Former Cutter Shares Pictures to Help Others

Former Cutter Shares Pictures to Help Others

These self-harm images were actually submitted by a non-member. Identifying herself only as “Stephanie”, she believes that seeing these pictures of her past episode might motivate others to not cut themselves.

Had stopped cutting for two years got on new medication and had a negative effect. Feel free to use or not. Looking at it makes me feel better might help others who feel the urge to cut, not do this to themselves.

Thanks, Stephanie. It’s only after the frenzy subsides, that we can step back and reflect. Maybe these will help someone.

83 thoughts on “Former Cutter Shares Pictures to Help Others”

  1. Those are some big cuts! I think it’s great you want to use your pictures to help others. I’m sure it will help at least one person. I hope you are successful stopping your self harm. Thanks for the pictures πŸ™‚

    1. Yes indeed! Although she shared her pictures with us, to me, it looks like a cry for help. She most definitely needs help in dealing with her issues, in other, more constructive ways, than self harming herself. I hope she finds happiness, and serenity, someday.

      1. I hope she finds that too. I think it’s great she’s trying to stop and wants to share her story to inspire others to do the same. I’m sure it’s not easy to get over that urge but it sounds like she’s on the right track.

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  2. I saw some pics the other day of a chick who had 3 neat cut mark scars at the top of each thigh, they were deep but you could tell some thought was put into them (because they were so neat). Then I see cutters who have just gone crazy and cut where-ever, there must be different types of thinking when it comes to cutting? This girl I was talking about also has a split tongue!

    1. only if you touch the veins. but you still can “cut” the veins more far and cauterize it.
      but cutting vertically is one of the best way to die faster by cutting veins as its more hard for medic to heal
      (and yes, if someone ask, you can bleed without touch any veins, only muscles or else)

  3. only one cure for that cuttin,a near death experiance,she might appreciate life alot more,if that was my sister or family id beat the shit out of her she would be too sore to cut herself.

  4. Finally a cutter who admits they have a problem. I’m all for supporting people in there endeavours but physical self harm is not something that should be encouraged. I’m pretty sure that most of the sensible members feel this way too only they feel pressured into saying how cool it is to slice your body up.

    1. @BB, I agree, I won’t be pressured into saying it’s cool either. It might have started off with a couple of people cutting themselves, but now it seems like an epidemic, loads of people copy each other. I don’t really care that they do it, but please do not consider it ‘cool’.

      1. I agree as well. I don’t judge anyone who does it, it’s their body and they can do as they please but I hope people don’t feel encouraged to copy it to be cool as you said. Some people will think they have a problem while others don’t so since I have no say in what they do I just ask that they be careful in those moments.

        1. @LF, I think if people do it say, with their friends, in front of each other, they might be egging each other on? I think most people do when they are on their own? That’s the impression I get anyway. Can you imagine actually cutting yourself, it seems so….foreign to me.

          1. I agree, I think most who do this regularly are by themselves, not with others around. It’s one thing for people to do it as a way to cope with stress, depression ect. but another to do it just because they think it looks cool. It seems most of the people sharing their pictures here fall into the former category and this is the only way they know how to deal with the things happening around them. I’ve always said cutting is not for me personally. Different strokes and all that. When I’m stressed I usually just get a happy meal at McDonald’s…perks me right up πŸ˜€

          2. LOL Macca’s and I agree with you, it does seem like most people do this when alone, who knows that might be why – loneliness? If they have or think they have no friends and/or no-one likes them. No-one likes the weird cutter kid lol, I was kidding!

          3. I think there’s probably a million different reasons why people do it. The same reasons could be applied to alcohol/drug use, smoking, over eating even nail biting. I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. I’ll admit when I was younger there were a few years where I would pull out my eyelashes, I had no idea why I did it until I noticed a pattern of having that urge while stressed. I still don’t know how I even started doing that of all things. It took some will power to stop and unfortunately my eyelashes aren’t quite the same as they used to be but it is what it is. Every now and then I’ll have a sudden urge when my stress is extremely high. I guess it’s kind of like giving up smoking and years down the line you have a sudden craving for a cigarette.

          4. I’m glad I never started cutting myself, you guys talked me out of it when my dog died and i was very depressed and thought it would help with the pain, I guess only time really helps in that kinda of pain, now that I look back to that day, I was in a really depressed and didn’t feel that the pain of sorrow would ever go away.

          5. I’m glad you didn’t either @ladybug. I know how hard that was for you losing your dog. And you’re right, time is really the only thing to help with the pain. It never fully goes away but it does get easier. How are you doing? Is it getting any better for you?

          6. yes I’m doing ok now, I still cant even think of looking at a puppy for my other dog just yet. I think my other poodle dog Kiki (means pussy in filipino, the guy that gave me her named her that so it stuck) is taking Muffets (the one that died) lose hard too.

          7. I’m glad you’re doing better, it’s always so hard losing a pet, they’re so loyal and loving. My pug didn’t react well either after my golden died. Anytime she saw a dog that looked like him she’d get really excited and run up to them and then when she realized it wasn’t him she’d slowly walk away and start crying it was awful. She’s perfectly fine now so hopefully your dog will get there too.

        2. I used to cut as a teen (before it was a “thing”)….it wasn’t something to boast about. You certainly didn’t show anyone. I did it alone in my room with pieces of broken mirror or broken cd cases. I can’t speak for anyone else but I would do it as a way of transferring emotional pain into something physical and tangible. In other words to get my mind off my heartache and onto the cuts on my arms. But I also enjoyed watching the blood seep out and the stinging/ burning sensation. It felt even better the next day cuz only I knew they were there. It was a comforting pain.

          1. I think that’s how most people are who cut. It’s not a cry for attention but a way of coping with life. It sounds like you don’t do that anymore and I’m happy for you πŸ™‚

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    2. @ D.O.S. The video kept jamming, and would not play for me, but by the looks of it i,m not sure that i would have liked the outcome, of it anyways! But thank-You, none the less for it. B.T.W. Where is brother @ Mouse? have not seen him, for awhile.

  5. I appreciate the message behind the photos I really do because cutting is stupid if you’re not getting off from it, but some people have a fetish for this. I get aroused seeing self harm photos and I know some people out there love the pain.

  6. i not understand how this can help others…
    i mean…sorry, i dont get it..
    its like posting an video of beheading and say “i post this for help others” , ok, that mean this guy want help snackbar to behead correctly but this…. is this for “help” others to cut better ?

    i m freaking noob but i not understand at all, how this can help others….if one SOB psychiatre around here would like to answer and explain please..

    1. it doesnt help others,its only a bunch of lonely,sad people wanting attension and the people that tell them well done and clap are worse,if you saw a downsyndrom banging its head off a wall would you go over and clap and say well done?same thing…

  7. I was just sitting here with a razor in my hand pondering weather I should go ahead and start slashing or perhaps wait for a sign from up above.

    Suddenly I saw this post and saw the images of a person who definitely has problems. Issues beyond her control and I doubt that she’ll ever find the solution to what ever problem she has.

    And I said to my self, “self, don’t do it! don’t cut yourself. it’s not worth it. look at what it did to this person. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

    So I put the razor down and moved away from what I was about to do. I’m so happy that this person posted this article. Without this post, I may have cut my self beyond recognition and probably began a life of drugs, sex, violence, robbery, prostitution, porn acting, virgin fucking, meth user, dog trainer, cat stabber, vulva eating…

    1. Its good that this post helped you see the light of not cutting yourself Vulva eater, just think of all those lonely vulvas out there waiting for you, and if your all cut up they may turn and run the other way. πŸ™‚

  8. I think its great you see self harm as something you don’t want in your life anymore. The one thing I might add is as a woman, (goes for men to) aren’t you concerned about permanent scarring? Someday you might want to wear a bathing suit and since I don’t understand cutting, do cutters normally heal up without scars or are they covered in scars? Your legs look like you needed stitches to me…..

    1. It’s an arm…but you are right in questioning if they are concerned about showing off their scarring. Some cutters have years and years of criss-crossing scars, I’m not sure if many people show them off or not? I don’t see any one with cutting scars but I live in a low populated area. There are some amazing pics online with some people having literally 1000’s of scars on both thighs and both arms!

  9. Pictures won’t stop me from cutting as I have done it when I’ve needed to for the last 15 years. Its come almost habitual for me to cut when tension and emotions go too crazy to handle. Anyway thanks Stephanie, I love blood.

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