Egyptian Pharmacist Attacked and His Business Ransacked by Group Armed with Machetes

Egyptian Pharmacist Attacked and His Business Ransacked by Group Armed with Machetes

In the town of Zefta, located in the Nile delta in Egypt, a pharmacist was attacked by a group armed with machetes and a shotgun. The masks wearing group also ransacked his business, but left before killing the pharmacist, so the whole attack looks like a way of sending the man a message.

The crazy mofo defended himself like mad with a plastic chair, and wouldn’t give it a break even after the group has left. It looks from the CCTV footage as though his left hand was seriously wounded with a machete blow. Probably a defense wound.

Props to Best Gore member @zanal for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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118 thoughts on “Egyptian Pharmacist Attacked and His Business Ransacked by Group Armed with Machetes”

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  2. My current Young Pharmacist is Egyptian, and is such a nice and pleasant person. Also my previous one
    from many years ago was also A great, and friendly Egyptian. I actually helped Design and Customize The Blueprints for the 9 Million Dollar Custom Home that our Company Constructed for him, while a was a Supervisor for them.
    What Da Fuck did the store owner hope Ta Do with that Cauliflower Hand Of His, lol,, scare them with it, lol, ?

      1. I Guess that this one was a Muslim. The 2 that i knew, (cause the multi-million dollar homeowner one is now unfortunately deceased) were both Christians, as there are many, many Christians now here in Canada because of all the abuse, and Unfair Treatment, That they were constantly subjected to from the Mostly Muslim Government In Egypt. But many many more Egyptian Muslims moved to The U.S. England, and France after a Christian Leader was re elected a few years later. So us Canadians got off pretty easy, and lucked-out, as these Christian Egyptians are indeed quite friendly, and very kind. 🙂

      2. Oh I dunno, JSM. When 5 men with machetes attack a single unarmed person, and I don’t know the full story behind it, then other things equal, I’m siding with the underdog.

        I have nothing but respect for the man for defending himself (even though he didn’t really have a choice).

  3. I wonder what happened to that english bitch nicked for carrying tramadol into egypt? if only the daft bitch knew how hungry the rest of the world is, how they would kill for a box of tramadol. silly english tart needs to watch best gore

      1. Even if I’m a day early they look at me like I’m trying to rob the place. Weed is pretty much legally obtainable anywhere here in Canada but picking up your monthly doctor prescribed narcotics they always make you feel like a criminal.

        1. I was in an MVA and had my foot fucked up. Hardware, screws etc. The second day they told me I should opt out of oxycodone for the pain and use warm compresses instead. Then….the criminal guilt as I took my pain meds on schedule….NOT! I should post my foot xrays huh?

  4. They weren’t attacking him, he just took it the wrong way. Notice how they were dancing? This was a gay rave and they wondered into the pharmacy looking for more ecstasy.

  5. The pharmacist was a champion. He fought well either by luck or skill and bravery. By going into back room with plastic chair he negated all their numbers and weaponry.

    In effect, he did a Leonidas and 300 spartans against whole army of Persian empire.

    I also reckon ,they did try to kill him but time just went against them, he was ensconced in back room too quickly.
    Bet you they are Moslems and he the Christian!

  6. What happened here was there was a bunch of smackheads rattling their backs out waiting to pick up their meth/subbys and the pharmacist was taking fucking ages to get their shit ready so they battered him with machetes, fair play to the sand nig nog he gave it them back with that chair lol,anyway that smackheads for you…………..

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