Exclusive – Accidental Fingerprint Removal

Exclusive - Accidental Fingerprint Removal

Exclusive - Accidental Fingerprint Removal

Today’s edition of Best Gore members rock is brought to you by @twiyg, who got finger banged hard without permission:

Got my fingerprint forcibly removed after getting my hand caught in a pneumatic press at work

Pics are of the injury, the culprit (press) and my hand about 3 weeks later with fresh pink skin.

Thanks for the exclusive!

14 thoughts on “Exclusive – Accidental Fingerprint Removal”

  1. Fuck wish I had my old phone had a few pics of a guy losing 3/4 of his finger sticking his hand in a 100 ton hydraulic press didnt even close down on him was just the pressure from the injection nozzle sheared that bitch right off…

  2. This brings back the memories.

    2001: Our Toluca, Mexico factory had just expanded to two shifts per day a month earlier. One of the crews on the evening shift had nothing better to do, so they decided to do a favor for the first shift and perform a die change.

    Well, they half-assed it and dropped the die. One of the magnificent four had his hand in the way – well, mostly out of the way. He nicked his pinkie and reconfigured the other three fingers to pinkie length *ba-ding-ding-ding*. The die got slightly fucked up as well, so the crew got themselves fired.

    Some of the guys saw this retard a few weeks later. I just happened to be at the plant when the story broke. Oh, hell, if we only had a photo.

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