Fight Outside in Dundalk, Ireland

Fight Outside in Dundalk, Ireland

It happened in the next town north from me, Dundalk. Dundalk is the county town of County Louth, Ireland.

You guys have eyes and can see for yourself what happens. I do not know why they dudes fight like horny school girls. Thank you, good night!

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8/ the chameleon for video:

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    1. this is funny shit.. the guy should of never brought out the tire iron.. no need for a weapon.. just a scrap. i don’t know whats funny.. 2 skinny guys going at it, or yelling in the accent. At one point they almost got ran over. what a spectacle.

        1. @karmen40
          That was funny man. But when the guy pulled the tire iron out of his opponents hand and threw it on the ground,,, i thought that it should have ended right then & there, cause it showed that the guy even though he was repeatedly hit with it, and the guy that was down, he had too much of a big heart to injure him further. Cause he could have easily killed then and there, yea?

          Hope all is well with you and the misses brother. 🙂

      1. lol
        Didn’t think much of how the dirty car owner continues to attack & fight after he lost.
        He lost once he sulked & submitted after losing the metal bar which was in the opponent’s hand who gave him mercy & won.

          1. In Australia , traditionally you only tip exceptionaĺ taxi driver ,waiter or hotel staff service. Now every cafe ,wants tips. I dont tip in Aus unless it is the above firat case .
            I dont want american systems to take hold here. The employer and the gov should ensure even service people have a livable wage. Not rich but not working poor either.

  1. Two micks are sitting in a small bar, where Paddy bragged to Seamus,
    “You know, I had me every woman in this town, except of course, me mother and me sister.”
    “Well,” Seamus replied, “between you and me we got ’em all.”

    Four reasons we know Jesus was Irish…

    1. He lived at home until he was thirty.
    2. Just before he died, he went out drinking with his buddies.
    3. His mother thought he was God.
    4. He thought his mother was a virgin.

  2. @1purple8
    Stephanya, are they gippos as another fellow said or are they native irish as others said? Your take?

    I have seen slight ,white gippos before ,so that does not rule them out in my book from being gypsies as other people have said here.
    Yes I know irish gypsies and travellers have been in ireland for over six hundred years.

    Colin farrell the actor is a gippo as is sean connery ,roger moore and bob hoskins. Go brit actors. I reckon david jason is too but he may be jewish .

          1. Vegas? On behalf of the entire U.S., I apologize for Britney Spears performance residency in Vegas.
            Aside from that, did you guys have a good time?

          2. @dan-a-conda Yes, thank you my dear, we had an absolute blast! Once in a lifetime kind of blast. Literally, because it’s fucking expensive. It’s a good thing I married and manipulate a rich man.

            Yeah, I was devastated when I heard that Britney had cancelled her new residency but at least Lady Gaga was there *dry heaves quietly* Saw a lot of shows though, Criss Angel, Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, Blue Man Group and a few others. Super time!

          3. I suspect that man manipulation is just a hobby of yours. With your intelligence and sense of humor you probably excel at everything.
            Strange that I’m just a short flight from Vegas but have never wanted to go there EVER, but I would really like to see Ireland some day.

          4. @illegalsmile55 Hi missus! Nah, we flew from Belfast to London Heathrow and then direct to Vegas from there. I think the hubby and I are getting too old for long haul now, especially since we cannot for the life of us get any shuteye on a plane. He’s got a wedding in the Phillipines next year which I suspect will confirm that he’s done with long haul for good!

          5. @hopingfornemesis I’m actually quite a frugal sort! I couldn’t get over the price of things there and I still HATE and DESPISE the practice of tipping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind tipping for a good service like we would do here at home but every Tom, Dick & Harry has their hand out for a tip there like they’re just entitled to it for working in a service industry. Makes my guts turn.

          6. @lady-lexis Hi, glad to see you’re still around. I said I had a question for you so I’ll ask it here. I wondered how long you have been on BG? The reason I ask is that I seem to recognise your name from a long way back, maybe even 10 years ago. Would that have been you or is it just that my meds are not working so well?

          7. @robc I’ve been around a while, 8th June will be my 9 year Goreniversary 🙂 So it’s possible that you’re thinking of me but I hardly ever commented back in the day; even less than I do now!

          8. I lurked for a very long time. I came to this site almost at the very beginning but I was only a watcher as I was on Live Leak and a couple of others. I had an account here in 2010/11 for a while and I thought I’d closed it. However, I managed to reopen it in error about a year or so ago by signing in on this site but using the login details for another site. I was attempting to sign into the other site at the time but it also uses wordpress. I’d been lurking here at that moment and must have clicked login on BG’s page rather than the other place and those login details matched my old details here. This resurrected this account so obviously it was dormant, not dead.

            I’m glad you said you’d been around for quite a while because I was pretty certain I’d seen you way back. It was either that or I was starting to lose the plot. 😀 @lady-lexis

          9. @robc & @lady-lexis
            You two DID interact, about 1.5-2 year ago. i remember it, not the context, and it would take me an eon to find the topic/page/interaction.
            Rob was beaker/therapist, and ladylexis was ladylexis.
            Dont ask me how i remember, i just do. and definitely.

            ANYWAY, good to see you back lady, and always good to speak Rob

          1. Wow!

            Ok. Quick take. Our newly elected gov conservative and the cabinet and pm is in my opinion and of most thinking-people overly sympathetic and accommodating of American Foreign Adventurism.

            Now this election was closely contested. Australia usually has a conservative gov but usually only just so. It is the very isolated country people in Aus who usually get Conser atives just over the line. Remember in Aus ,towns are very far apart ,not like the UK so very insular.

            I speculate this ‘Afghan Files ‘has to do with a Minister called Hastie who is part of the Conser ative gov. He was the leader of a group of aus commandos who desecrated Aghan bodies and probably innocents as well inAfghanistan. They pissed on and cut hands off the corpses.

            If Hastie’s case is in fact the whole Afghan mess ,then i believe this is just hardarsed payback by the Conservatives. I suggest that May and thatcher -haters would find much similar nastiness in our current leader and lackeys.

            I would also suggest that this is also softprepping by the yanks for their intended harsh treatment of Assange.

            Personally ,i believe defence etc should be secret in the main .however ,i do not believe the gov should give blanket immunity to egregious breaches of proper military conduct.

            In all ,we are seeing a whittling away of a much respected neutral-toned gov media authority. What takes its place? Corporate- owned and biased fox ,cnn,sky etc.

            I am on the side of the reporters until the Fed Police can prove ro me that they are not just themselves committing the crime of “abuse of process”.

            What did you hear a nutshell?

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            my condolences mate.
            I was at another funeral on friday… a longtime friend.
            It seems that this year has just been funeral after funeral. But i tell ya, its helping to put some stuff into its true perspective

          3. i hear about the same, but with less detail.
            the thorn here is that they waited till AFTER the election to make the raid.
            Im no big fan of the BBC…. who i believe are a “cousin” of ABC? but the point is the arrest and investigation/intimidation of jounalists.
            Like you, i thought it echoed Assanges case….. and is definitely worrying when we look to the future, “hushing” of media.
            Its funny [or maybe not] that every dire and shady pratice that the western world accused the USSR of, is now comming to pass in our so-called “first-world” countries.
            Our “democratic” countries have always enjoyed pointing fingers and whipping up fear… while keeping their own citizens firmly under the heal of their jackboot, and perpertrating far worse corruption than that which they accuse others of

    1. No, what’s boring is when you are in county jail & you see two black guys going face to face saying “Hit me!” and “I beat yo ass punk!” until you have to shout “Take it in the fucking bathroom!”
      (No cameras, no charges).

      Btw, HAIL AHRIMAN!

  3. I find it utterly astounding that anyone would get the guy that bludgeoned him bloody on the ground, get possession of the weapon, and then just drop it because his enemy starts pleading with him not to use it!

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