when they were together, you never do that, unless you bring a gun to a fight

    if he was being bullied and abused and he didn’t have a firearm, he should have remained meek and submissive, learn about his enemy’s schedules, and strike at them when they’re alone, one by one, with an ice pick to the liver

    1. Alright …..time to man up bro…….
      Get your fingers(or what’s left) up your ass………out of your ass!!!
      Get a job……work like a dog limping here and there…..
      As long as it takes……
      Get your saved money……..and buy a shotgun.!!!!!
      Now the fun has not even started……..
      The fear in the tough guy’s eyes…… priceless !!!!!!…..
      PS :get them alone … after another.!!!!!
      And then go live……in a happy place……

  2. These fuckin people are soooo stupid. Straighten-out that left leg, put a board under the kneecap to keep leg straight & wrap that fucker up tight with a clean towel. Now wrap the other wounds and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. And, instead of filming, or having a fucking conference, Get that poor kid to the hospital before he goes into shock. fuck-man 🙂

  3. Bullying sucks but everyone gets their turn. I remember bullying and then being bullied at some point. Being in fist fights was a means of settling a conflict. Nobody was seriously injured, just some nice shiners and bruises. I felt better fighting the person who tried to talk crap then crying to myself alone in my room.

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