Fake Emotional Syrian Rant Take Five… And… Go!

Fake Emotional Syrian Rant Take Five... And... Go!

Sometimes Al Jazeera employs actors who can actually act. ‘Bout bloody time. I wonder how many takes this guy took before his emotional rant worked out the way he wanted. He must have practised the lines whole night to eventually nail it.

Them Syrian terrorists never fail to entertain. You can tell the director and the cameraman of this scene gave the actor a go for the n-th time cause all previous takes didn’t work out. I hope the camera on which they recorded the video gets stolen so previous takes are leaked and the fools exposed for who they are.

The video expands on now famous Jaw Boy of Syria. The presence of a stump boy with lower leg blown off raised suspicion that the jaw boy lost his jaw when supercharged stump boy delivered mighty spinning kick of doom to his jaw.

The fake emotional rant boy can use this as audition tape for a Hollywood movie. Bwahahaha! Fucking terrorists!

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43 thoughts on “Fake Emotional Syrian Rant Take Five… And… Go!”

        1. are you serious? you guys are on the wrong fucking site for that shit. obviously, the main reason this was on here because of the artwork. how often do you get to see a guy just chillin with his blown off jaw hangin like its a new fad? fuck the religion, moooouhhh beeerrr

  1. Translation:
    We always stop taking care of our people for a good propaganda video. If they die in the process it is even better.
    If they live they are just a burdon on our society and can only be used for suicide bombers.

    1. The way he just barged in and pushed people out of the way to rant, his repetitive hand gustures, and, even though I have no fucking clue what he was rambling on about, it didn’t sound like he was repeting himself all that much.
      Props. (oh wait, that’s just the people around him)

      oh, and at the very end, it looked like a guy with a pretty severly hamburgerized arm, but it was only for a split second.
      Did you see it?

  2. Wow, that kid looked like Lt. Dan! good thing for american actors, we use computers, not munitions to acheive the effect that is just right.
    Wow, just stamp the word PROP across these fuckers chests’.
    Jaw Boy (god damn thats fucked up and pretty fucking funny) had about 20 seconds of being shaken, yelled at, and I’m sure some of that guys spit flew into his wounds (that CAN’T be good) untill hed had just about enough.
    Move over to Lt. Dan now.
    That poor little fucker looked like his leg was a 1/2 eaten bannana peeled back.
    Pretty brutal shit.
    Humans just never seem to show the ability to leard or change over the years as a whole.
    What HASN’T gotten out of hand?

  3. Translation: How is my make up? Ok, let’s do this…They’re killing us! They keep throwing bombs, grenades and explosives at us! Look at this, look at this pal, he’s like..damn, is like the son of motherfucking Cthulhu! From now on he has to drink coffee with his nose, and that’s impossible!
    Come here, come here, look at tree-leg-boy! He seems to been atacked by a goddamn pony on crack..dude that gotta hurt!

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