Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day

Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day

Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @townietoast, whom knows a female friend with her finger cut off after cutting school:

My friend got there finger cut off after we ditched the last day of school. Happened a month ago but still thought it should be here.

Not sure how your friend has finger cut off but if it is placed where it normally is, then this wouldn’t happen:


81 thoughts on “Finger Leaves Roost Last School Day”

    1. So fucking FAKE. As if a teenage chick who was in agony, just lost her finger would relate its cause to “skipping skool”……..
      If you believe that, then you are probably the koo-koos who reckon the earth is flat, Elvis is alive and that 9/11 happened because of terrorists (ie. non US govt).
      Some people want to believe anything… ….

      1. You were doing well until you said “9/11 was done by terrorists” in a sarcastic manner. Because 9/11 was done by terrorists and the Americans came up with the “inside job” baseless theory to help themselves sleep better.


        1. Yeah because jet fuel burns hot enough to melt reinforced fire resistant steel beams, or because buildings hit by planes alone fall at freefall speed right? Cant happen, wont happen, its impossible…

          Those 2 facts alone show how fkin stupid you are, keep gobbling down what the news tells you like a good little sheep, forget common sense, and logic, and just follow what the news tells you…

          Your a fkin idiot, just go sit in the corner and play with your micro cock like a good little sheeple. Fucking moron….

          1. So what happened to “Dole bludgers{sp}?” Fuckin’ ‘ell, mate. Whilst I do hold perm. residency in Australia, I’m not a citizen. Lived there for just under 11 years. It felt more like home than any of the other 43 countries I’ve been in. Lived in England (Market Harborough), Belgium (Turnhout), South Africa (Shit-hole Cape Town) & ‘Straylia. (Parkwood, QLD, Salisbury, QLD, Esk, QLD). I miss Australia so much!

          2. I am. I was forced to move to Utah when I was 13 after my parents died because I didn’t have any family left in Texas… suffice to say, I don’t like it here.

          3. Long story short, I’m an only child born and raised in Texas, my biological father died when I was four and then my mother died when I was 13, then my blood family decided to move me out to Utah because I had nowhere else to go, then they abandoned me, and a very nice family took me in. And I have been very blessed that they did.

        1. Well yeah it meant the same as ditching in our lexicon – at least with ‘sagging’ you can see how it might’ve developed from ‘sacking’ – like: ‘I’m sacking school off today’, ‘I’m sagging school today’

          But ‘wagging’ is a mystery – perhaps embittered Mancunians trying to augment the original scouse idea

          1. Sagging/Sacking. I wouldn’t have made the connection, but I totally see it now.
            I’ve always been interested in other English speaking countries, and their version of English. I mean, we speak the same language, but at the same time, a totally different one.

            This might not be interesting to anyone from the UK, but I found this to be really interesting.

          2. In Aus ,sacking means to be dismiseed by an employer. As in “i was sacked today ie my employer dismissed or fired me”.

            Or throwing a spanner at a useless brother working with you on a car “you’re sacked ,you useless cunt!”

            I believe it comes from the drowning of unwanted kittens ,puppies or wives in the old days by putting them in a tied -up sack and throwing them in a river or lake.


            I love the etymology of words as well and will check your ref out.

      1. It’s a amputation/degloving. It’s a real thing. She’s taking it like a champ because all the nerves were ripped off and she doesn’t feel anything right now. When and IF they can reattach it she still won’t feel pain for a couple months. The nerves around the fingers are very delicate.

        Here’s a good example: Sometimes deglovings take more than just the skin off your finger.

        She was probably trying to jump that fence but jumped off the wrong way and caught her finger on something. lol.

      2. Finger still exists, but it’s naked.. got it. That’s what I was thinking… if it wasn’t faked that is. The video was shot using the lowest quality potato, so any detail is out the fucking window..

  1. Fake as fuck… I apologise for watching this bullshit.

    Her cut finger is bleeding a -little bit,- …and some fake looking finger is placed on her knee. It’s far too long to be from her hand..

    She cut her finger trying to make her first sammich.

  2. As a single father who’s raised his daughter alone for 16 years. (She’s 19 now) I feel so bad for this young lady.
    As a Gore member, I simply would like to point out that whomever she marries will be able to save heaps of money on a ring as even the most ugly ring will still look fine on such a hideous finger. 😉 Talk about taking “I broke a nail,” to a whole new level.

      1. Couldn’t reply on the other note you sent. I’m not military. I worked for Telstra in Bundal, QLD from 2001 until 20010. I lived in ‘Straylia (I love doing that) for 6 months in 1998, after I retired from flying. I did an insane amount of traveling. Didn’t have a winter for 2 years. 🙂 I loved that. I live in Washington state west of Seattle (Faggot shit hole place…makes the dodgey parts of Victoria (ie; Moe, VIC) look like a fucking paradise. If you wanna Google (ick) it: Poulsbo, Washington is the area. I hope I did this right so you read it. Mainly so I don’t look like a bigger fuck-tard than I already am. I think I’ve said it on here before: I’m proof that it isn’t always the fastest sperm who wins. 😉 OH! If you wanna read about my plane crash in Coomera, QLD 21-11-01, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. I made 7 Sunrise (Love David) and most of the major newspapers. It paid out okay, but nothing like it would have in this sue-happy country I’m in now. My profile photo on here is a photo of the front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin. I think it was the issue published on 22-11-01 or 23-11-01.
        ~peace, mate @hopingfornemesis

          1. It was handled by CASA at first, but neither of us stayed dead so The Queensland Police did the investigation. In fact I just remembered the coppers name: Knight. 🙂
            I will go have a look to see if I can find it. If you want to write me off of here, send a note to [email protected] To be kinda sure it’s you, as I know where you’re from just tell me what town the camel train John Williamson sings about. Or ya could just let me know what ends this: “I reckon I could do with…………… (I’m betting I’m going the right way for getting a protection order served on me.)

            Here is a story about the plane I crashed in that ended up crashing and killing two people in 2013. I was in it in 2001, and they do say it was rebuilt 12 years before this fatal accident.

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