FSA Rebel Spits Blood as Shrapnel from Mortar Ruptures His Neck

FSA Rebel Spits Blood as Shrapnel from Mortar Ruptures His Neck

You can see haze in the beginning of the video – I believe Syrian Arab Army targeted FSA rebel position with a mortar. A shrapnel from the shell hit one of the mercenaries in the neck, causing massive bleeding and overall paralysis. As the rebel was dying, he spat blood all over his face.

The video was released by Syrian Tube and as is tradition, it comes with epic Ennio Morricone music. Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “FSA Rebel Spits Blood as Shrapnel from Mortar Ruptures His Neck”

      1. It doesn’t say much for his sound decision making skills to put on his neons before heading out for a spot of terrorism. Almost as bad as wearing flip flops to battle. In fact on second look, are they sandles or women’s shoes he has on there?

  1. I love wars…We need more wars around the globe to provide us with more awesome videos of this ancient tradition…Maybe a US led coalition should invade Iran, or maybe Pakistan and India should fight again…That would be something nice to watch…

      1. But the brazilian “civil war” isn’t so fun…99 % of the murders are commited by two guys in a bike, who shot a poor son of a bitch in the back and then flee. All we get to see is some photos of the dead bastard after the fun is over, or maybe some crappy video from a security camera.
        In Syria we can watch HD combat footage of people getting shot, blown up, hit by shrapnel, etc.

        1. Dont loose hope, its only a question of focus, supplies and the eternal human urge to kill one another.
          I mean there are a lot of american ressources in the amazonas. Or more likely a great potential in the decaying cities. Here in Europe we?re not that far, but surely OTW.

    1. What courage are you talking about ?
      those people are scums who failed in their life, they are just deseperatly seeking for a goal, brainwashed by the delusional glory of being a “martyr” and the mythological heavenly rewards of infinite boners with virgins and rivers of wine

  2. He would have lived-albiet with brain damage- if those dumbasses stuck their finger in there and found the sever artery and clamped it off. Pressing on a neck wound such as this one does nothing for survive rate. Hell it was the artery that speed thick blood at a slow rate. He would have survived with proper medical attention.

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