Finger Degloved by Drill Engine

Finger Degloved by Drill Engine

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member miz.Liberty. In her own words:

Brother had his finger degloved by a drill engine on a drill site.
We are awaiting to see if the “glove” skin will be rejected or
accepted – that can take up to 2 weeks.

Brutal. Can’t even imagine what that felt like. Thanks a lot for the photo, miz.Liberty. I’d be intetested in an update on how his finger turns out.

On a side note, the results of last week’s Caption This Photo Contest are in so check it out if you want.

103 thoughts on “Finger Degloved by Drill Engine”

      1. That is the exact reason his finger has been degloved. When working in the oilfield you are told to take your wedding ring off so your finger wont get caught and have it ripped off. This dumb ass had to learn the hard way.

    1. omg. This is crazy to be able to look at your finger off of your finger. I would have passed out. That would be so painful and the poor guy has more to come. It is going to be so sore trying to get it to grow back and hopefully it takes. you know he is also going to bump into stuff and be sore as hell. I feel so sorry for this man. I wish him the best and it would be great to have updates on him and pictures to show the healing process.

  1. Looks like Mark’s trial date is October 17th. He’s been denied a request to access the internet in order to prepare for his defense. What a crock, best wishes. You can read the story in the Canadian rags, crappy justice system. Justice is totally left out.

    1. senor piggy, Thanks for the update. It is not fair that he is being treated like that. I hope he is able to come back to best gore. we appreciate people keeping it going while he has been gone, or i know i have appreciated it.

          1. its good you don’t get it…be happy with that….it only goes to show you aren’t as messed up as I am… eyes have seen WAYY too

  2. Not one person said anything about not being able to masterbate with that hand. What’s wrong with you people? Do I always have to bring up the obvious perverted remark?
    Fine…No whacking off with that hand until the finger is regloved and healed. Sheesh!

  3. Oh come on best gorians, when are people going to learn. Never operate machinery, never use a power tool and don’t even use a kitchen knife, just buy all your vegetables already chopped from the supermarket. It always turns out bad for us members otherwise.

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