Finger Sliced While Cutting Meat with Band Saw

Finger Sliced While Cutting Meat with Band Saw

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @toucandan:

Content exclusive. I put off sending this in due to the lack of pictures. This was my first real injury, you understand? Anyways, this happened back in August 2016.

I was working as a meat cutter for a local chain supermarket and was assigned the task of cutting country ribs out of loin ends. Out of frustration, I rushed the cutting process which involved band saw, and a sawtooth caught a bone on the loin end and rolled my finger directly into the saw.

Luckily however, I managed to pull my hand back fast enough that the blade missed the bone by a mm. Blood was gushing out like a water faucet all over the cutting room floor. Man, I wish you could have seen the look on those customers’ faces when I walked out of that cutting room. Always dreamed of that happening.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to check out my stupidity tattoo. Have a good one guys.

Thanks for the pics, @toucandan. That’s the thing with rush jobs, they tend to leave you stitched up. Cheers:

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31 thoughts on “Finger Sliced While Cutting Meat with Band Saw”

  1. Working as a meat cutter? But Brother,,, You are Not supposed to cut Your own meat My Man. But, i guess it could have been much worse, cause if you had your finger up your nose at the time, you could
    have very well, and most likely have passed-off as Nose-less-Junior’s Big Brother, and side by side with him in the next Caption ! 😉

  2. Fingerbang! Bang Bang! Fingerbang bang! Bang-bang-bang!
    I’m gonna Fingerbang-bang you into my life,
    Girl you like to fingerbang and it’s all right!
    Cause I’m the king of Fingerbang, let’s not fight,
    I’ll just Fingerbang-bang you every night!

  3. Next time I suggest squirting tomato ketchup over the walls, the counter and a few customers. Add those pics to the collection and the members will have a bit more sympathy. Either that or get someone who knows how to photoshop to work on the pics before you send them in. 😉

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