Dutch Kid Celebrating Approaching End of School Year Climbs a Wall and Falls

Dutch Kid Celebrating Approaching End of School Year Climbs a Wall and Falls

Best Gore member EinBerliner sent us the video of a school kid from his school ending up in a hospital after climbing a wall and falling. Here’s what happened in EinBerliner’s own words:

It’s a video from my school in the Netherlands. People were having fun because the exams are coming and that means the end of school year is approaching. It’s tradition – people do crazy stuff, paint the whole school, make a mess of everything, flood the toilets, sleep in the school overnight and other such craziness.

In the video, someone tried to climb up the school building wall and fell. the video was not filmed by me, it’s from someone I know. I saw it happen and was around 50 meters away from it. The guy on the camera was even screaming jump, jump, jump!

The school kid was picked up by an ambulance and is in critical condition in a hospital.

Thanks a lot for the video, EinBerliner:

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  1. Proof that the gene pool is going dry. He just learned life has the toughest learning curve. Wonder when he is able to eat solid food again if he will want to re-take that last test.

  2. Hmm why did he have to stop he seemed to be doing well. Maybe he realised what a stupid idea it was when it was too late like most stupid people do. Impact wasn’t bad though I hope he starts climbing again soon.

    1. Haha , it really baffled the scientists when they found Brazil , the boats just disappeared into one huge mother of a black hole , I think they called it alpha Manaus death trap star 🙂

  3. I remember as a kid my older brother jumped off a 4 story apartment building onto a garage roof the neighbor had to get his ladder climb up and fireman carry him off the roof. Nothing was broken, that is until our dad got home heard what he did and beat the ever living shit out of him. HAHA!!

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