Douche Talks Smack to Guy with Smashed Face and Destroyed Eye

Douche Talks Smack to Guy with Smashed Face and Destroyed Eye

A guy who looks Asian got in some kind of accident that mashed up his face. He looks like he came right out of Resident Evil (or Terminator?) – face smashed and eye seemingly destroyed, even though them eyes are hardy little fellas.

The most irritating bit of the video is filming douche talking smack. The video is only a few seconds long, but in those few seconds he doesn’t say one thing that would make me feel anything but that he needs a goat hoof up his mangina.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video. What say you, real or fugazi?

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96 thoughts on “Douche Talks Smack to Guy with Smashed Face and Destroyed Eye”

          1. Precisely what I was thinking, no eyebrow left over the left eye, and if there were some mechanism of injury that caused bone to protrude through the eye socket in any manner even approaching that, then there’s no way he’s moving around. Plus blood looks all watery and thin, and same color and consistency all over, which it wouldn’t in a head injury like that.

        1. Working in an East end London trauma unit I’ve seen most things….but fake!!!!…blood patterns wrong….muscle movements wrong…. anatomy off eye area wrong…..but good makeup for a trauma mock-up scenario!!

          1. @janet herkes.
            Wow, that’s impressive, on the medical front.

            On the intuitive front, yeah I was thinking it might be fake as nobody would be such a bell-end as be patronising to someone in such a state and then be filming the whole thing.
            “I told you not to get a moped”? Ermmmm, like he even knows the guy who had the accident.

    1. Dude quit being a Vag get up off your ass rub some dirt on that shit and slap fire out your boyfriend!!!! Can’t let your woman talk to you like that, whereas she thinks she can do it on a regular basis and then the pattern develops!!!

    2. Come on this is some straight fugazes, listen to how clearly he speaks yet his jaw is broken beyond repair… Supposedly.
      And what about the rest of the body… No damage??
      This video is a bit sketchy.

      1. I am thinking a couple these guys are joking around before a recreation of an accident scene either for a medical trauma scene for an Paramedic or Fire Dept scenario or a high school education scene for MADD. Some of my coworkers husbands are cops and every year a girl I know posts pictures of them with makeup and injuries for drunk driving recreation for kids….they do the whole scene, rolled over car, person through windshield, drunk driver survives, fire dept, police….she helps to do the makeup and they look pretty realistic.

  1. Hope the trash talker get proper AIDS. Sounds like a fucking libtard!!!

    The poor Bruce Lee guy with his CRUSHED face is in pain and the homo spearm sniffing faggot with his hipster beard starts with” I told you not get a moped. This is what happens.”

    Lets all cross the fingers that the libtard and whoreson will AIDS off. The bug chaser he is.

      1. Finding new, fresh, and real content is not as easy as you would think. After probably thousands of posts and hundreds of pages of content it becomes difficult to find freshly uploaded content in which to share every day. Shit happens, occasionally a few fakes might get through, not the first time by far and wont be the last. Isn’t that a bit of why we are here though in a way? To be fair, we come here for reality and to give people access to that reality, as well as debunking things that are be fake. Making sure that we all get as close to factual news as humanly possible, isnt that the ultimate goal of Best Gore? I can understand being frustrated about fakes but try to understand how and why it happens from time to time. And be at least somewhat satisfied with the effort. By all means, everyone is welcome to join the search for new content.

        1. I agree. This website is running non-stop. I actually have wondered if Mark sleeps at all. We’ve gotten lots of good clips – free and easy. So, I’m not going to get pissed when something isn’t real because I’ve seen a lot of real stuff on here. (Of course, you know I only get angry over gender issues ;P )

          1. In 9 years of Best Gore, there has been one constant – the only ones who whine about content are those who have never contributed jack shit. People who take the time off their day to contribute content, and thus help keep the website updated with fresh content, don’t make petty complaints.

          2. I hope your comment has nothing to do with me @happy , I couldn’t avoid laughing when she mentioned “gender issues”. 🙂

  2. “I told you not to get a moped?”
    Really? What did he do…stick his face in the spokes at highway speed? He looks like he was mauled by a horny 600lb Blackbear after pulling it’s cock out of the female’s vagina.

  3. C’mon people. Who the fuck do you think we are? Stupid? Of course this shit is fake. You can tell those wounds are not real. What is the blood that is supposed to be gushing out of those cuts.

    “What did you do, did you trip?” Really? Did you trip? I told you not to get a moped?
    Did the douchebag just happened to get to the place where the asian is, without seeing what had happened to him? Did he get there like ten minutes after the asian got hurt? Does he know the asian? it sounded like he knows him because he told him that the had told him not to get a moped. The whole setup is just that, a set up.

    Totally fake!

  4. When people are taken in by such obviously fake shit as this it lends credence to the ability of the government and media to fake any incident out of whole cloth and have the masses just lap it up with a fork and a spoon without so much a quizzical look at the evidence laid before them.

  5. Ya definitely fake, but pretty darn good tho. Few things hit it. The eye. Messed up with the eye. And his teeth. They are still in there fine where he had hit they would have been broken
    I told you NOT to get a moped. Hahaha

  6. Now that I have thought about it.their to calm and the side of his face were the injuries are looks like it has a extra layer of skin “prosthetics”… good work too good enough to get a job with greg nicotero and work on the walking dead zombies

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