Finger Injury Caused by Dry Ice Bomb

Finger Injury Caused by Dry Ice Bomb

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore lurker Fingerbang69, who injured his finger with a dry ice bomb:

Very long time lurker from the US here. Wanted to share a little injury I did to myself three years ago.

This is the end result of an overcharged dry-ice bomb. Fourteen stitches, three fractures, and one torn tendon. All in the tip of one finger. Not to mention plastic shrapnel in my face from the explosion.

The finger won’t fully straighten out today, I have a lovely scar and a deformed fingernail.


Thanks for sharing your pics with us, Fingerbang69. Don’t be a stranger:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Finger Injury Caused by Dry Ice Bomb”

    1. I used to do bombs like that some 15 yrs ago. Never had an accidental detonation.
      But those bombs are out of style today we use the same soda bottle with aluminum foil wrapped balls and some 99c toilet cleaner. Still had fun doing those a few months ago.
      Right now present day a friend gave me a dynamite stick but I’m reluctant to use that one, could very easily be gore material….fuck that!!

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          1. And what is this? Are you trying to roast me like I roasted trustme?

            The point I was trying to make is…what kind of friend gives someone a stick of dynamite to play with? A firecracker, yes, but a fucking stick of dynamite? You don’t know what range that could have, the timing of the fuse. I’d put it on the same level as inviting your friend who is a recovering alcoholic to a bar; its just trouble waiting to happen.

            The remaining 10% which you say are traps I set up for myself are not traps; its called learning. For example, Gnat and I had a discussion on immigrants, where I said the only native Americans are the Native Americans, and he corrected me by saying that the descendants of the Founding / Pilgrim Fathers also count as “Native ‘Americans'” because they were here before there was even a United States. That argument makes sense to me, so I conceded that point. It doesn’t mean he made me look like a fool, it simply means I learned something new that day.

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      1. I knew someone that had a grenade at home, but he wanted to get rid of it for various different reasons… first of all, he got it via sources that could get him to jail (its not that having it in the first place wouldnt be already reason enough 😆 )… and secondly, he was afraid that it would just go off for being old, rusty and dirty… 😀 We really didnt know what to do about it, and he tried to sell me that, but i really dont know what would i do with it.

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