Favela Thief Punished by Having Both Hands Shot Through

Favela Thief Punished by Having Both Hands Shot Through

The little Brazilian guy/thief in the video allegedly stole something in a favela and the drug traffickers didn’t appreciate it. His punishment was to have both his hands shot through with a firearm.

The first shot hurt. It caused the fingers of his hand to seize up like in muscle spasms. The shot in the left hand did not seem to hit the same nerves.

Props to Best Gore member @achillesof for the video:

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  2. Think he lost a finger on the last shot. Left hand. I think I only see 4 fingers. No more five finger discounts for this pumpkin pie haircutted freak. Lol. Lets see if anyone can tell me what movie that lines from. You pumpkin pie haircutted freak. Lol.

    1. @goreddict
      I think the left side bullet might have passed through without hitting bone. It looks like the shock wave caused his muscles to tense up and bend his middle finger inward. If you pause around 1:41 as he stands up you see the middle finger missing, but then at 1:44-1:45 you can see it is still there, just bent.
      Either way, I’m guessing the left hand is much better off.

  3. There’s going to be a Generation of Brazilians with holes in their hands.
    They will have meetings and discuss topics such as…
    What types of gloves to wear when out gavalanting with other low life pieces of shit.
    And the Glory-Hole on the Go!

  4. He stole twice in a neighborhood controlled by other people and he was warned twice by the guy in the video to stop robbing over there. He was also advised to rob ‘on his own neighborhood’. He didn’t listen, and went there to rob a third time, this time he robbed ‘a hard working lady’ who ‘did not have many valuable things in her life’ according to the filming dude. Instead of robbing a “rich” person on his own neighborhood, he’d rather choose the other way around. So that’s his punishment for not listening. And he’s underage.

  5. Why the fuck did he use his bleeding hand to get up by shoving it back into the leaves and dirt? All that crap probably went straight into his open wound!… Not too smart.
    @felipe-s Thanks for the translation! Makes things a lot more clear!

  6. The fucking punk felt pretty itchy before both his palms were holed in with bullet shots . I guess the ants and the mosquitoes were also taking out their revenge on him for sitting and jabbering like that .

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