Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face

Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face

Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face

The guy in the pic above apparently had his face destroyed when an FN FAL 7.62 assault rifle he was testing out blew up in his hands.

According to the info I got, the incident happened in a Brazilian favela, so I’d presume the guy is a local drug dealer. The video below alleges to show the moment the rifle exploded, and a piece of it struck his face.

I don’t have sufficient knowledge about guns to understand what the hack happened. Perhaps someone with adequate knowledge can fill us in on what were wrong and what t he guy should have done to avoid getting his face mashed up?

Props to Best Gore member @otrium for the video:

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206 thoughts on “Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face”

    1. I am going to say the fact he is shooting at the city? maybe its a good thing this blew up. The reason it explodes is 1 of 2 things. Either the barrel was obstructed not letting the pressure out. Or the Bullet was over loaded.

        1. I don’t want him to go blind. I want him to be able to look in the mirror everyday as a reminder. Also to see girls looking at him thinking what an ugly cunt he is and can’t get a shag because prostitues are terrified of him. What a fantastic future he has.

    1. @Hoping for Nemesis
      His gun blew up in his face obviously, either double feed of round stuck in chamber or he has some shitty homemade self reloaded ammo with either too much powder or not enough powder.
      This happen to a guy i knew.

        1. I highly, HIGHLY doubt the guy in the picture is the guy who shot the gun. I agree it’s a squib, but it doesn’t carry that amount of blow back to completely destroy a face. Maybe a squibbed 40mm grenade launcher..

    2. Looked like the rifle wasnt put together properly

      I was stripping and rebuilding SA80s at 12 yrs old in army cadets

      But i cant remember shit now probly right it was blocked or something the pressure could do this type of thing…

      Always clean your rifle kids

        1. i shot SA80 at a range also a GPMG

          L98s we trained with practicing NSPs etc…

          this was 18 -20 years ago.. things mustve changed…

          we also did sabretooth training exercises with blank firing SA80s… pretty sure they were SA80s not L98s… the cocking handle is on the other side……

          i was with the Irish Guards, went on every single training camp for two years…. cant remember exactly but yeah definitely used both L98 and SA80….

          got to lance corporal

        2. are you a cadet now then?

          do they still do Sabretooth training..?

          that was sick, it was all fixed by the adult officers but it was blank firing war games… lol camping out on a proper army training ground.

          i have a bad memory but i Definitely shot the SA80 and GPMG (general purpose machine gun) at a shooting range…

          i joined when i was 12, 20 years ago…. the world was different back then 🙂

          Nation Front was very active back then, one of the sergeants used to hand out NF pencils lol… wtf

  1. The video didn’t show shit but lately I’ve been watching videos on YouTube about face transplants. Pretty interesting stuff actually and there’s been many done successfully. If this guy is lucky he might be a candidate for one in the near future.

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  2. Usually this kind of thing happens when the barrel is plugged up with mud. The explosive pressure builds up and causes the weapon to blow up. Also, many weapons sold on the black market are made cheap by wanna be gunsmith who dont line the barrel with the chamber properly. This also causes the weapon to blow up. These are the most common reasons for this. But also cheap ammo could cause it.

  3. Ha, this happened to my boss at my old job but his injuries weren’t as bad. They should really just stick to knives and machetes in Brazil, if the guns not jamming its blowing up in their face..

  4. What a crock of shit with your click bait video, for one the left side of this guys face took the damage, while the gun is on the right side of his face, secondly the guys skin complexion is super dark in the video, and very much so light skinned.

    1. in all fairness, it does say “alleges” to show – but i wondered about the different skin tones too. Also all the guy’s hair has been burnt off – would that happen in a gun backfiring or whatever it did??

  5. Sounds like a stuck round in the barrel, probably due to filth or rust. If your gun fails to fire, the first thing you fucking do is remove the magazine, followed by opening the chamber and check for any stuck rounds in the barrel. If there’s something stuck in there, you’ll have to dissasemble the action.

    Guy probably just opened the bolt, saw no case in the chamber, and just popped a new magazine. That’s one way you can turn a rifle into a fucking grenade.

  6. British Army used a lot of these rifles for a lot of years and never once have I heard of someone getting any facial injury anywhere near as severe as this from any type of weapon malfunction, despite them typically being fired held in a stable position much closer to the face. It’s a close locked breech, so even when barrel plugged with mud/ice/misfire the barrel would either contain the explosion or split further forward. In the video it looks like the weapon was incorrectly assembled but I doubt that would have caused the injuries shown.

    1. Your comment sounds the most plausible,
      Incorrect assembly probably caused this rifle to explode.
      Dumb duck Brazilian may have actually for once , disassembled it to clean it , but was too fkn stupid to reassemble it correctly!
      When I lived in Arizona I met a group of crazy ex military guys & rednecks with harleys & lots of weapons, once a month they drove out west of Phoenix to the desert mountains to shoot at and blow up an old car , a van or refrigerator , two or three of the guys always used their own reloaded ammo, I was standing behind the firing line watching when a big guy named ‘ one punch’ emptied his M-1 Garand and picked up his friends m16 style rifle , to test out some of the reloaded ammo he had just made to sell to the others in the group, it went bang,bang,bang,BOOM!!
      The fourth round had a double charge of powder, & the upper receiver exploded, also taking out a good chunk of meat between his thumb & trigger finger. I think he had powder burns on his face but no major damage because he was wearing quality shooting glasses/goggles….he wasn’t even too worried about his hand because, now he had to buy a new rifle for his friend & nobody wanted to buy any of his reloads.
      But he did boast that would never ever happen again because he wouldn’t ever EVER let his ten year old daughter help dad pour the powder again.

  7. @happy

    This Is An Important Read For All Gun Owners Who Plan To Purchase A New Riffle, Or Handgun.

    This Ultra-Modified Assault-Rifle, was Probably Being Tested, after being Assembled For The Very First time After Purchasing It From A Gun Store. And I Am Positive That After Hearing That Loud “Metallic Sound” After That First Shot, That He either,,,,

    #1- Had Failed To Properly Remove, & Clean The Thick Grease, & Vaseline Type Of, Anti-Rust Inhibitor (That Every Moving Part Of A Brand New Rifle) Come from The Manufacturer Already Packed-in. Ex. The Bolt Action mechanism,,, Semi-Automatic Mechanism,,, The Magazine Inner Locking Clip Mechanism,,, & So On That It Comes Already Packed-In.

    Or #2- He Removed, and Cleaned-Out this Thick Grease, & Rust Inhibiting Factory Pre-Packed Stuff, But then forgot to Properly Complete the second in Important step Stage, of Oiling-It With (Remington Gun Oil) The Only One That I Use, And Trust With All Of My Guns, cause even at( -40 Celsius Outside) I Have Never Ever Had One Of My Semi-Automatic Assault Riffles Jam-Up. But It Did When as a younger kid used a cheaper brand of gun oil.**And The Most-Important Thing** that (Must Be Done) Before Shooting The First Round Out Of **ANY NEW** Store Purchased Rifle.

    So In Closing,,,
    It Is Imperative, and of Paramount Importance, That You Check, Clean, & Remove This Super Thick, And Sticky Type Vaseline/Grease, Metal Rust Inhibitor ,That Any Moving Parts, and The Inside Of The Gun Barrel Comes Greased With When New. Cause If Not Properly Removed,,, Cleaned,,, And The Oiled,,, This Could, And Would, Most Probably Happen To One Of You’s (God Forbid) my B G Siblings 🙁

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