Fake Syrian Doctor Only Cares About Propaganda Videos, Not a Child

Fake Syrian Doctor Only Cares About Propaganda Videos, Not a Child

Remember this guy? He’s been in many propaganda videos by Sunni extremists. He likes him his paycheck and will go through anything to not jeopardise his income. In this video he once again proves that he’s in it solely for money. A child gets injured (or is helped to injury) and he’s right on it to turn the injury into another propaganda video. Fake doctor, fake protests, fake everything. He doesn’t give a shit about the child, all he cares about is. Peaceful protesters my ass. This fake Syrian propaganda is the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever seen. Turning a child into a propaganda prop? Can these extremists go any lower from here?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Fake Syrian Doctor Only Cares About Propaganda Videos, Not a Child”

  1. Strange thing happened today.
    Fuck talk radio, but it was on becasue i accodently hit the AM button instead of the PLAY on my car’s stereo today.
    Instantly I heard the word “Syria” so I paused.
    Some fuckshit was saying that the presidant (Bushwa whatever the fuck his name is, the president of Syria) Is being brought up on “crimes aganst Humanity charges(!!!) for the multipal deaths of protesters in his country…..WHAT?

    So, acording to some no name shitbird on the AM radio, this crap is,…… actually working?

    I just shake my head and smile, that I am an educated student of Best Gore, and that I must live on the wrong fucking planet.

  2. I’m more and more disgusted of humanity each day that goes by. Murder isn’t such a far fetched idea for me these days. I’ll be sure to post pics of my bloody crime spree when the day comes for the rest of you fiends.

  3. This video is heartwrenching. That poor helpless baby is hurt and in pain while that asshole blabbers on. After watching that, I think I may need a break from this page. This video is worse than watching beheadings. Fuck those Syrian douchbags! Abused babies and animals — not my cup of tea!

    1. Yes, what scum these people are. The baby even went in to try to cling to him – as babies do when they are scared, and he pushed him away and held him away from him while babbling his rant. Not a good way to garner sympathy. Pieces of shit.

    1. by plugging a USB cable between your boobs, and then taking pics with a web cam.
      Just kidding, just right click, and in the menu there shoud be a “copy video url” or some shit, left click that, and it’s like copy/paste(ing)

      If that doesn’t work, go back to applying my first suggustion.

  4. if the kid could talk he would say like”stop rough housing me you asshole ,you know you beat me last night so you could bang my mom cause you been in so many propaganda d say something videos ,she thinks your a movie star,just stop beating me you asshole .” …

  5. Did anyone notice at the beginning of the video it looks as though the doc actually squeezes the kid’s wound, making it bleed?
    If I ever see this asshole, I will behead him with a fork….with camera rolling for all you gorgians πŸ™‚

  6. fucking stupid cunt. why make a child suffer through a load of bullshit. if that child was actualy hurt they should be helping him not parading him and mouthing off in some gobbeldy gook language

  7. He’s not concerned with the kids cut. What he IS concerned with is that the mother chose to bottle feed instead of breast feed. I would cry too if I couldn’t suck a nip now and then πŸ˜›

  8. Can’ he shut his mouth and do what it is doctors do. The poor child is frightened half to death and he manhandled him, them his loud screaming only antagonizes the child more. What a piece of shit for a doctor.

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