Foot Torn Open After Collision with Tricycle in the Philippines

Intense Photo of Foot Cut Open Really Deep

This set from the “Best Gore Members Rock” edition is brought to you by Best Gore member Devo1982. I let him explain what exactly happened:

I’m a British ex-pat living here in the Philippines on a small island called Mindoro. The accident happened one morning (November 15 2011 I think) when I was riding my Honda XR200 scrambler back home from the town. I was wearing my usual heavy-biker gear of flip-flops, shorts and a vest when a crazy tricycle driver decided to use my lane as his own.

Being smart I thought I’d just switch lanes and pass him on the wrong side of the road but then he switched back at the last minute and we almost collided head-on had it not been for my quick reactions. As it was, his tricycle hit the left-hand side of my bike tearing my foot open and bending various parts of the engine.

The most annoying thing was he broke my flip-flops and I’d only bought them the week before, hehe. A passing friend of mine whisked me straight to the local hospital on his scooter where I was to spend 2 days and 1 night. That day I had surgery to fix 2 broken bones and hold them in place with a piece of stainless steel which was left sticking out the bottom of my foot.

Being the Philippines you have to pay for everything they give you in the hospital right down to the syringes they use for injecting you. My total bill was around 16,000 PESO or 360 US Dollars at the current exchange rate. A small price to pay to be nursed by dozens of Filipino girls hehe.

I’ve attached a few more photos of my foot (2 pics just after the surgery – 1 of the rather slap-dash stitching of the big wound and 1 of the bottom of my foot which was left with a big hole as part of his tricycle broke off and was lodged underneath. In the second pic you can also make out the piece of stainless steel sticking out towards the top of the pic near my toes.) There’s also another pic attached from just after the incident but for some reason it doesn’t look as graphic as the one I’ve already sent you and a further pic of how it looks today (6 weeks on).

The tricycle drive wasn’t injured at all and his bike had a small bend in the crash guard where my foot had obviously hit it!

Thanks a lot James for the pics and the story. I’ve been to the Philippines and know how reckless many tricycle riders are. Many don’t seem to realize how far their side car reaches when they’re swishing by you at high speed. The Philippines is also the most overpopulated country I’ve ever been to (been half way across the world, but have never seen population density as ridiculous as in the Philippines) so no matter what time of day or what place you’re at, there will always be thousands of them hurling at you from every direction. It’s as if Satan had a diarrhea and all of his intestinal parasites turned into tricycle drivers who swarm around like worms pushing their way through, completely disrespectful of all other traffic participants, especially the pedestrians. If you’ve been to China and thought it was overpopulated there, just wait till you come to the Philippines. It will make China look like nobody lives there.

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  2. Hey thats 360 dollars more than I would have had to pay where I live and I can drive wherever the fuck I want without having to worry about `tricycles`. You got some sweet scars but how many pairs of boots would 360 bucks US get you in the Philippines

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