Foot After Removal of Skin Cancer

Foot After Removal of Skin Cancer

Foot After Removal of Skin Cancer

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @zolar, who sent us a picture of a foot after a surgical removal of skin cancer:

A foot after the removal of black skincancer. Germany.

Brief, but to the point. Many thanks for the pic, @zolar. Funny how the Zionist media tells the plebs to use sun screen in order to prevent skin cancer, yet the majority of skin cancer occurrences are on parts of skin hardly ever exposed to the sun.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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172 thoughts on “Foot After Removal of Skin Cancer”

  1. As a general principle of the good life, you should never listen to the advice of the Jew. But when it comes to matters related to your health and well-being, ignore absolutely everything the Jew says. Unless you are fully awake and resistant to brainwash, then listening to the Jew will show you exactly what to do, but in the opposite way.

          1. It’s not only this.I have a polymorphic light eruption(PLE).Even short sun exposure can lead to an itchy rash.Going out without sunscreen is just not an option for me 🙁

          1. Ah Blancmangely.
            Funny that you mention Fire.
            For in the silly hours of last eve this morn, was filling a lighter which was spiteful and didn’t want to receive, the gas now pooling around my cotton socked feet, my right hand frozen and dripping fluid, from holding the unruly ignition device.
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            There was a cam running but from it only shadows flickering can’t see form or shape, couple of metres left and slightly above would have given a fully fkn funny video to share here but. (Next time perhaps).
            Just keep smelling burnt hair, still after showering.

            Fire I’ve really no BIG fear of, having deliberately been engaged in seeing what I CAN take before having to bail out, like it is a good thing for everyone else these days that I choose to live away in the countryside, with no others around that I neither like, want, or need. So if there is a fire I’ve usually started it and have to put it out unless obviously it’s for cleansing something that has to be burnt to a cinder.
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          2. I’m disappointed.i’d love to see that vid. Maybe you could make event reconstruction? 😛
            Yeah, burnt hair and nails smell the worst.
            I’ve never seen skinned chinchilla.Alive one is pretty cute tho. I’ve always liked rodents. And dogs.I’m not a cat person.
            So what’s the point of this story anyway? Should I be shocked? angry? turned on?

          3. @reginaphalange

            Bwaaah hahaha.
            No Missy Blaupunkt.
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            Liking you straight away because of your initial response to me was very funny for me.
            Females intelligent, funny witty, with some degree of emotional control are bedfellows to me, in more ways than one so.
            There is the Rub, Nub, and Nut cracked.
            You’ll not find an Achilles Heel tho,
            Because I’m having my feet removed so as not to set them on Fire Again…!!

          4. How selfish and ungrateful of your mom.You coulda gotten hurt. Jeez, some people can be SO self-centered!

            I don’t bribe. But I could come over there and chain myself to a tree as a protest against killing innocent chinchillas. Their lives matter too, FFS!
            Laughter is a medicine, I’m glad that I managed to put a smile on your face 🙂

            Acrotomophilia is so hot!!! 😉

          5. Hallo Blancmange.
            Yes my Ma, is grand she’s kept out of my way since 89-91
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          6. @reginaphalange

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          7. Why are you trying to be more sensible? Just be yourself. I’m all for the rude assholes 😉 lol
            I just have to take everything you say with a grain of salt. And you do the same with me.

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          8. @reginaphalange

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          9. Oh man, too many messages and I got lost in them 😛 I just saw the part about your mother.weird situation.

            I am blonde just not as light as in the pic.i had been a redhead for many years but couldn’t be arsed dying my hair every month.

            Jack (that’s your name, right?) I’m so fucking bored today!!!Do you hate Sundays too?

      1. Well .. yes n no, Honkey

        I personally knew an asshole that died of melanoma skin cancer

        It works like this:
        Black n brown niggers are all safe from the sun (most)
        White Euros are safe due the the constant cloud cover of Europe, which Asia the South Pacific & USA & Africa & Sth Americas don’t get
        Whites living in : Asia the South Pacific & USA & Africa & Sth Americas need to steer clear of the Sun

        My State of Queensland, Oz has mainly whites (up to recently) from UK mainly, and we have the highest incidence of melanoma in the World
        Even a Melanie can get Melanoma in Q’Land
        Stay safe, enjoy porn

    1. You are right. Jews actually “cause” skin cancer. They petition their Jewish demon, I think he’s called Moses, to blast death rays down upon all God-fearing Christians. Why do you think they call them JEWS? Stands for Jesus es wary [of those] suckers.

  2. interesting. curious if that is the only place cancer was found

    so thankful that hasn’t happened to me, I have the cutest feet ever! isn’t that right? 😛

    best of luck to you

    1. I think it’s time for an old fashioned foot-off. Women love my feet… and my hands. Who am I kidding, there isn’t much that they don’t like. Any who, beating me in a foot-off, would be a feet in itself.

  3. so you got a stain on the foot.. and took it off to get a bigger stain of flesh at replacement… XD

    luckily the skin cancer is a non dangerous one, the chance of dying from a skin cancer is pretty low.

        1. not really…

          its a cancer that create others problem. But skin cancer on itself is NOT fatal.

          the chance to die from a skin cancer is very low and it heal pretty good at hospital.

          its the other complications/cancer he create that kill you.

          its similar to covid-19, it wont kill anybody by itself, but it will create others troubles who kill.

          see what i mean ? so, i m correct. skin cancer didnt kill alots.

          beside, its not necessary a melanoma.. it can also be non melanoma.

          1. Okay, no. You dont even speak proper English so that to me makes what you say invalid. I’m not even going to waste my time explaining why you are wrong, but you are.

  4. The odds of a German person getting skin cancer on the foot is extremely low one would think given that they always wear white socks and sandals when at the beach. Not to mention staking out the beach chairs the night before and placing their towels on them in advance so as to thwart every other holiday maker‘s attempts at gaining a chair.

    Yeah. Extremely odd indeed. Even Lieutenant Columbo would have an hard time figuring this one out.

          1. The first woman in video said “If you’re having whiter skin, you’ll win” Then the peak of that the narrator herself said “But in time somebody who’s brighter will take your place” in that part they should just dim her aura but no, they painted her in black.

            The director got blacklisted. Though because the message tried to say in an alternative way that if you didn’t have bridge or lighter skin then you’re not going succeed. Because said in the beginning “Having bridge or whiter skin, you’ll win”

            Dumb advertising and brainless but well unfortunately I didn’t join any backlash movement. Because I knew people will take em down right before it’s on air. I just grabbed some popcorn

        1. @mystic fox – I didn’t even know such a product was available. Is it new or been around for a while? I’m assuming if darker asians can take pills to make themselves whiter, then there must be pills for us white people to achieve a nice tan without having to lay in the sun??

          1. lol I didn’t know about dark tanned skin pill here. The ad is from 2018 and banned but produce keep selling in general. My sister is one of those people who’s obsessed taking collagen whitening pill. I mean her tan is already beautiful but I know it’s hard for Asian society but many many do not care about that and proud of being tan

            I want a green skin pill, any suggest? (insert alien emoji but this site is too old for some advance emoji lol)

          2. There was a pill in the seventies and eighties in Aus from France that made you orange! I have forgotten it’s name now.

            This is my fave @mysticfox91. I watched your video and then grazed and was pleasantly surprised. Lol

            If you are too Black and a girl…watch’ll get raped!! Hahah Very sad that this cultural stuff happens…but it does.

  5. Anyone ever submitted content know how long it generally takes for him to post it? I feel like hes quick as shit to post a girls ass with a paper cut or some dude with a hang nail.

          1. No thanks.
            But really dude, he’ll put it up when and if he wants to. I’m sure that’s not the answer you’re looking for, which is probably why no one answered you. By all means though, try insults… does that usually work for you?!

      1. Well then, you’re fucked x2. What with your bare burnt ass up in the air and your pale face buried in a pillow.
        Your cellular migration theory dictates that you will die of ass cancer of the face.

      1. Again… What is it with you young assholes and your Stone Temple Pilots?

        Oh hey, did you and your colored black brothers have a nice time taking down the back wall of the very last Target? Good, good.
        Quick question. You guys are called Tar Heels for all the nigger stomping. Are you a Tar Heel or do you rap with an injury induced speech impediment?

    1. Thanks, but do not worry, it wasn’t my foot. It was the foot of my boyfriends father. I belive that he still has the cancer tho, this type of skincancer spreads fast. I just hope the doc’s will find the remains as well and he’ll be cured.

      1. @Zolar
        Oh-Sorry man, i must of misread-it, or Speed Read-it, lol thinking that You were the victim.
        Bus as you say don’t worry (it does make me feel much better) as i care for all of my B G Brothers, & Sisters whether i barely know them, or have known him/her a long time.

        So this Aggressive-Type of skin cancer, do you know if it is capable of spreading to other
        non- skin related Parts/Organs of the body. So Like For Example,,,
        Could-it spread to The Liver, Lungs, Brain, and so on, as many Other Aggressive types of Cancer Usually do???

        Below is a link about skin cancer, and some pictures of the many different types of Skin Cancers that exists out there. You will quickly notice the different shapes, color, and sizes themselves-in that they seam to disguise themselves with different types/look These Malignant Tumors.

        1. Thank you very much!

          Well, here in Germany its called Black Cancer. Its spreads fast and increases chance for other cancer types to appear. At least thats what i’ve been told.
          I dont know if it affects organs tho…

          1. I always knew doctors spoke in such ways that sometimes even they would find it difficult to understand what they say but black cancer??

            I never knew cancers came in colors.

          2. Melanoma is typically black and of the 3 types of skin cancer is the most dangerous as it is extremely aggressive and very easily spreads down through the dermal layers and reaches blood vessels which assist the cancer cells travel in the blood stream to other organs (metastasis) making the condition terminal. Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world and I know of several people who have died very fast and agonising deaths……..

          1. even I have to give props to that. nice one AA. really wishing you hadn’t said what you said back then, I just cant get over it.

  6. And im sorry for the short description xD I didnt really know what to write. It was the foot of my Boyfriends father. My BF just send me that pic yesterday, giving me a heart attack because i thought it was his foot x.x

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  8. Maybe I’m just getting old, but when I saw the title I read it as “Foot removal after cancer”.
    Was shocked.
    Sometimes I’m such a think cunt it’s unbelievable, lol.

    @zolar, you look like a healthy fellow, I’m sure you’ll make a good recovery, if not a full one at some point. Good luck.

  9. Gunna wanna wear some comfy shoes for awhile.
    I knew a guy with hammer toes once….used to walk around in cowboy boots about three sizes to small…I still grin when I think back about watching him gimp along.

    1. Yes, I once saw him gimping along too. Was so hilarious I almost went into apoplexy, had to take a pill and lie down in order to recover. To this day can’t help shrieking with delight at the thought of those shoes that were too small. And three sizes! too small. Didj’a ever

      But wait a minute, if he needed more room to accommodate his hammertoes, would he not wear Larger? shoes.

      1. I dunno…maybe he was into shit like foot torture…or they were his favorite pair from grade school….guess in the end I never cared enough about him to ask…he amused me was all….
        Oh well…off to watch the bow legged ladies swim.

  10. You are right. Jews actually “cause” skin cancer. They petition their Jewish demon, I think he’s called Moses, to blast death rays down upon all God-fearing Christians. Why do you think they call them JEWS? Stands for Jesus es wary [of those] suckers.

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