Dutch Reporter Confronts Angolese Diplomat About Abuses, Gets Attacked by His Men

Dutch Reporter Confronts Angolese Diplomat About Abuses, Gets Attacked by His Men

Young Dutch reporter, fed up with diplomats abusing their immunity and getting away with it confronted an Angolese diplomat and his people about the abuses, to which their gorillas responded by violently attacking him and his cameraman, literally drawing blood from his face. Best Gore member jackchan provided more background about the issue at hand:

The diplomats in the Netherlands are very well known for never being fined for anything. They always park their car wherever they want and continuously get away with it.

In this video a reporter, who confronts diplomats about everything they do wrong, got hit by an Angolese diplomat. You can even see blood at the end of the video on his face. This is only just one video. There are a lot of more videos about confronting diplomats and they always become aggressive.

Of course they don’t care. The police can’t touch the diplomats. I can remember we had some problems a few months ago. There was a 911 call that a man was abusing his kids. So the police responed to the call and actually handcuffed the man, who turned out to be a Russian diplomat. I can remember Putin
wasn’t very happy about that.

Many thanks to jackchan for the video:

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  1. What the fiddler’s flying fuck?!
    Can someone explain to me what the fuck is a diplomat? And what its punk ass bitch functions are that makes them so “untouchable”?
    Notice i wrote untouchable in brackets as i believe NOBODY is untouchable coz all it takes is about 3-5 seconds,just the time to draw your gun,take aim,take a breathe and hold it,quickly clear your mind and pull the trigger! Boom! Diplomat 0-god player 1

      1. wait a minute, folks. if these chimps don’t have any legal status in said country, how can the “state” prosecute you if you beat the crap out of them? they’re not citizens of the netherlands, what netherland judge or court could presume over any charges, be they simple assault charges or manslaughter-oops, i mean chimp-slaughter.

        1. Would be my kind of luck that their country of origin would extradite me and I’d be sent to one of their shitty prisons – and treated like the foreigner I am, not treated like the foreigner they are in my country. Does anyone think their own homeland would protect and save you in that kind of situation? Doubtful …

  2. Cameras that are small enough to be hidden concealed within the plastic frames of a pair of sunglasses are widely available, and quite cheap (approx. $25 – $30 on ebay). Wearing such a pear would allow for video as well as audio recording, albeit in lower definition. The resulting video would look like VHS footage in days of old. Regardless, it would be far easier, I would think, to record clandestinely. Wear such a pair, then approach the people you wish to interrogate. They would never know that they are being recorded.

    1. So next time I’m talking to a cop I’ll be wearing glasses. Cops won’t allow you to record them but they record us all the time. Would be fun to put them on camera while they don’t know it, corrupt bullshitting law-breaking stupid shitstains that they are.

  3. I have never heard of a physical attack by diplomats, but the parking and “I don’t give a fuck”-attitude is definitely happening in Austria, too.
    That ‘journalist’ AND the camera guy were brave, tbh. Good, they weren’t hitting back – they would’ve gotten a huge fine or some prison time, I guess.

  4. I always hate those reporters.

    “Hit me. I’m being an annoying prick that wont go away. Go on hit me.”
    *gets hit*
    “You evil person. I can’t believe you hit me. I’m just a reporter. You can’t hit reporters.”

    1. It’s due to the diplomats not respecting the laws of the countries that gets a irritating reporter all up in their faces in the first place. Though something tells me these folks don’t respect the laws of their home country or any legal system for that matter.

  5. I find the reporters relentless enforcement of parking rules violations inspiring. All he needs to take his in your face attitude to the next level is one of those microphones that shoot water in peoples faces.

    1. Yeah, he’s like the traffic warden from hell. I pity the locals if he ever has a career change to a parking attendant, in fact, he ought to move to England, he’d earn a frigging fortune in bonuses.
      Only kidding, fuck him coming here !

  6. Here’s your typical politicians and diplomats. They can do it but you can’t. They can get rich sitting around jacking over the rest of us peasants while they live in lavish palaces.
    The sooner people realize that these so called world leaders are scum of the earth, parasite greed mongers the better. The sooner we put restrictions on the so called world leaders the sooner the world can move on and live in peace.

    What is war? Old men arguing and young men dying.

  7. When I was growing up, they were known as ‘Uppity Niggers’… Once identified, many were promptly shot. There is no cure for this affliction, other than by traumatically induced lead poisoning.

    NigNogs… A scourge where ever the wind blows them.

    1. Racist.. of course the tie would carry a different story, if the dark skinned humans bursted with civilization & knowledge (like the ancient Egyptians..the very first were black, by the way). While at the same time, white people were considered “barbarians” and everybody avoided them.

      I would guess at that time, the baboons were in Europe ; according to the world standards. Remember how persia stepped on Europe & literally treated greeks just like the carriers of your mentality today treat arabs & blacks -lesser races- ?

      Be human. Stop racism.

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