Dominican Teen Assaulted with Knives and Long Blades in New York

Dominican Teen Assaulted with Knives and Long Blades in New York

Dominican Teen Assaulted with Knives and Long Blades in New York

In Bronx, New York, a Dominican teen was assaulted by 5 to 7 assailants. Apparently, a video surfaced showing a kid having sex with a gang member’s girlfriend or something along those lines, but the gang members confused the kid for the one in the stabbing video, so they apparently got the wrong guy.

The Dominican got stabbed and chopped by a the attackers with knives and long blades. They then left him covered in blood, and ran off in two separate cars.

Despite all the stabs, the teen got up and went to get help. His name was “Junior” – according to what can be heard it in the video where he’s sitting down. Hewas 15 years old. The hospital reportedly took a while to take him into surgery and treat his wounds. According to the info I got, the kid did not make it and died.

We got CCTV footage and phone-recorded footage of the aftermath as well. All props to Best Gore member @surgetitan for the video:

Screenshots of perpetrators recovered from a CCTV footage:

CCTV Screenshot of Perpetrators Behind Attack on Dominican Teen in New York

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    2. I’ve never heard my father-in-law says Dominicans without “goddamn” preceding it. This is over in Queens but similar situation. Of course, he came from Ukraine so maybe it’s not fair but his ranting is still entertaining.

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    Thoughts go out to the boys family.
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  3. this is really sad. he was a kid. a kid minding his business.
    how no one in that bodega said anything when a kid was dragged out of there by a few full grown men is a real fucking shame.

    it’s good their faces are out there. hopefully they get caught and put away for life. no one that slaughters a kid on a goddamned public sidewalk needs to be walking around free. those dudes have no sense of morality and if not stopped will do far worse, if they haven’t already.

    that poor kid. rip, lil man. rip.

    1. It bothered me a little sending these videos in but it’s just an additional post to help everyone on this site realize that the world is fucking cruel with no respite, and to be careful. Stay safe.

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  4. They made short work of the kid…but they will get caught 100 percent …there is no escape frokm the eye in the sky in all of new york…if you are outside in public ..You are guaranteed to be on at least 5 video cameras

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  6. This poor young man lost his life for no reason at all…this was not even meant for him..not that if they got the 15yr old they was looking for would of made it any better…but junior was not the target was not a troble maker..he was a good kid…these asSholes was looking for that other young man really bad…they beat and stabbed up a 14 yr old just days before killing junior…these are grown men killing children…(the reason…one of these men sis was in a sex video her brother seen the video she was ashamed embarrassed and cryed rape)I have seen the video she was not raped she was in a 3 some and the young man who videoed the 3 some really really looked like junior (the young man they killed) these look alikes are being killed or hurt cuz a female lied to not get her self cought up by her family and now other family’s are suffering…it’s so sad…

    1. Very true!!!
      Anyway, there’s not a reason to kill !! If the sister was fucked by someone who tape, and after she was ashame, that’s her problem!!
      She’s the fucking reason of all !!
      She should be in court also!!!!!!
      Poor kid

  7. the most violent shit comes from gangs, i swear. its a horrible thing that such beautiful lives get tangled up with these things. i know it is not possible to live in peace, but i think that sometimes people take it to the next level for no apparent reason apart from their whims and desires . i wish this boy could have had a better life, or at least a longer one without excessive suffering

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