Finger Cut with Table Saw While Making Birdhouse

Finger Cut with Table Saw While Making Birdhouse

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @schizophysco666, who cut his finger with a table saw while making a birdhouse:

I was out in the shed making a birdhouse and fucked it up with a table saw.

There. Sometimes all it takes is one brief sentence to tell the whole story.

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    1. @re-pete, the first summer I went lobstering, I was such a newb that it required every bit of my attention to do my job as stern chick. Your baiting the traps, taking lobsters out of traps, measuring, banding their claws, making a notch in their flipper, throwing out all undersize lobsters, crabs and fish, we even have gotten cormorants trapped underwater as they try to steal our bait…I looked up at the Capt., and he was taking my picture, and I shrugged my shoulders at him, like, why are you taking my picture? He pointed up and behind the boat, there must have been 200 sea gulls following us. They were about 5′ above my head. They love the old bait that you throw out. I wasn’t supposed to feed them…but I did. Some are so bold, they land right on the stern…I called them my minions; it’s good luck if one shits on you

      1. Those sea gulls aren’t selfish either. I throw a single sea gull a piece of bread with no others around at all, and then it starts calling all the others, and then out of nowhere, there’s about 20 of them wanting me to feed them now. They can be very aggressive, they even bully those pesky crows during a feeding frenzy.

  1. Does anyone else find it oddly fitting someone named schizophysco666 was building a bird house??? Or am i just a lil off in the head tonight??

    Looks kinda like when i put a circular cut in my thumb as a jit (jitterbug aka child/kid southern phrase) but i had taken the earaser out of my 2# pencil but left that little metal ring in tact. I got up and put it in an electric pencil sharpner then held it in with my thumb. Had an almost drill like affect. Like a core bit you would use on glass or stone.

  2. thats not bad for table saw im a master carpenter by trade, ive seen a few cuts from table saw i had an apprentice carpenter leave 3 fingers and tip of thumb i picked them up and put in ice water so they could fix him up they sewed 2 on 3 could not be fixed so dr used the fat to use on thumb. i could go on for hours, you got lucky oh they got a table saw that will stop if your fingers or hand is in the way. these are a bit more but ive used them and tested they shoot low electric curent you finger dont take it and caliper type break shuts blade off in milli seconds i tried using hot dog pushing fast the blade never put a mark on hot dog. take care of them fingers thanks for sharing accidents happen fast so be careful saws can do untold damage to flesh our hands and feet pain is far worse id bet it hurt.

  3. Imagine if you had your thumb up your ass at the time, as to what damages could of ensued?
    This should be a good lesson to all you Boys & Girls, to keep your fingers out of your nose, or your thumb out of your ass, at all times, to prevent more serious injuries! 😉

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