Dominican Man Wounded with Machete by Armed Robbers

Dominican Man Wounded with Machete by Armed Robbers

On Jun 3, 2013 a Dominican man by the name of Fermin Dominguez, resident of the Villa San Carlos neighborhood in La Romana was attacked by two armed robbers. He said he recognized the attackers’ faces because they’re men from the area, but doesn’t know them by their names.

The attack left Fermin Dominguez with laceration to the head and right arm and multiple bruises all over his body. He claims to work as a Motococho (a motorcycle taxi driver) and also assists in a bakery shop. The robbers reportedly made off with 2,000 Pesos (approx $50.00).

Props to Best Gore member ridonkulous for help with translation from Spanish. Dominicans and their bloody machetes.

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