Drunk Woman Takes Dart in Eye After Egging Guy On to Throw

Drunk Woman Takes Dart in Eye After Egging Guy On to Throw

In what looks like a pub setting, an apparently drunk woman is sitting under a dartboard and is egging a guy on to throw a dart. He throws one and it glances her hair. In the exchange that follows, the “pussy” throws another one, but this one hits the bullseye in the woman’s mug.

No longer so eager to cry for attention, the woman shamefully retreats, wearing the look on her face saying “Waaaahhhh, how could this happen to the princess? Life is like, so unfair.“.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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197 thoughts on “Drunk Woman Takes Dart in Eye After Egging Guy On to Throw”

          1. The man looked like a faggot to me.
            What do you think, @svarg26?

            What a bunch of dipshits anyway. I’m sure the dart hit her in the eyeball because it didn’t just glance off her face, it sort of stuck there.

          1. You can see she’s one of those small town slags who’s fucked half the village. Personally i’d have called it a piercing and charged the slut.

          1. xsookiex haha sorry i should have explained, don’t bother explaining . I see we’re getting notifications now, should be good, now everyone will see the sneaky little comments i left when i thought they weren’t looking …Help !!!

        1. She was just acting all hard and attention-seeking. Typical raucous type lol.
          She knew she was being filmed, and when she was hit she knew she couldn’t then whine and scream or it would look silly.

      1. Eye eye thanks captain I see it’s like a ten second delay with oh crap that just hit me
        You don’t always get what you want,she wishes this was one of those times.your wright beggers can’t be choosers she got what she begged for lol

  1. Here’s a rule – you should NEVER give any type of credit to a slut with colored hair, especially if it is green, blue, pink, purple and similar gaudy colors. The mere fact that she dyed her hair like this already means she’s a complete attention whore who tries to be “different” from everyone else but in reality is just a low self-esteem sheep. Not to mention the fact that she probably associate herself with feminism and other cancerous left-wing social movements and ideologies. I feel sorry for guys who date these chicks and are not ashamed to walk side by side with them. I’ve met guys like these and they are complete pussy-whipped cucks.

    As for men who also like to dye their hair like that, well, I think it goes without saying.

      1. @hungheathen

        Ooops, it seems my comment got under the skin of a sensitive girl with colored hair. A sensitive and retarded girl I may add since that’s one of the worse replies I had the chance to see in this site, too many blah blahs you know. I forgot to mention that people with colored hair are also very immature, childish even.

        But then again, I was just speaking the truth so here’s my advice to you, darling: get your hair back to its natural color and stop being so retarded.

        1. It was long winded and gave me a head ache.

          I was able to battle through the first 7 or 8 words of your rebuttle before it made me remember that I genuinly don’t care about your dopey insight and your parents must have hated you.

          1. @hungheathen

            That made me smirk, the old “I didn’t read everything you said”, which actually translates to “I read every single word but since he made me look like a retard and I don’t have anything useful to say I’ll just pretend I didn’t read everything and then perhaps I’ll have the upper hand.”

            You’re not fooling anyone here, little girl. And I know you’re reading this one too. Btw, did you just use the old parents thing too? I didn’t know 4th graders browsed Best Gore.

        2. Even your screename is long winded and lame.

          I typically dont read your comments because im all worn out by the time i get to the 174th not funny word you use to descibe yourself.

          It has nothing to do with my education level. It has everything to do with you being a complete f’ing tool

    1. You could say the exact same shit about people with tattoos or those who buy expensive clothing, jewelry or drive loud trucks.
      That said I’m guessing you’ve never seen a Skin “bird” in a Chelsea cut which dye their hair from time to time just like their non-racist counterparts.
      To call someone a sheep for breaking the mold because it’s better to blend in like everyone else had to be the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read today, and I just got done reading “Intelligence Report” over at SPL.
      I grew up with in the punk/hardcore scene here in NYC in the late 80s early 90s and we fought every fucking day because of the way we looked and it tought me how to defend myself way better than fitting in and getting approval nods by Officer Date Rape or my girlfriend’s parents.
      I had mohawks in my late teens or grown out charged hair with many different colors in the past and have tattoos covering my face, neck etc. I could have changed and blended in but I chose not to knowing that their would be a good chance I would end up fighting on a train platform or get my head smashed by a bottle by 14 year old Decepts (fucking gang in the early mid 90s here in Brooklyn and in the city)

      Times have changed and it’s safer here now and tho I get what you’re saying, don’t lump some of us in while alluding that since I’m male and cut from a different cloth I must be attention seeking faggot. Some of us paid our dues and some of us are no longer around because of it.

      But then again I’m just a grumpy old man in my 40s who really wants the attention.

    2. So long story short, you are salty at an ex who has the perks you are describing? Either that or youre ignorant/dumb lol

      my experience with colored hair girls are my best experiences:) they arent crazy, just misunderstood:)

      although there are some straight up psycho bitches out there regardless of hair lol but that comes with the rest

      you just need to not be a insecure, weak-minded, judgmental sack and maybe youll get that love back in return.
      or just be a pussy and dont feel anything but jelousy and hate, like all men do, alg

      except me of course

      have a gory day ppl x

  2. If she didn’t have her head turned,
    it probably would have went straight into her right eye,
    instead of glancing off the bridge of her nose.
    please wear safety googles … NOT
    I think she should be under ALL dart boards

  3. Ones who slumber befalls at sunset only to be awoken to view of the sphere in shambles. Like any other psychoactive substance it gives the consumer (abuser) a false air of their own capability and self-assurance. Thus bewilderment overcomes them after the effects of the substance diminishes.

    This fervent guillotine for punishment will suffer the burrow of the piercing tungsten tip layeth on the cornea during peak hours of astronomical dawn, when she awakes whilst counting the excruciating hours to her next menstrual cycle.

          1. illegalsmile55 haha yes the little finger, you’d think they’d have come up with something better than a warped little finger. Great show though. This new carnage seems empty, lifeless, like there’s no emotion

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