Fight Against Guy with Machete Ends with Forearm Almost Chopped Off

Fight Against Guy with Machete Ends with Forearm Almost Chopped Off

Scuffle on the street in the Dominican Republic ended up with one young guy’s forearm almost chopped off. While the forearm still clings on, it was a pretty strong swing he deflected so I’m sure the gash was deep.

There appears to be several locals ganging up on one machete wielder. The latter was probably an intruder of sorts, someone locals didn’t want to see in their locality, or someone who did something that enraged them all. So a fight ensued.

At one point, the machete wielder was knocked down after a guy threw something at him. This presented an advantage to the attackers who quickly closed in on him. The one guy wielding a stick came very close to winning the fight, having had an opportunity to club the machete wielder in the head while he was down, but for some reason slacked off after the first blow and was forced into a retreat. You ain’t won the fight until you won the fight. In other words – don’t stop when you think you won. Fight with all you have unless you know you’ve won.

The machete wielder quickly recovered and chopped the stick wielder’s stick in half, stripping him off the long range advantage. The next blow was into his arm, and that’s when the fight was lost.

75 thoughts on “Fight Against Guy with Machete Ends with Forearm Almost Chopped Off”

  1. Those guys had the chance to finish that guy off god and proper , but they All bottled it , simple as that really .

    I saw a guy being chased by a machete wielding Indian restaurant worker once . It was comical to view from a distance , the way the guy kept ducking as he was running while avoiding the machete swings to his nut . Really brightened up our night .

      1. What happened to good old fashioned fist fights? The winner talked crap all day while the loser held their head in shame for the day. Next day it was done and over. You went home in one piece. Cowards now adays. Afraid of their pride getting hurt.

          1. Exactly my point . Bar stool , five of them and they dropped him too . Still couldn’t finish it . If he hadn’t ended up on the ground , then yes , being wary of the weapon was the best policy .

            I’m with @dadisuez , nostalgic for the days of a good old fisty cuffs . If you came off worse , fair does , move on .

    1. I’m Cuban and every time I go visit my people over there I see someone get stabbed or hear about someone die. Maybe not in the tourist areas but the pueblos are not safe friend.

        1. i agree my friend, its heavy yet controllable ,uses the laws of physics well by being hefty yet speedy througyh the air,its sharp and if the tip doesnt catch you or nick you then the reat of the blade might so once ya swing that fucker its going to do damage.

  2. That was a nice chop. Everybody want to earn a living through street vending in Dominican and Haiti. Then why the fuck should you prevent your friend from conducting a business! Then you have to pay big. Am sure that fucker bled to death

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