Elderly Civilian Shot in the Leg by Ukrainian Army in Mariupol

Elderly Civilian Shot in the Leg by Ukrainian Army in Mariupol

An elderly, unarmed, civilian protester was shot in the leg by Ukrainian army in the city of Mariupol (where we’ve seen other unarmed people get shot for no apparent reason on orders from Kiev puppet government). The victim is bleeding a lot and his blood is bright red, raising suspicion that he was hit in the femoral artery. Other protesters appear to understand that fast application of pressure on the artery is critical in saving the man’s life and try to use a belt and then a string to restrict the blood flow to the limb. As we’ve seen at Best Gore, shots to femoral artery can lead to death within minutes.

After Bild am Sonntag reported that there was a large population of CIA and FBI agents active in Ukraine, I said: “Tell me something I don’t know“. Now that Spiegel Online quoted German Intelligence (BND) that 400 Blackwater / Academi mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine, I once again say: “Tell me something I don’t know“.

IMF was quick to sink its fangs into the Ukraine’s life veins, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we could conclude that the farce is now complete. As always – war is a racket: Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma Holdings – the largest Ukraine gas producer.

It’s not like anyone who’s familiar with CIA covert operations could possibly suspected any different, but it’s still flat out disturbing to see it laid out just like that.

Like all similar “conflicts” in the past few decades, this Ukrainian bullshit too is about money. The people of Ukraine are nothing more than collateral damage to these crooks. Divide and conquer – destabilize the country so bankers can waltz in and enslave the populace in debt and eat up their money and resources. Just like Yugoslavia, just like Iraq, just like Afghanistan, just like Libya, just like Syria, and just like Venezuela. And the story goes on. Expect Nigeria to follow suit soon.

In his infamous book “The Grand Chessboard“, Former US security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski urged the US to take control of Ukraine:

Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.

With regards to the IMF vultures, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble commented to the press that Greece could serve as a model for Ukraine. Nothing like having IMF plunge another country into a Great Depression like state after they fucked up Greece.

As far back as 2001, the former chief economist of the World Bank, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics Joseph Stiglitz outlined the multi-layered plan the International Monetary Fund takes to attack, destabilize and reorganize (ie, loot) through “aid” packages that result in extensive debt slavery and privatization. BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast has it summarized well in his article called The Globalizer Who Came in from the Cold.

This should make it clear why we’re seeing such unprecedented level of bias when it comes to Western mainstream media coverage of the unrest in Ukraine.

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    1. Thats why I am not afraid to fight against the ukraine army. they can’t shoot for shit, but i can.

      I have seen people with both their legs blown of, trying to get the tourniquet of their legs because it is so fucking painfull. Need to be that tight to stop the blood.. EVERYONE

  1. Look at what happens when you have two different groups trying to control a country. Eventually non whites will be pouring into Ukraine so it can become a “rainbow nation”. If whites do not take political control of Ukraine out of the hands of Jews, the place is going to turn into a multicultural hellhole modelled after the west. We are going to see this type of violence start happening in white western countries eventually as the white’s inches further and further towards their populations demographically becoming minorities. Even the white sheep will eventually wake up and say, hey, what’s going on here? Whites are on their way to becoming a minority in all white western countries. We need to immediately stop all non white immigration into our countries. We either do that now, or sometime in the future, it is going to come down to violence. So you can stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening and everything is fine, or you can do something about it. Send letters to all white politicians telling them to stop non white immigration into white countries. We don’t want to become minorities in our countries and if it can’t be solved peaceably then it could result in violent ethnic clashes. Are we just going to give our countries away? Are we going to commit racial suicide?

    1. Like fuck we are .

      You’re spot on though poz , no doubt about it . In the UK , local politicians are currently canvassing and throwing their flyers around as the local elections near .

      It’s a sad state of affairs when the majority of White people see a party like BNP or the English National Party as extremists . Can you fucking believe that ? . In our own country , their own country ! . The fucking world has gone mad .

      I swear , if all English folks were like where I live … thank god , this country would be saved . People have lost their bottle and dare not speak the Truth . Well not round these parts , we all call a spade a spade , it’s in our blood .

      1. @ewe In which area do you reside?

        I find if one dismantles or covers over these indiscreet methods of psychological manipulation, it hampers their cause for that of freedom.

        The lack of sagacity in many is profound, it will be their own downfall, but alas they shall take us with them.

          1. woodhouse (my patch) aint too bad – but the more north/central areas of sheff… pitsmoor,burgreave,firthpark etc are dominated by our “multicultural” friends. its funny – but as a total coincidence (!!!!) thats where the majority of the shootings, stabbings and rapes take place also…..

    2. Protocol, I do not always approve of the way in which you present your message. Nonetheless, I do admire your dedication. I visit this website daily, and each day I find you preaching about the impending catastrophe of European extinction. That is something I must respect, no matter how much I dislike your tendency to make broad generalizations.

        1. Lieber Troll Hunter,

          Ich j?disch? Nicht, dass ich w?sste. Aber ich habe meinen Penis f?r Sie beobachtet. Es gibt noch einige Haut ?ber der Eichel. Ich glaube nicht an die Nachkommen Abrahams angeh?ren. Darf ich fragen, haben Sie selbst noch eine Vorhaut?

          Rote Rosen

          1. An insult disguised as a compliment. His attempt at belittling me. Roten thinks he has superior intelligence so he gets a kick out of trying to be condescending. He starts out with an initial compliment but ends off questioning my intelligence. It’s his way of being passive aggressive. When Roten takes a drink, he always holds out his pinky finger.

          2. As a matter of fact, I do hold out my pinky finger when I consume a hot beverage. But I fail to see the relevance of that in the present context.

            Would you have preferred me beginning with an insult and ending with a compliment? I do not think you would have. In any case, it was not my intention to cause insult to you.

            I acknowledge you are right, Protocol. You are definitely right!

            Still, I do think you could present your case in a slightly more refined manner. It would eventually be more effective.

            Again, I am not your enemy. I support your cause wholeheartedly. I am just a chronic sufferer of pedantism, which makes me kind of a prick.

            I beg your forgiveness for my rudeness.

          3. @ rosen

            and as you hold your little pinky out while sipping your camomile – know this – you do not suffer pedantism – you inflict it on others.

          4. Actually, Karmen, you might be right. Perhaps, I do not suffer so much from my own pedantism, as I do from those individuals that easily take offense at it. Why did you involve yourself in the argument between myself and my two friends Protocol and Killosopher? Yes, we had a little fall out. But we can handle our own business quite on our own. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Did you hear that VP Joe Biden’s son is now running the largest gas firm in Ukraine now…..so our state dept spends billions to help over throw their govt so bidens kid can get a job …

  3. Once again the people with the most power and the most to gain are slowly dragging us all towards and end result none of us want but seem powerless to prevent.

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