Fingertip Cut by Auger During Ice Fishing

Fingertip Cut by Auger During Ice Fishing

Tis the season for ice fishing and all kinds of other winter activities. Best Gore member @try2flyjumpndie was doing the former when he had a little head-bump with his auger and it lead to the fingertip injury we see in the pictures. In his own words:

Had a little mishap after ice fishing while packing up. Went to grab tent bag and my auger was holding down from heavy winds. Needless to say the blades are still sharp. Bled quick and like a siv.

There must be different size augers, because the one I used for ice fishing is basically a large screw. I’ve seen mechanical ones, powered by diesel engines, but I only had a manual one. Still, its blades would not make a knife like cut. So I’m thinking the one you used must have been a portable one for smaller holes in the ice?

Either way, thanks for the pics, @try2flyjumpndie:

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    1. That’s right. If the auger didn’t get him, the sticks of TNT that the fish plug his ice hole with certainly would have. His beak would have been blasted around to the back of his head.

      1. @illegalsmile, people die from falling out of bed, they must hit their head or something? Also people die from hanging Christmas decorations (electrocution? falls from a ladder?) And I think it’s around 50(?) people in the US die each year from sticking their tongue on one of those small(ish) rectangle batteries (9 volt?) you know, those ones that make your tongue tingle?

          1. Me too, and you’re right, I just *googled ‘death by 9 volt battery’ it probably IS a myth. Definitely not the 50+ a year, I’m sure I read that in Ripley’s Believe it or Not!!

          1. It looks like a guy leaning up against a wall saying “the fuck is your problem.” It’s fucking brilliant @blucon. Your best maximization of space to date. Keep on keeping it real.

          2. See the Leaning guy wasn’t any plagiarized stuff although not mine but its there on the web for takes and not copyrighted even . You want it you get it no big deal
            And Judy tell me if you have been feeling like a net nanny ,lately!

    1. Oh shit, did you hear the one about the blonde that went ice fishing? Every time she tried to cut a hole in the ice, she heard a thunderous voice from above saying “There’s no fish under the ice!”. She tried again and she heard “This is the announcer of the skating rink, get the hell outta here”!

    1. I have to second this request, I mean that’s pretty inconsiderate of you, taking a picture like these and sending us this was thoughtful yes, but having cleaned up the wound first was damn inconsiderate… We want our blood!! Now do it again go take another picture only squeeze it first let’s have some blood shall we, sheesh!!!!!

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