Loser in Bar Room Knife Fight Loses Blood and Exposes Intestines in Brazil

Loser in Bar Room Knife Fight Loses Blood and Exposes Intestines in Brazil

In Brazil, a bar room fight with knives allegedly, leaves the runner-up of the brawl propped up by his own arms exposing intestines. Major props to the loser having guts to reveal his intestines in the dreary air.

The bloody mess of the fighter was schooled in the art of shredding during a drunken stupor. It appears the victim flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and landed on a sharp blade a time or two.

It is not known what type of knives are involved in the ordeal. It appears shock paralyzes the pain he feels. Minute movement is visible, except the stream of blood cascading from the head wound. So much blood so, the derriere of his stomach is stained blood red.

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  2. Other than the glass of Booze to show ; this pub crawler, had his innards on exhibition and a whole lot of blood sprayed around, to bring the other drunkards to the edge of their seats and that’s clapable
    All I ask is,of what use is a pub crawl if there’s no brawl ?!
    Loser or not, he paid the cash to happily get knived and thrashed and that makes him an achiever.

  3. A) Obviously he is just a thief, stolen the bar supplied hotdogs that are falling out of his shirt and then someone sprayed him with ketchup.
    B) Well there is the concept of don’t talk shit don’t get hit. He was sitting at the bar and told the guy next to him that the bartender is a whore, turns out the guy next to him was her husband.
    C) He tried to pay the bar tab with an American express card.
    D) Failed to pay the tranny who blew him in the backroom.
    E) Ordered a French 75 for the meanest guy in the bar.

    1. Ha ! a good picturization rather visualization there old pal ! and I think it all boils down to Point B) and E) ; with point B) in particular for the most part .Well I am not saying point E) stands ignored , but what if the loser while buying ,that French 75 for the meanest guy did go gassing in his nose , while prancing around like a clown . And that’s where I guess
      the big trouble came from .
      I suppose your hypothesis holds weight and its gonna pave a way in nabbing either the bar tender’s hubby or may be the meanest guy . In the mean time its loser’s turn to make everyone get nostalgic by singing .”I am a loser” from the Album , Beatles for Sale.

      Also Its time for us to get down to investigating what’s kept
      under wraps . by two of these idiots.

  4. I’m not sold that this damage was caused by knife fight, the wounds are rmore consistent with falling from something about the hight of a bar stool and hitting the ground. You’ve all seen the video’s on this site of Brazillians, Asians, and the like that were in auto and motorcycle accidents, at decent speeds they we explode when the come in contact with the ground. I’ve been Deputy Coroner for a certain parish in Louisiana for 30+ years and I’ve seen every type of accident aftermath you could imagine. I can tell you right now that I have yet in my years doing this come across anything that would make a Coonass burst into blobs of guts, shit, and body parts, it just doesn’t happen in my part of the world. One place that’s even stranger is Russiaxx

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