Elderly Woman Suffering from Gangrenous Bed Sore

Elderly Woman Suffering from Gangrenous Bed Sore

This horrific image was taken of an elderly woman’s back side when she was admitted into a nursing home. It is unclear what the circumstances of her being taken in are, but she initially refused to be turned over while the doctors were checking her out. When they finally convinced her to turn over, they were greeted with a horrendous, gangrenous bed sore. Open and rotting away at it’s leisure.

How long it took to develop this kind of pressure sore I could not say, but the woman waited too long to have anything done and has since died from the infection of necrotized flesh. Perhaps she didn’t have anyone to check in on her regularly at home so that by the time it was decided to put her in a home, it was too late. I mean, I couldn’t imagine nursing home neglect going this far…

That opens up a topic of discussion here. You see, the way I was raised was to respect the elderly, and I always have. I could never understand abusing them and treating them just like things. They have lived their lives and deserve to be comfortable in their final years, not abused. It’s fucking sickening. If any of you Best Gore members can share tales of what loved ones have suffered in nursing homes and hospices or mental health facilities, or even just horror stories you’ve heard from others about the abuse that these types of places are notorious for, I want to hear about it.

Mad props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the image.

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  1. I lost my 86 yr old dad Dec. 5th, 2014 & if my sister & I weren’t with him every minute of every day for the last 2 months, he would’ve ended up in a similar situation as this poor woman. We finally took him home & let him pass with his 2 daughters laying on each side of him in his own house in his own bed. He worked all his life being Mr. Joe Citizen, paid his bills, taxes & mortgage on time his entire life & the staff at the nursing home still treated him like shit. Ignoring him & others & just plain neglect. Please, my fellow darlings, if you have elderly parents, take it upon yourselves & take care of them because no one else will….

    1. Being a carer my self, I couldn’t agree more. Luckily I live in a civilized country (Australia) which respects and helps its citizens. Even though I’m 40 y.o, I get a pension since taking care of my mother is a round the clock task so i cant work. With out financial help, I’d be forced to put her in a home so i could work. Even if it sounds inhumane, some times it’s inevitable, depending on your finances.

    2. Well said! So sorry for your loss.
      I have seen the good and bad in nursing homes. Nursing care has become a joke. People are getting into it for the money with no compassion whatsoever.
      Before I got sick and had to retire, I treated each and every patient as if they were my family. I didn’t tolerate lazy workers, and I gave it 110%. So sad the way it is now. 🙁

      1. I am so sorry for your loss. My next door neighbor (the white one) has just put her mother into a nursing home as she kept falling down and breaking her hip. My neighbor hopes to get her mom home one day but I can’t see that happening. Once you are in s nursing home you never come out again.

    3. This is certainly a shame and there should be no excuse for this tremendous neglect..Caring for an elderly family member who needs round the clock care is difficult..Unless you have someone to care for them 24/7,it’s either pay for someone to come into the home(very expensive)or nursing/hospice care,also very expensive..Problem with nursing home care is that these places are generally understaffed,they pay the “nurses”minimum wages and over work them which can lead to neglect and poor care..I had to place my grandmother in nursing care cause we both worked full time and could not afford 24 hour care,at that time(1992)it was well over $100 A DAY..The nursing home was over $3000 a month.The care was poor and I would visit nearly daily to help keep her Fed and bathed myself or it just would not get done enough..I eventually had to watch her rot away for two years on a feeding tube as she had strokes and was not able to eat on her own..This lady here is an example of lack of care..There is no excuse for someone like this to have to suffer..And I doubt she was left to care for herself so someone was suppose to be responsible for her care..Whoever that was needs to be slapped around so maybe it will help them to realize what the fuck…

    4. If there, is one thing that I think has become disturbing in western society, especially North America, is how we are raised to believe in materials beforee anything ,including family.
      Sadly, we live in a society that is in denial about death and hides from it(which is why this site stands out) and we warehouse our elderly, who often just wither away ,away from family because we cannot afford to take care of them or have the skills or plain cannot be bothered.
      Its fucked up that it seems our governemnt fights paying a family member to take care of their own forcing people to work in order to have someone else do it. Much like raising kids.
      This reminds me of how my grandma is warehoused in a small town hours awaywith no one but my Dad who might visit once a month.
      She has lost authority to make her own decisions but I think she would prefer to live in my town and at least I could wheel her to the park in my spare time or something. The thing is that this would add a couple hours to my Dad’s trip and he doesn’t want that. I don’t know what the answer is but its sad. Most elderly are in homes and hospitals away from family surrounded by strangers who just want their shift to end.
      This may be my fate and perhaps I deserve it.

  2. My Mother had an abscessed tooth that led to meningitis. She lost partial vison and is much slower now. During that time my father got throat cancer. I left my job and moved home at 38 to assist them. My father beat cancer(throat- 2 packs a day), then it returned and he had to have his voice box removed. My mother had to have multiple injections every day for a time so was stating in a like a care facility. I would visit her every day and bring her drinks and food and watch tv with her. Then help my father recover from his surgery at night and take him to appointments. My parents both worked their entire lives and bailed me out of many jams when I was a younger man. I mad some bad choices and they were and still are always there for me. I still have not recovered financially from leaving that position. I still am staying with my family and I do not regret it for one second. I will never let my mother stay in one of those places again. I do not care if after they pass away I am homeless. This picture makes me very sad. This poor lady. RIP.

    1. @ComeAtMeBro, Props to you for loving your parents so much, they are so fortunate to have raised such a loving & giving child, who is willing to sacrifice to make sure they are being taken care to the degree they so deserve.
      On behalf of your parents,I say thank you.

    2. You made me cry. Your parents raised you well. I thank God for peoples like you. Don’t ever change !
      Florence Nightingale would be rolling over in her grave for the way the nursing profession has changed.

      1. I hope so too 😉 Isn’t this why this site is hosted to be entertained from watching the suffering from other people, while you realise that it could happen to you or someone close to you as well, or that you are just lucky to live your life on a more comfortable part of the world?? Placing emotional comments would be hypocritical and against the fact that I am here to be entertained by gore.

          1. I find it disgusting and difficult to watch sometimes, but that doesn’t keep me from watching it almost everyday so I can’t honestly say that it doesn’t entertain me.

          2. @Goochem
            If the content on this site doesn’t “entertain” you, then why are you on it.

            For me, I think there is a difference between someone that is abused/killed by no fault of their own (being old or a child or disabled)
            And someone that dies from his own stupidity like the Thais do…

  3. My mom was in a nursing home for 3yrs on a respirator, she had COPD I have no horror story other than an instance where a nurse from a temp agency accidently gave my mom a near lethal dose of Insulin, my mom was not a Diabetic. Mistakes and accidents happen and even though it is not neglect or abuse it can be just as fatal. Please do not just house your elderly loved ones in a room some where and forget them, be there everyday or as often as you can. I am blessed to be part of a large family, my mom was never alone. Take it in shifts as a family if you must. Remember you are all they have. Hold on to them to the end. Be there for them as they were there for you.

    1. So many people do that. Put them away and forget about them, forgetting that they have no one else. Mistakes like with your mom happen a lot more than they should. Hospital errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. I am super paranoid about that. I will check orders 5 or 6 times beforehand, and if i even halfway feel it’s a little strange or something’s not correct I’ll question the doctor about it. I’d feel pretty bad if someone died because I was being a careless moron.

      1. It killed us to put her in one but her medical condition was such that it had to be and as you know if you have a power failure at home that respirator quits working. Facilities have generators that kick in even if it’s just a power surge. Doctors and Respiratory Therapists were in constant need. We tried and it had to be but it still hurt to entrust her care and well being to others but she lived to see 6 grandchildren born during that time and a daughter of mine that is her namesake. Puppet shows performed by her grandchildren for her and the little ones laid in bed next to her while they slept. It was not perfect but we packed a lot of life and memories into those last 3 yrs. Probably spent more time together than if she would have remained healthy so we just circled the wagons around her and lived everyday like it was our last day together. 😉

        1. Sometimes thats the best thing to do, but i know it still hurts to do it. That’s really awesome that she had you and a family that were there for her like that. I’m sure that made her very happy. I see too many elderly patients that come in to the hospital that have absolutely no one. I think I’d rather die young than end up in a nursing home without anyone.

        2. Somedays you need to remember that humans are human….. Thanks to all who shared these stories! my grandmother owned a farm the night my grandfather died she phoned our house i couldnt recognize anything but her shortness of breath. But i knew what was happening. I spent quite a few yrs on that farm after that. Got to see a miserable old women soften and learn to accept death. after 5 husbands seven children and god knows how many grand and great grand children; the old tyrant finally learned to smile. Wouldt trade those last yrs of her life for anything. She was intelligence in ww2 there was little that happened that did not pass thru her ears. She taught me to not take things at face value. If anyone here remembers the munsters. Olivia deSaint i believe was the actresses name who played the mother. her and my grandma used to be can can girls together. When olivia died there was an article in the paper which was how it came to my attention.
          84 yrs alive so much of my world was a direct result of her strength resolve and stubborness. 🙂

        3. Damn, sorry for your loss. My sister in law died about a year and a half ago from breast, bone, and brain cancer. She was only 43. We (her family) literally watched her die in the hospital. I never saw anyone actually take their last breath in front of me before. She had an 18 year old son. That shit just about killed her father (my father in law).

          She was a bad alcoholic for years which totally isolated her from the family. Burned EVERY bridge she ever crossed. Her drinking is mostly what killed her. By the time the doctors caught the cancer she was literally paralyzed from drinking. I had to carry her from her apartment to the car and back from the hospital. One night, I was talking to her via Skype when I noticed that one of her eyes was moving independent of the other. I asked her if she knew about this and she said she didn’t. I told her to call an ambulance asap, they showed up and said nothing was wrong. 2 months later she was dead.

          When they decided to look deeper it was too late. Stage 4 breast, bone, and brain cancer. She withered away in her hospital bed. Saddest thing I ever witnessed first hand in my life. Doctors made her as comfortable as possible. The morning of the day she died she was talking and coherent. By the afternoon she was unresponsive. When we heard her death rattle we knew it was only a matter of minutes. She took her last breath with her dad holding her hand and the fam surrounding her. Quietest room I’ve ever been in.

          She was a beautiful girl before she started drinking and ended up shriveled up and unrecognizable.

          1. Thanks for the sharing and caring you guys.
            S.O.B.s have respect for life.
            “Even if we come here.” 😉
            Also makes me appreciate the health care workers who in the end go that extra mile or even just do their jobs because in the end if it’s long term these people become family as well, the ones who weren’t at work that day all showed up at my moms funeral.

    1. If you treat your children bad, they will return the favor when they are older.
      Lesson here, is that if you have children, supply them with care, so if you ever need them, they will be there for you when you’re older.

      I’ve noticed that a lot of old people in North America suffer from mental disabilities, more then south of the border. We rather have our mom take care of our children, then a baby sitter or daycare, where kids get mistreated.

  4. The old person is the ?ghost in the machine? as Gilbert Ryle would say if he were still alive.

    Old people are the previous generation of contributors to industrial/capitalist society.

    They worked, got paid and consumed and this boosted the economy and thus they were considered to be a positive value to the machine. However, upon retirement they are considered to be a negative value to the machine and as such are discarded.

    Ren? Descartes cogito ergo sum philosophical proposition, “I think, therefore I exist”, when mechanised for our modern times becomes ?I work, therefore I exist? and therein one can appreciate just how monstrous our societies are in that if you get ill, old or made redundant you become a ghost in the machine, you become invisible to society on the whole and your suffering gets ignored.

    The above however is the physical structure of our societies, we as human beings encompass the mentality part.

    Our parents, providing they were good ones of course, raised us from children and helped us survive and so we really should be returning the favour when they get old and infirm but no, we tend to put them in care homes rather than be burdened by their presence because we are brainwashed into believing this to be normal and therefore we cease to feel obligated once we hand that obligation over to others.

    Not everyone does the above but enough people do so that care homes thrive and become profitable and as everybody knows thriving businesses always look to make cuts to further boost profits and the end result is that they still take your money whilst neglecting their customers(your parents in this case).

    Ghost in the machine indeed.

  5. My mother works in a nursery retirement home for eldery people, and the “worse” she has to face is old people dying chewing their food during eating time… or having to wait hours for the services to take away the bodies of dead old people rotting away and releasing fluids and that horrible stench of death… 😆

    But seriously… dont tell me all she felt was an itch on her ass… 😕

    At least here in Portugal we have a serious cases of “abandoned” eldery situations, some of them live in very remote areas, “dying” villages that are getting extinct because the few old people are the only residents and are dying one by one… Most of this cases are often due to the eldery refusing to leave their own homes to go to live in retirement homes.

  6. I have no close family horror stories, as we have all been there to take care of one another. I also quit my job to help take care of my grandfather when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and also had three brain tumors. I left my boyfriend, moved in with them, and he was only in the hospital one time for two days in the last two years of his life. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, is be there every moment while the strongest man I have ever known got progressively worse, but I would not change it for the world. The time I was able to spend with him is something I would never give up, and plan to do the same for my grandmother, and parents, when the time comes. He never wanted to die in a hospital, he wanted to be at home, surrounded by those he loved, at that was exactly what he got. People, I am telling you now, if you have a loved one in this shape, it doesn’t matter what petty things in life you give up, such as a great job, significant others, and many simple possessions, you will never regret it. I know I sure as hell don’t. Time is one of the most precious things that can be given, or taken away.

  7. Aside from being REALLY turned on right now by that butthole, l am also always puzzled at how we have, as a society, enjoyed such a decline into the worst type of existence possible. A completely pointless and overall selfish one.

    Keep in mind she may have been an awesome woman, typical FV or a raving monster who brought this upon herself with how she treated her family.

    Who knows, just one more reason to die before I go to hell.

    1. If our species was still migratory old people would be eating new berries first… If you ken my meaning. And theyd be happy to do it. But there wasnt many old people those days i imagine.
      i started reading a book long time ago by a rabbi named harold s kushner, “why do bad things happen to good people” for the first couple of chapters he builds at the total lack of consolation offered by religions to actually answer such a question. You ask a priest he’ll say its gods plan etc. Even he himself had little more of answer than that. So after about three chapters of his repetitive stories and examples of things that religion has no answers for i decided myself why bad things happen to good people.
      Oppertunity! There are people who deal with things well and people who dont. And when you meet a person with the kind of strength it takes to not be affected by thier own suffering… A person who can smile a genuine smile at you despite thier pain who can put YOU at ease with compassion and gorgiveness (typo but ill keep this one) when you stand in chaos and death and they simply smile and say “its been lovely being here with you” Bad things happen to all people even those who you may not think deserve it. But it gives them a real chance to be an example. To teach a real LIFE lesson. One that may go unnoticed without the severity of death or pain to contrast it. If this old lady could see that her gangrenouse bed sores ultimatly helpd us connect with each other and for some of us maybe shed some much needed tears…..could she smile and realize that its how we deal with things that makes them sooo bad and therfor how we deal with things that can make them soo good? Today i am reminded that i love you all. No jest! And from my heart! For all the experiences we have shared and we have not. I love you for the pain you have endured and the love that you have shared despite it. And tho i may never fully understand your choices in this we are the same and i love you for that too. I could never see life from your seat and i try to respect that… But every last one of us has an oppertunity everyday to be an example. And the worse it is for you the greater your example can be. Death is hardest on the living! So it is for you i weep!
      When im not ranting out of anger!

      1. Both of my parents taught me how to live and in the end as a final lesson showed me how to die.
        I Hope I posses the strength and courage to show my children that death is horrible only because I will be missing out on how there lives unfold. To tell them if I had a choice between loving them and not breathing, that with my last breath I would tell them I love them.

  8. This pic infuriates and saddens me.
    My mom is in the final stage of Alzheimer’s and is cared for at home by myself, my sister and our dad. I’m sure there are excellent facilities and staff out there but we felt no one could provide around the clock, loving devotion to caring for mom that we can.

    1. A toast to you and your father my friend.
      I also took care of my father when he got his esophageal cancer.
      Unfortunately it came back and he passed.
      It did however made for good quality time with my dad while his time got small.
      RIP to our fathers.

  9. You only get one Mother and Father. Rest assured, mine will never need to worry about the prospect of ending their lives in a rest home. I would never forgive myself if either of them ended up in a sorry state like this particular lady.

    1. As hard as it is to say, I wouldn’t care if this is how my own mother ended up – it would almost be deserved. Don’t want to write a long dissertation on the subject, but hey, it is what it is. As for my father – no, I would never want him in a nursing home and would do what ever it takes to prevent it.

      My gramps died Jan. 23, 2014 and I was lucky I had a few family members to help me take care of him. He was the one person I could always count on and raised me with the morals I’m greatful to have. If this had happened to him, I’d have poisoned every last bastard involved.

      If a person can in any way prevent their loved one from neglect and/or going into nursing homes with strangers taking care of them, it would be worth any sacrifice. Our loved ones deserve it – but the shitty parents who abused or neglected their kids can go straight to hell, IMO. 😆

      1. I understand @gramps. My father’s mother was, still is a selfish bitch. She left him and my uncle and aunt when they were very young, and literally through the pain she caused, my grandfather… my dad’s father, whom I never met, collapsed and died of a massive heart attack while batting in a cricket match just a few days later.He was 35. She still refused to return to look after my father and his siblings. So, to me, my grandparents from my mother’s side meant the world to me, and they were so good to us all, I miss them dearly every single day.
        Some people are not cut out to he parents. To be a good parent takes sacrifice, you are no longer number one, you should no longer come first. Sadly, some are not prepared to make that sacrifice, hence my father’s mother and your own mother.
        I couldn’t give two shits if my father’s mother ends up in a rest home, she deserves all she gets. On the other hand, my other grandparents had all the care and attention and love they needed, none of my family would have had it any other way.
        So, I suppose one gets out of life what one puts in. 😉

  10. This is nothing to do with any care home if I read this correctly, can’t blame them. What I want to know is how the fuck can it get so bad before anyone notices? It happened at her home so she must have been alone for considerable amounts of time. I know old people tend to not give a shit about things but surely she must have been in severe pain and discomfort?

    Only thing I can think is that she must have had no friends or family and probably just didn’t give a shit what happened.

    1. And that’s one of the reasons why community spirit is important.
      Where I live there are community nurses who do a good job, but more than that is required, so the locals organise extra care for the elderly, taking meals round and checking on how the folks are doing, if they need things the volunteers will shop for them etc.
      Very important to look after our elders.

  11. Back in 2012/2013 my grandma began getting sores on her legs from her A-fib causing swelling. I had just graduated college and had finished my job at the school so I was her sole caretaker for a year. That was literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I never left the house unless it was to take her to a doctor’s appointment or get her meds at the pharmacy. She was in and out of the hospital a few times during that year and although we had some really great nurses and doctors, some of them didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. I can’t tell you how many times I caught them giving her a medicine she didn’t take or giving her the wrong dosage or having to show them how to change her bandages for her sores. I would look in the other rooms and see elderly people just sleeping all day not moving with no family visiting them and realized they were being drugged to keep them asleep as the nurses had given my grandma a pill and she was lethargic all day and wouldn’t even eat. We stopped that shit immediately. I don’t know what would’ve happened to her if my mom and I hadn’t been there and it scares me what these other patients suffered because there was no family to stand up for them. My grandma’s health problems kept getting worse and she died peacefully (for that I’m very grateful) back in June 2013.

    Funny thing is my aunts and uncles couldn’t even be bothered to come and visit her and were happy to let my mom and I do all of the work taking care of her and now that she’s gone they want all of her money and have made more trips to her house to take her stuff than they ever did when she was alive. Fuckers.

  12. As a result of this post, I am now primarily concerned with getting up for regular visits to my toilet. I know, first world problems, right? They don’t tell us to “Move it or lose it!” for nothing! Thanks Obli, for reminding me to prioritize scheduling regular bathroom breaks, or else I might lose something very near and dear to me.

  13. A stroke put me in a nursing home 2.5 yrs ago. I have seen a lot of good people pass away but I’ve never seen anything close to this. a few falls and many from old age and strokes. I haven’t actually seen or heard of any abusive treatment where I’ve been. The midwest U.S. is good like that.

  14. Surely there is room for humor AND seriousness. The very good people who spoke here about what they have done for their old and sick parents, it was wonderful to know that such kind folks exist. And now…back with the jokes! Really, it is fund to have grim humor.

  15. I feel sorry for her…
    My great grandma died because of her nursing home.. They didn’t give them enough to eat, and she once fell and broke both of her arms because no one cared to help her out of bed so she could go to the bathroom.

    1. well be mean back. shes only flesh and blood like you just like any human, no human has a rep when they have a gun to their head and tell her answer my fucking questions towards your behavoir if i dont get the right answer today you die then watch the massive change in attitude. everyones a baby when their life is at stake and the biggest baddest gangster some day gets old and weak. and the cycle repeats. fear nobody

      1. his mom…..is most likely not a gangster and it’s doubtful that you know what you’re talking about.

        My experience is that you don’t have to threaten yourself with a prison sentence for holding a family member at gunpoint in order to effectively talk some sense into them.

        We got a internet MMA finger tip mouth fighter here……

  16. I lost my dad to cancer in 1995. It took just 14 weeks from diagnosis to his death. Thank god that we didn’t put him into nursing care because he wouldn’t have lasted two days. Cherish every moment you have with your family members because life’s too short to shove them in a home away from your side. As for that pic, that’s fucked up beyond comprehension

  17. I work at a nursing home and I was assistant manager of the laundry department. (Luckily I was promoted) I’d get their linens in and they’d be straight up lime green from septic wounds. A lot of the nursing assistants are complete scumbags. They do not care at all, and I did not know the extent until I was transferred to a new department. They have like group things they do with the residents in a main lobby…and they’d wheel the dead right out through there for all of them to see (not protocol at all) I work in Willow wing now, it’s the dimentia wing. It’s very sad, I have this woman and everyday she asks me to help her escape, she doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Last week I saw one of the assistants drop a lady, she broke her hip and she died a few days ago. It’s a nightmare, I will say that we do take good care of the lot of them.

    1. so is the FV nightmare of the way the futuristic world we have created……so much different from the optimistic visions of the 50’s-80’s versions of how things would turn out.

      We demonstrate our supreme worthlessness in bold new ways and in the most atrocious magnitude each day we are allowed to still exist.

      Got Extinction??

      Can’t be soon the fuck enough.

  18. There is a thing called a Kennedy ulcer. It is butterfly shaped and along your backside, near the kidneys and hipbones. It is a sign of someone getting ready to pass; they are deteriorating from the inside.

    There are pressure sores that are caused by the weight of the individual that rests upon a bony prominence; the blood supply is cut off, and the spot can become an open sore in a matter of hours, literally. This is why patients are repositioned every two hours.

    There are maceration-type of sores brought about by diaper rash gone mean. Urine and feces literally eats away at the skin, and careless handling/removal of a brief creates a big, deep rug burn of a sore at hip creases and belly folds.

    Some elderly are cared for by elderly spouses; some (murricans) are big as houses and cannot be log rolled for hygiene. Some people refuse to accept help, let a social worker into the house, get an agency aide with a hoyer lift, or let family in, sometimes because of mental health or denial issues. Or their kids steal their drugs and abuse them, so they don’t let anyone in.

    This lady did not happen “overnight,” but the dark eschar plate-like areas look like she was on her back most of the time; probably on wet & soiled sheets/blankets instead of clean, dry chux. Tunneling is bad. She’s lost muscle, fat, skin, and structures keeping her rectum and possibly her urethera in place. Some people are too embarrassed to let people see or know how desperate the situation really is.

    And then they die.

    Much luv! SF

  19. USA spends BILLIONS of $$$ giving money and food stamps to lazy-assed healthy young people…believe me, I see them all the time presenting their “obama-cards” when buying groceries and it makes me sick, but never enough $$$ to take care of all the elderly…and then we have to see shit like this! Fucking SAD!

    1. Bro, I feel the same way. Like my gramps used to say, “Your brain does the kicking and your arms and legs do the singing if you let your government feed you”….Kinda fucked up when the person applying for foodstamps drives a better car than you…..

  20. Not a tale of physical anguish, but of psychological pain of the old ones.. .both kinds of pain can kill them.
    An elderly acquaintance of mine ( about 80 ) got admitted to a nursing home a few months ago. He had fallen over in his house, due to decreased motor skills. During a few weeks he was in a daze and in that time his kids decided he couldn’t live in his home anymore, so they arranged a place for their father in a nursing home. Now, the house where the old man has lived for nearly all of his life, is being done up for renting out ( = $$$ ). But the old man has lost his home and he had no say in it. He is very unhappy in the nursing home. All he ever considered as ‘home’ is now gone. The kids will make $$$ renting out the house while the old man is wasting away in a depressing environment he never chose to be in.
    He had raised his kids for successful money-making careers and he is proud of them. But those same kids now didn’t think of another solution but putting their father in an old people’s home… after all, they’re too busy having successful careers…

  21. Fuck the those convalescent homes they are horrible. I was taken care of an elderly neighbor he has 4 children that were taken from him back in 1960’s his wife was fucking his brother so she took his kids and left him for the brother. Meanwhile the old guy whos name was Kenneth was getting older and still looking for his kids. Then ken got macular degeneration and lost his eyesight. I met him 2011 and he would always be outside yelling help help I been robbed now because he was blind the neighbors would steal his wallet. Ken was a rich guy and no one to care for him. He had been hit by a cement truck and then hit again years later by a regional transit bus in Sacramento. And at one time had 3 million in his bank. But these people were stealing from him. Now because my moms eldely and has recently had a heart attack, taking care of them both was soo hard and I couldn’t do it. I was going crazy. I would go grocery shopping for him and clean his house give him his meds everything all for nothing. I did it to keep the theifs at bay. So one day I go check on him. Someone broke in beat him and stole his wallet. I told ken stop taking $1000 every month and he didnt listen his rent was $480 and $500 monthly budget for food etc.. and someone knocked on the 86 year old mans door and he opened it sometime at night he said and they came in and beat him he said he didnt give them the wallet. They found it. He said he just went to sleep. So when I got there the next morning to check on him. Quick as you walk up to see somethings wrong the door was open. I went in I said ken you ok. He said I dont know. I said im calling 911 he said no. You bettter not. He said by they’ll put me in the hospital and im done for. I said no im calling he said if you do. Dont ever come back here again. I didnt believe him. I called 911. Sure enough after he was admitted and put in intensive care they figured he would be better in HOSPICE and he had the money to pay for it on his own. So they took him into Saylor lane and he got so sick. I went to see him everyday each day he got worse and worse and worse. By the time I had him taken out that home and back into a hospital again, he was burning up with a fever and caught C-def (bacterial infection in the gut I believe) eaither way they kept him in his bed and let him shit himself. They didnt walk him and they let the other patients hit and throw things at him. It was a matter of 2 weeks and he was no longer talking, walking, making since of what I was saying to him. Or even eating on his own. He couldnt comprehend me telling him ken open your mouth heres some potatoes. He would sit there with glasses eyes in a distance. It was sad. I told him back before anything happened to him. If he were to become ill what should I do. He said locate my kids and give them my money and my trailer. I tried I really wanted them to come say goodbye to him and see him. But they never replied to me I told them he left so much $ for them. And they still wanted nothing to do with him.. so all his money the government gets. Because ge didnt have a will. Well sad to say he died Aug 15 2014 after being released from the hospital back into the HOSPICE care again. Just different facility. I remember going to visit him I lit a jesus candle and prayed with him. I asked the lady please make him comfortable. Give him more morphine because ken would moan in pain every 3 mins. I prayed Jesus to take him and to take him out his misery. I told him I love him and left to get back to my mom who was at home on oxygen and just had her difulator put her chest incase she has another heart attack it will shock her into a normal rhythm. But the nurse called me 3 minutes after I left and said he died. I was like noo why I was just there. She said he didnt want to die in front of you. I think she gave him a leathel dose of morphine. But now my moms sick and I will NOT EVER, EVER ,EVER PUT HER IN A HOME there the worst ever. See ken knew he would die if I called 911. I should have never called he died because of me.

  22. I used to work in a nursing home. I helped with laundry and cleaning each room. I took a lot of pride in my work and helping out these elderly people was a pleasure. Wonderful stories they would tell!! But when I 1st arrived, it seemes like the housekeeping staff did nothing. The toilets were left in disgraceful conditions, beds were left with feces and urine, dust and other nasty microbial things (skin cells, viruses) were left to sit on food trays, furniture and beds. The nursing staff seemed aloof on the conditions. They were more interested in gossip rather then cleaning these fine people. Some went a week without a shower and days without clean clothes because of inadequate machine maintenance (washers and dryers broke down regularly) The elderly deserve as much respect and dignity as any other person, and for our society to just shove them out of sight, or have them be a nursings home “problem” is disturbing and selfish.

  23. My grandmother lived her final years in an assisted living facility. It was like a regular apartment complex combined with a hotel, with doctors and nurses on staff. My grandmothers apartment was a normal efficiency apartment and she didn’t have to share it with anybody. I spent a lot of time over there, so I knew the staff and everybody was genuinely nice and caring. The nurses and cleaning people always said ‘hi’ in cheerful voices, and they all loved my grandmother and always told me she was their favorite resident. The dining room of the cafeteria was like a restaurant, and the food was actually good. And this wasn’t even a fancy place. Just a regular place that people gave a shit about. I’m glad she was able to live there. She really liked it, and she was happy.

  24. You guys, and gals, never cease to amaze me with your big hearts, and wise words. This is what makes Best-Gore different than the rest. Our dear Brothers, And Sisters, showing their true colors without the fear of showing love, and compassion for their loved ones, and each other! 🙂

  25. My great-grandmother with dementia was put into a home where the orderly didn’t know how to properly take care of her. In turn, they strapped her to a chair and let her mess all over herself until her passing. I can hardly believe there are still places like this that haven’t already been shut down for neglecting and abusing the elderly.

  26. I’d like to post my fathers story. We lost him March 1st 2013 at 80 years old from post op complications from heart surgery. At his age it wasn’t “routine” surgery but they gave him a good prognosis due to his excellent health despite being a little over weight. My dad worked out 3x weekly at the cardiac rehab program at the local hospital. He had developed some leaks in his heart & the surgery was to repair the leaks. He was about a week late coming off the respirator so he’d been on 2 wks in ICU. They removed it on a Friday & moved him to the long term care unit. Here’s the first failure. Since it was a Friday the nurses in charge of evaluating new admittance patients needs were gone. I was with my dad all day. His voice was too weak from the respirator to understand him but it was like he kept trying to tell us something was wrong and it also looked like he would clinch up. After I left, while my brother was with him, he had a cardiac arrest and was without oxygen 10min. The reason, because his throat was clogged with mucus and he couldn’t swallow with his throat being so weak. He went back to ICU and the respirator. He was throwing himself back on the bed & pulling important wires so he had to be restrained. This went on for some time, the 10min oxygen lack really set his mind back, he was on the respirator so long they had to cut a hole in his throat & trach him. Very slowly he started to recover week by week but he acted very wild. I usually wouldn’t have to ask what room he was in because I could hear him screaming upon entrance to whatever facility, even with the trach hole. He developed the bed sore from all the restraining and by the time he made it to the nursing home he was in so much pain from it he couldn’t hardly do his exercise to get better. My dad knew when he had to go #2 and could’ve made it to the restroom with assistance but they’d rather him shit in a diaper then take up to 2hrs to come change him. Every time he’d go it would get in his wound/stage 4 bedsore. If it was a Saturday my poor dad would try to hold it in case he had visitors because he knew they wouldn’t come change him quick. My dad was a mans man, never saw him cry except when a sibling died. That bedsore would make him howl in pain. It was to the bone & close to perforating organs. He was making slow strides and was starting to heal physically and mentally. A few weeks prior he hadn’t even known who I was anymore. But now he’s telling me to go home early because “he don’t need a baby sitter”, our last visit was the best to date, I really thought he was coming home soon. It was short lived. A few nights later after my mom, who was with him anytime they allowed, had left him got a call that they had “found him cold, clammy, and unresponsive” and he was on his way to the ER. Turns out he’d had another cardiac arrest and had been out 40min this time. They were able to bring him back but he was brain dead. He hung on til morning without any drugs just going. My dad was a true fighter and think with better care could’ve made it. I’ve contemplated sending in the pictures of his stage 4 bedsore to BG but I don’t know if I could handle someone saying something stupid about my dads old butt. The ordeal lasted from Nov ’12 – mar ’13 I’m the baby, my dad was 50 when I was born. Had to watch my dad die at 30 years old. He knew so much about the past it was like watching a piece of history die.


      1. No problem Obli & BG. The surgery was “optional” but without he would’ve died anyway. We all pushed him to have the surgery when he asked our opinions. If I knew how it would’ve ended up I’m not sure if I still would’ve pushed him to have it & just let his heart take him naturally & quick. A huge fear when he woke up so wild was that he’d suffered major brain damage & he’d always be like that. Being born in 1932 my dad liked to throw around the nigger word & I’m sure that didn’t help his care much as most places had an all black staff. It’s almost been 2yrs and his pain filled face has stopped haunting me some. Another factor I think of is my husband who was in prison throughout all of this. My husband is strong and couldve carried my dad like a baby. A big reason we couldn’t take dad home was because everything is on the second floor of our house (we live on a lake) & we couldn’t get him up the stairs. If my husband would’ve been here to lift & carry my dad would he have made it? We’ll never know. Another interesting fact on my dad, he beat up Gregg Allmon from the Allmon brothers band in a bar in Macon GA for disrespecting a lady! Even though I’m a girl my dad took me everywhere & taught me how to grow my own food, hunt, fish & survive in the woods. He was man who took care of all 6 of his children. Thanks again for reading and maybe one day I can send it that picture of his bedsore.

  27. I think this picture seperates us from them. I mean, I could give 2 shits about drug dealers getting their heads cut off, but this woman had zero choice in the matter.I haven’t been able to get this poor woman’s picture out of my mind for days now. It breaks my heart because there are so many neglected elderly people out there. If you live near elderly people then fucking help them! This could be you some day! Unless you live in Brazil and Thailand, then your days are numbered,lol.

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