Egyptian Protester Shot in Throat

Egyptian Protester Shot in the Throat

So they’re protesting in Egypt again and the clashes between protesters and security forces and turning bloody. This man was shot by Egyptian riot police in the throat in Tahrir Square, Cairo on November 22, 2011. He’s being attended by medics which is a pleasant change from videos from Syria. Though I’m not a doctor to comment on how these medics are performing, I certainly hope they will be able to get the man to the hospital cause those fingers in his throat could result in nasty infection. But I suppose risking infection is less severe than leaving the man to bleed out.

Isn’t it interesting how the army helped the people to overthrow Mubarak in what they call a popular uprising, even though it was orchestrated, financed and supported by an intelligence agency with lots of experience in bribing public into riots against their governments, and now the same army uses deadly force against the very people they previously supported in their goal. Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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9 thoughts on “Egyptian Protester Shot in Throat”

  1. They just cannot stop shooting each other ! It has gone on for over 2000 years and it will not stop until there is only one society left.
    Then they may even turn on themselves just to keep shooting each other.

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