FSA Terrorist Gets Shot in the Ass

FSA Terrorist Gets Shot in the Ass

Video filmed by the FSA terrorists in Syria shows an exchange of fire followed by a commotion created by a fellow snackbar getting shot. It’s not until the end of the video when it is revealed that the terrorist was shot in the ass. Not a fatal wound I don’t think (unless he was also shot somewhere else) but that’ll put him off killing for a while.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “FSA Terrorist Gets Shot in the Ass”

          1. “CYA” is actually the slang term meaning use caution to protect oneself from legal and administrative penalties, criticism, or other punitive measures…of course my veggies are armor plated mama haha

  1. Entry or exit wound; a high velocity round (HVR) doesn’t normally travel in a straight line once it hits human tissue; it causes massive cavitation and will be deflected by bone and tissue of different densities.

    If the entry was, indeed, in the guy’s ass then the round, potentially may have torn up through his pelvis; lots of interesting stuff in there such as pelvis and spine, major blood vessels, nerves, bladder, bowel and genitalia, and even onwards into his chest cavity. No means of knowing until you get his kit off but still a potentially fatal wound.

    Moral; don’t get hit by HVRs.

  2. They seem to be getting more advanced in their combat gear ( more advanced than their usual attire of a dish-dash and head
    Towel shemag anyway)…
    They had coded duplex radios, webbing, and even some body armour…
    But wait…what’s that at 0.41??
    Ha ha ha! How I laughed…and laughed….

      1. @wicked-mama:I used to have a girlfriend like that when I was in high school (she was already graduated & attending uni).She thought if she took her glasses off when drunk no one would recognize her and tell her dad – a school principal. Our other girlfriend & I thought it hilarious

  3. Yelling Allahu Akbar actually makes sense when all you get during combat is shot in the rear end. Although, it would probably make some of your less fortunate comrades feel even more depressed about their wounds…

  4. I hope that everytime he shit’s he is forced to yell Alla FuckBar, everyone of these pieces of shit can die if it was for me. They should nuke the AllaAcbar place clean off the planet, we don’t need these babarians that is blinded by their relgion forcing that on others and having no mind off their own…

  5. Nicccce as shot, that’s for sure. What I can’t figure out is the varying tone they use when screaming “snackbar”! Did I use “snackbar” correctly?? I’m referring to the “Allah” screams. Anyhow- this guy screamed that shit like he was awaiting the mf’er to appear before him!! Idk- I just pay attention to shit like that. His tone made me lol. The best thing anyone could do would be to shoot me in my ass. There’s a nice amount of padding that would surely save my ass! 🙂

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