Facial Destruction Victim Breathes Through a Tube

Facial Destruction Victim Breathes Through a Tube

This video is from war torn Syria, but what destroyed this fellow’s face is anyone’s guess. I don’t think in more than 2 years of the conflict a truthful information has been released so we can only speculate.

It almost looks as if the victim took a machete uppercut to the face. Whole section of his facial skin is missing and his nose appears to have been torn from below. Considering the extensive web of fine nerve endings present in the face, pain must have been excruciating. He’s probably doped on pain killers in the video but every single facial expression, which an average human pulls thousands of every day, will cause an irritation. Poor fellow will be stuck breathing through that tube for a while.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Facial Destruction Victim Breathes Through a Tube”

    1. Good looking out sweetsweet2. Poor guy got his face whipped out. Looks more like an adjunct or “J” tube. Endotrecheal “treache” intubation tubing are erect with usually 2 air valves for temporary yet irremovable placement. Combi-tubes are most basic, yet easiest to use – Timmmay 14 yrs medical exp.

  1. That poor fucker will be sucking pea soup out of that fucked-up straw for a long time. But he will be back on his feet soon after ready to fight again. Hey maybe he will be lucky enough to stumble onto that gay rights American base and serve our heros some of that pea soup suckin practice he,s had earlier.

  2. It seems like all these people have for med equipment is a few of those straws and some towels over the shoulder.
    Makes me wonder if there is any electricity and where is all the stuff going on you see in an advanced medical trauma room?

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