Fat Woman Suffered from Gory Head Trauma with Brain Leak

Fat Woman Suffered from Gory Head Trauma with Brain Leak

At last there’s a photo of a head explosion with missing eyes. I could never understand how a skull cracks wide open, brain leaks like runny omelette yet eyes are safely in the sockets. This fat woman got it pretty bad and whatever happened to her eyes, they are not there, which seem to be normal with this type of head trauma.

She undoubtedly suffered from a massive blow to her forehead. She looks like some form of farm woman so maybe it was farm equipment that malfunctioned and pieces of metal went flying. One of them opened her skull and let her brain leak out. Though in these pictures it seems like the brain is on the morgue gurney leaving the impression it was all inside the skull until she was collected by morticians. Some seriously gory head trauma right there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Fat Woman Suffered from Gory Head Trauma with Brain Leak”

  1. I may be wrong, but the roundish tissue at the very bottom of the photo looks to be what is left of her eye and periorbital tissue inside the eye socket. The second photo shows it a little better.

    Looking at the second photo, notice the nice trauma to her arm, shoulder and chest. This old girl received a massive force. Bet it was more than a farm equipment failure. Probably more BAD DRIVING in Brazil.

  2. Hey Texasrebelchick… The ONLY reference to the word fat came from the title and YOUR post. You didn’t have to TAKE A LOOK to see what the “fat woman” title was all about, did you?

    I agree with LottiefrSL… Don’t get bent out of shape for using the word “fat.” What if he had written the title “Ugly Woman” instead. That title fits too. Or “Pug Nose” or “Gap Tooth”… or well, you get the drift.

    Don’t be so sensitive. Just enjoy the gore. I mean, after all, I don’t get offended when they title a post “Young Handsome, Muscular, Thin, Tan, Sexy Man” even though that description could be talking about “ME.” 😉

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