Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face

Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face

Favela Guy Tests Rifle, It Blows Up and Destroys His Face

The guy in the pic above apparently had his face destroyed when an FN FAL 7.62 assault rifle he was testing out blew up in his hands.

According to the info I got, the incident happened in a Brazilian favela, so I’d presume the guy is a local drug dealer. The video below alleges to show the moment the rifle exploded, and a piece of it struck his face.

I don’t have sufficient knowledge about guns to understand what the hack happened. Perhaps someone with adequate knowledge can fill us in on what were wrong and what t he guy should have done to avoid getting his face mashed up?

Props to Best Gore member @otrium for the video:

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  1. I’m seeing the flash out of the breech immediately after it was fired which looks to me like a head separation of the cartridge, but that wouldn’t have caused that kind of facial damage. I’m calling bullshit here. Short of getting shot in the face, which is what it looks like, there’s nothing that I see in the video that would cause I kind of damage.

  2. Funny listening to all these wannabe gun experts blaming things such a misalignment of barrel, not cleaning out cosmoline (you called vaseline lol). you guys dont have a fucking clue! But that’s ok.

    This gun clearly blew up due to headspace issues or hot load. Bolt for whatever reason did not stay locked into battery and the bolt and carrier became a projectile. Its usally not possible to fire with bolt not fully locked since firing hammer will not strike firing pin, so this had to be a bad build or bad ammo. You can see magwell is destroyed which indicates over pressure (bad ammo) but firing out of battery can also do this. Pretty funny instant karma.

  3. You have to understand surplus rifles to really know what is going on in this video. When you shoot a bullet the case “fills” the chamber area. It sort of stretches out to fill the chamber so that it can seal the gas and give positive pressure going forward in the bore.

    The thing about surplus 7.62mm rifles is that the chamber is slightly elongated. They purposely make the chamber longer so a wide range of 7.62mm rounds will fire without issues. 7.62mm was adopted by NATO and for the most part, was issued to a vast majority of the world outside of the USA and Russia (both of which adopted their own “standard” rounds for their rifles). 7.62mm is the military version of the .308 commercial round. 7.62mm rounds are tough as hell. They can stretch, and they don’t break when they do. The round is meant to take a beating and can still be fired. Not so with a .308 commercial round. They are generally shorter in some cases and are made to various specifications. The problem is when you use a thin case .308 commercial ammo in a very long 7.62mm surplus rifle chamber. The case attempts to “stretch” in the chamber, but since the space is so large the case cracks or separates causing a failure. In most situations it would simply mean a separated/ruptured case head or split case and easily fixed. However it can be catastrophic and deadly as seen in this video.

    Rule of thumb: don’t buy surplus 7.62mm and if you do, make sure you only shoot 7.62mm out of it. Also, thank goodness it exploded in this guy’s face. He appears to be shooting at buildings in the city and got what he deserved. Can’t imagine such a idiot would know or even care about the above explanation regarding head space.

    1. Also, I wonder if his ammo was “spiked?” I head about this happening to cause a catastrophic failure by mixing spiked ammo once a bad guy’s stash is found. It could be a pay back of some sort and this guy would never know. Could be this jerk is constantly shooting at buildings and someone found him and spiked his ammo supply.

  4. A couple this could have gone wrong here …best guess …bullet got stuck while ejecting..and next bullet exploded cause the ejection chamber was open ..also ignitered next bullet..both explode..blowing gun to shrapnel ..and the same for his face ….what an old fractured peice of shit metal

  5. Either the ammo he used was the wrong ammo, or he got bad ammo, ammo designed to cause the gun to explode and injure the shooter. This is a common tactic by militaries, leave stash of weapons for insurgents to get, ammo is explosive set to blow up instead of firing correctly. Kills the insurgent instantly a lot of times, or mames then bad like this guy.

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