Foot Split in Half Lengthwise by Boat Propeller

Foot Split in Half Lengthwise by Boat Propeller

This foot injury was allegedly caused by a boat propeller. The foot is split in half lengthwise with a clean cut, raising all kinds of doubts that a boat propeller could do it but that’s apparently what happened.

The table on which the patient is laid looks like it belongs in a morgue, but seeing all those heart monitors and other hospital equipment arrayed around, this is probably a surgery room.

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    1. You would think the foot would of been hit again by the prop not just one clean cut, but if it was a double blade prop with alot of horsepower I could see it doing that, u wouldnt belive the RPM off a boat prop when its rippin full out

      1. Not far fetched man, likely nerve damage but looks clean( if he’s alive) and salvageable. I bet he/ she’d have nearly full use of the foot. Any comments those with advanced medical knowledge cause I’m curious if my guess is correct.

    1. Correct it seems as though since the propeller is angled along its length that it would be different. I however, am not good at calculating the velocity of an object in motion versus its meat cleaving power. Anything can happen with machinery I suppose. Ow

      1. True, anything can happen. Living in Florida, I’ve seen a couple of propeller injuries… they weren’t located on a foot, but they definitely didn’t resemble this. Anything is possible, I guess. Still, horrific injury, “Ow” is right!

  1. Here are four from me!

    Looks like a bad case of athlete’s foot caught from the showers at the “Y”.

    Samurai with Katana 1, Barefoot Karate Kick 0.

    Do you have anything in a size 12 with a 6E width?

    That’s what you get when you combine flip flops between the wrong toes, alcohol, and boating!

  2. No damn way. Props on boats can’t be that sharp. That looks to surgically clean to have been cut that deep at that angle and depth by a prop even though bone. Besides that fact that the driver of the boat would have had to run over top of the victim to even be hit by the prop in the water. And that’s not even sound. If the boat was dry docked, that would make this even more ridiculous. It makes no sense. It looks cool as hell though. Just like at the butcher department. Foot roasts are on sale this week. $3.99/lb

    1. @Rude Monger, reading your comment made me realize, we’re all naturally imagining a prop attatched to a boat. Maybe the guy was carrying a large prop and dropped it on his foot. If it was heavy enough, it could have an axe effect, I suppose.

      1. @Iwm. It just doesn’t add up. The cut being so perfect and all. A large prop dropped from say chest level would have to be extremely sharp, which I’ve never seen such a prop, and have enough weight to cleave flesh and bone so precisely to produce the wound seen here. It would be very interesting to know the full details of this incident.

  3. Where’s patient privacy? How do these pictures and videos make the web? Unprofessional ER personnel that’s how. Their entertainment at your expense! They have a real good laugh when people come into the ER with sex toys stuck up their asses. I know because I have the copy of an X-ray of such an instance in my dungeon, in the medical room. Call it a picture to accentuate a cautionary tale. The moral of the story….don’t trust medical staff.

  4. The cut is so clean, it made me think maybe there is a simple way to fix his foot up, by adding super adhesive and hold the two parts tightly together for 20 minutes. You don’t even need painkillers afterwards.

    It could be to be honest a little hard time trying to fix all those bone fractures for the feet bones, and maybe a little sewage for couple tendons for the future functionality of the toes. However it’s not as serious as the photograph have showed to us.

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