Drunk Man Found in UK Park with Nasty Elbow Injury

An Injury Like That Could Have Left Artery Severed and Man Would Bleed Out

An Injury Like That Could Have Left Artery Severed and Man Would Bleed Out

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @slr1991, who shared pictures from a paramedic friend of an elbow injury to a man found drunk in a UK park:

Back story, a friend of mine is a paramedic in a large UK city. The ambulance service was contacted early one morning to the reports of a male unconscious on a park bench with a large wound to his arm. He was blind drunk and has no idea how he received the injuries.

Many thanks for sharing the pics with us, @slr1991. The guy probably had some drunkard’s luck on his side, because an injury like that and so close to a major artery could have easily left him drained off blood:

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          1. I must agree. It is one of my favourite things about BG… The amazing and hilarious names people come up with. The vocabulary is in another class.
            So keep pumping out the obscenities as it is utterly enjoyable. Only a thew things to smile about in Africa and BG is definitely one of them.

  1. A park in a large UK city at night…………it could have been anything that caused those injuries then, lol. Drug addicts off their faces on zombie dust. Pakis looking for some meat for their Kebab shops. Illegal immigrants. African cannibals etc.

    The parks outside the large cities are great though. Take the lake district for example. Perfectly safe, even at night and when drunk. Clean, good looking etc. English libtards recently cried their eyes out about it though and ranted and raved about how the lake district is too white and lacks “diversity”. Yes. Quite. Which is why it is so pretty, clean and safe and the visitors don’t end up looking like they just spent the night at the Resident Evil mansion.

      1. If he is an immigrant or of immigrant decent, yes. An indigenous whitey?, no fucking chance.

        The British Pakistani men all have their women on the benefits system and they never get checked or penalised. They just get paid, no questions asked.

        Also. All the fresh off the boat newer arrivals get priority treatment over the indigenous working class English.

        To answer your question then. Could he get benefits for an injured drinking hand?. If he is an indigenous working class English whitey he won’t get benefits even if he became quadriplegic.

        1. Bravo on your assessment of the situation in most Western countries.
          The answer is simple… Close your borders and stop taking in these rubbish called immigrants .
          Oh but I forgot we are not allowed to say that as we must have white guilt.
          Thus my conclusion is that the Western Countries is busy reaping what they sowed. The west was quick to lash out against South Africa when the economy was strong and crime was low because of our believes of cultures being devided. Only now do you realise the reason for Apartheid as it is no longer just a distant country that you can redicual over their policies towards the African black. Only now do you see as the problems they bring with them are no longer on a distant shore.
          On the other hand keep taking them as there is one less for us to worry about then;)

          1. To be fair most working class white western people were in favour of South African Apartheid because we get forced to live alongside black people too and know exactly what they’re like. It was the middle class white libtards who were against it. You know, the group of people who never, ever live anywhere near niggers because mommy and daddy bought them a nice white house in a nice white neighbourhood.

            The English also voted Brexit and despite the libtards and their backers George Soros and Tony Blair trying to prevent democracy from happening they lost and it is still, hopefully, happening at the end of this month. Hopefully then the boarders will be closing and immigration controlled. You wouldn’t think it would be this hard really considering the UK is a fucking island.

  2. Kinda like a bed sore “gotta flip them bed bound people around”…this is a bar sore…from never taking his fuckin elbow off the bar…”gotta trade up on them leaning elbows”.

    1. True I hit my mom in the head with a fishing pole when I was blacked out drunk. I got excited delirium a few times. No self control or awareness. Scary cool stuff when your brain subconsciously starts working and you lose the ability to realize that you even exist. I become suicidal, but completely the opposite sober. I’m my own lab rat when it comes to alcohol experiments. I’d still trade that night I got arrested for that elbow wound though!

      My mugshot if anyone needs a laugh!

  3. That looks like a shark bite ffs. But since he was in a park, and on a bench their is no way that a shark could have done this.

    So I Blame-It Instead on what was most-probably injuries caused by an Angry Land-Whale. Cause as we all know, and are quite aware of, these Creatures can become quite violent Animals when they are either in their P.M.S. Cycle,,, Or during Their Men-O-Pause Cycles. 🙁

    I Heard somewhere that exercise can be a great help to woman when going through one of their many dangerous cycles. So gets on your Bicycles during your Cycles Ladies. And makes sure to be naked while doing-so like in the video below, as you will feel free and happy instead of angry, and super violent, lol. 😉


  4. @hopingfornemesis


    This cunt is just an idiot! Climate change didn’t ignite Oz!

    See, a fire is a chemical process, so it needs 3 things:
    -a spark (not climate change)
    -fuel (timber)
    -o2 (not climate change)

    The reason the fires are there is that we have left all the ‘fuel’ for the fire right there.
    Think about this:

    -How good does your motor go when your run out of fuel? It dies
    -How good does a gun go when it runs out of bullets? It’s useless

    Climate change did not become a little Gremlin, and sneak down to put a ‘spark’ to the fuel (timber)

    This all happened, because we left a full powder keg, and sooner or later it found a ‘spark’ ..

    Fuck Greg Norman (and his balls) (and his fake USA accent – he was born & raised in Queensland Oz.) (like JOnny)

    1. Arse -onists have caused most of this and many have been caught but don’t get talked up on the media.

      I do believe Climate change has happened -whether manmade or not-but the arsonists have really put the match to the tinder in our fires. Pricks have blocked my head all up with shit-air quality!

      It’s not enough our services and infrastructure have gone the way of India …now our air -quality has as well.

      1. It’s a natural cleansing process. It was going to happen anyway.
        Now your forests will thrive and the marsupials will just make more marsupials.
        And the world keeps turning or floating in permanent stasis. Whichever applies.

      2. Some of the fires were set by arsonists. Wouldn’t surprise if they had an ulterior motive for doing it though ($). I’m sure there will be plenty of Chinese owned companies lining up to “redevelop” the devastated areas, on the cheap of course.

    2. Not sure about other states, but Victoria continues to go up because State Government banned back burning. They even banned cattle grazing on our fire prone high country and national parks, which used to reduce the ground fuel in a big way. Cunts!

      1. Yes, they say you can’t do ‘backburning’ because it may kill one lizard or two ..
        But what these cunts don’t understand is that if you DON’T do backburning ..
        You lose:
        All wildlife in the area
        All homes
        Many human lives

        So the one lizard they tried to save, it a spit-roast dinner anyway ..
        Dumb ! ..

        1. Try telling that to CBD dwelling Greens voters. As long as they’re wrapped in their feel good bubble – who gives a fuck. Coalition and Labor are no different, all city dwelling bureaucrats that serve their gook and Jew masters.

          1. Good point .. I took an Uber with an Elephant jockey curry muncher recently, and I commented to him that the future of Oz is the Indians (cause there’s so many of the cunts .. and he said: “No .. the Chinese will be the next dominant Australians ..”
            Could be true !!

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