Fingertips Amputated in a Lawnmower Accident

Fingertips Amputated in a Lawnmower Accident

Why couldn’t this have happened to that bitch who kept blaring her loud, motherfucking lawnmower just outside my window whole day yesterday? I had work to do but my head was about to explode from the noise her gasoline munching engine was making.

A few days I ago I posted a picture of a lawnmower injury along with some facts regarding these mean machines. Since it’s already mid July, winter is officially over here in Alberta, which means the brief spring has just started and that means everybody is pulling their damn lawnmowers out of their sheds. It creates a lot of noise but gives old people something to do. Nobody knows how to use scythe anymore. Except, of course, Grim Reaper who’s still really good with it.

Dude in these pictures managed to stick his “stranger” hand where he’s not supposed to while using a lawnmower and ended up amputating two of his fingertips. Strangely enough, the fingertips flanking the middle finger were both shortened, but the middle finger itself was only lacerated. His mistress will surely appreciate that.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          2. @nikki, I’ll be drinkin’ vodka for your b-day from saturday until sunday and I like futures idea of us gettin’ a room! Do you have one of those sexy southern accents?

        1. @lunatic- well, I have lived up North for a long period of time and down South for just a bit longer. People have told me I have a mixture of the two, but a little heavier on the Southern in my opinion.

          1. I know there’s more to male-on-male than two dicks, and that equals a no-no for Nicole, but the journalist in me has to ask: What’s your stance on a woman fucking a guy with a strap-on? The people MUST know! (And by “people” I mean ME.)

          2. @nikki, I am officially claiming you as my best gore woman, from here on in we are a couple. And you’re not yellow you’re red, as in hot.

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            Furthering my opinion, if a man is taking a fake penis up the butt rather than a real one. What is the difference? Thought that counts right?

            @Lunatic- I meant my name, I put my fb link in it. Aww I gots a BG man. ^.^

          4. I am up for contributing to a BG porno… With Goregians on this side of the Atlantic…


            Ah Nicole. I have to disagree with you me dear. If a guy wants to be penetrated by his missus… I think it is quite a romantic thing.

            It is like reversal role play. An act of trust and love.

            I haven’t a gay bone in me.

          5. @Trooper- I can understand where you are coming from, but its not my thing. To each there own and I totally respect that.

          1. I’ll keep that in mind just in case I end up like the poor fellow in the pictures. Thanks, Ug, for keeping my booger-picking interests in mind. I feel so loved right now. 🙂

  1. My nephew cut himself really bad this way, he was trying to clean the clumps of grass off the blade without waiting for it to fully stop. Being that he was a young teen at the time, it was somewhat understandable.

  2. Still has his fuck-you finger. Right on! And winter is ending in July in Alberta? Fuck! I am so jealous! Texas heat sucks balls. We get a tease of a spring in San Antonio and a sorry ass short winter that hardly ever reaches below freezing.

  3. Suddenly, it makes so much more sense that my bird won’t shut up when there’s a lawn mower going.
    I am now convinced she is saying “LOL DON’T TRIP. PUT YOUR FINGERS BY THE BLADE, I DARE YOU.”

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