Fingernail Turns Ugly After Being Slammed with Heavy Wooden Door

Fingernail Turns Ugly After Being Slammed with Heavy Wooden Door

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @123seb, whose brother slammed a heavy wooden door onto his fingernail and it turned ugly:

Hello, I have been a gore fan for a few years and enjoyed the site deeply, it truly changed my view on life. Today my brother has been involved in an accident where he slammed a heavy wooden door onto his ring finger on his right hand, so I figured it’s time to do my part and give back to the community!

These pictures are just a few to start off with. Apparently, his nail will fully come off in a few weeks, then I plan on sharing the results. I must admit, as a gore enthusiast who doesn’t blink at torture and people being beheaded with dull blades, this has made me wince, call me a pussy, but it is a lot different in real life!

If you look in the middle of the nail carefully you can see a tiny needle hole where they put a needle to drain the blood out of his finger, totally gruesome! He has to keep squeezing his finger for the blood to come out so pressure doesn’t build up and make him lose his finger, how he is going to do that off painkillers is beyond me! Tough little man, wish him the best recovery!

Thanks for paying attention, I can’t wait to see this published and pull my weight with the site!

– Sebastian

Thanks for sharing the pics and the story with us, @123seb. Hopefully your brother’s finger heals well and returns to normal soon:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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40 thoughts on “Fingernail Turns Ugly After Being Slammed with Heavy Wooden Door”

  1. Oooooo!!! I betcha that tickle like a God damn mother fucker didn’t it??? Thanks for sharing that with us… You know what’s weird you can look at some of these extreme damages that people have got have had done to their bodies legs missing in car accidents and all kinds of devious nasty crap where people are just torn apart but it’s little things like this that make my balls want to roll up in my sack and tighten my cullo just a little bit more… Better you than me buddy… Again thanks for sharing

    1. My husband has lost about three whole nails during the time i’ve been with him because of work related injuries. I know i have a picture of the last time it happened , nice and fleshy like when you take the cheese off the pizza!! Lol

  2. I had something like that happen to me when I was 15. Slammed my finger in an elevator gate while opening it, nearly took the tip of my left index finger off and the nail had to be removed. They sewed my finger back together with these needles that looked like fish hooks at about 2am in the ER. Then the pain killers they injected wore off and it throbbed like a son of a bitch the rest of the night. Healed back good as new. Fun times.

    1. I was surprised they didn’t just remove the fingernail like in my case. Seems like that would be the better option instead of this pressure thing and the greater possibility of infection and losing the finger tip. They don’t even have to sew this finger back together. And my fingernail grew back just fine. Slightly longer than the other one, but barely noticeable.

  3. When I ripped my pinky nail clean off at work without even scratching the nail ( got grabbed above the nail and pulled off ); blood started pouring out; I ended up taping it up with electrical tape.
    My wife was a nurse; so when I got home that night; she took the tape off and poured alcohol into the finger to kill all the germs.
    Our daughter was around 7-8 years old at the time; and she thought it was kinda funny that Dads eyes were tearing up and that Dad was in pain.
    The alcohol hurt alot worse than the actual ripping of the finger nail off.
    Thanks to the alcohol; my nail grew back like nothing happened.
    Wish I had done this to all the nails I smashed as a kid; they would probably not have red and black lines under the nail after healing.
    Live and learn.

  4. That happened to me when I was 16 except it was a crease on a garage door, long story short ended up in the ER 2 percocetts later I’m watching my thumb nail
    Being sown back on thank god for opiates:)

      1. Ok, but 3 fingers are currently entertaining a guest, 4 fingers are soaking in dish soap and 2 fingers…I don’t really like to talk about. That leaves 1 finger for you. Guess which one.

  5. C’mon! Don’t waste my time. You could have at least crushed that finger or driven a nail through it. Where are my head crushing, guts spilling, arms and legs broken, brain matter spilling like wine type of videos. Could not get a boner.

  6. I know were not supposed to say much about member content, but how the hell are you “pulling your weight” here with an account not even 24 hours old.

    Member content should be from actual participating members. -_-

    1. The contributor said that this is his brothers hand and goes on later to call him a “tough little man”.
      I would guess that it’s a child’s hand.

  7. Watching and loving BG for along time now, but when you hurt yourself you really learn life can bite your balls. I burnt myself a few months back and has healed now but fuck me that was painful. Thanks for sharing dude, hope it heals quickly for the little dude.

  8. If you think that painful try going through a glass window nearly dying because your blood is coming out like a fountain then a surgeon who wants cosmetically has to fix your face and temple that cut open

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