Foreigner Stabbed on Beach in Thailand in Random Act of Violence

Foreigner Stabbed on Beach in Thailand in Random Act of Violence

57 year old vacationer from Cologne, France was stabbed while walking on a beach in Pattaya on May 15, 2013. The victim said there was a girl playing guitar, he went to have a chat with her and was attacked by a group of youths with knives. He doesn’t know the youths, has never seen them before and has done nothing to provoke the attack. Police said it’s probably the same group of youths that frequently attacks foreigners in what always seem to be random acts of violence.

Sounds very much like Thailand. Since they’re born they’re taught to hate foreigners and collect attacks on them like trophies. Xenophobia has been part of Thai culture for as long as the memory goes. For millennia it used to be the neighboring countries that were the targets, but with the world more connected now, violence against foreigners committed for the sole purpose of giving the attacker something to brag about and gaining praise from fellow xenophobic Thais has become so much more frequent.

Victim kind of looks like Muammar Gaddafi.

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