Gaming Man at Table Stabbed with Scissors – CCTV

Gambling Man Stabbed with Scissors at Card Table

Captured on CCTV, a group of players at a game table located somewhere in China, watch a fellow player get stabbed in neck, then stabbed in chest with pair of scissors. Allegedly, the person standing up is owed money and trims his debt all of a sudden.

I would like to play a game with you. How many players do you see enjoying a fag? The answer needs to be less than 3 but more than 1. Good luck, Best Gore members!

The player stabbed walks away out of view of camera still holding a cigarette – very charismatic.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for this smoking video:

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63 thoughts on “Gaming Man at Table Stabbed with Scissors – CCTV”

          1. Same reason Russians (the older generation) or Nigros are angry. Shitty life, living like wolves, where to survive you have to rip at each others throats, else everything will be taken from you.

          2. If i were going up against that big fella i’d use more than a pair of scissors. I think that’s more the white way. Think it through. Oh and one more thing. make sure it’s not on cam.
            I like the way that other chap is smiling. He must have been losing too.

    1. On 10th anniversary of Falklands victory I was based in Germany with the British Army. We booked a big table at the local Argentinian Steakhouse and all went down in black tie for a celebration dinner. Kept quiet while we had our dinner so they didn’t spit in it but afterwards we had an airfix model of the Belgrano and a radio controlled submarine and staged a fantastic re-enactment of the sinking in their ornamental pond. It was an epic night for us. Not so much for the faggoty Argy staff. Only bad thing about that conflict was that we didn’t bomb the mainland even though we had the capability.

  1. The one with her back to us,,, A Broad, i’m sure of it does fuck-all but look at all the loot on the table saying to herself Hmmm,,, naw fuck-it,,, or i’ll end-up wearing a necklace made of scissors also! 😉
    ************Guy Die Ding??? Or Die Ding No???**************

  2. A bomb could go off in that place and they would still be sitting at the table contemplating a thought started ten secs ago…one…two…three..four.. Der dumb dumb dumb

    How about the fagging wastrel and the broad to the stabbed boss?
    Look ..can you bring us a cup a coffee once you put a Band Aid on that… thanks!

    Now you know why Nemesis is better than Justice. Nemesis always give you your just desserts whether guilty of not!

  3. Before the bald head could borrow more of cash the guy with the scissor made sure in scissoring home a point , saying as if, “Man ,settle the earlier debts and only then ask for more”.
    Its kinda weird with the Chinese where normally you see people brandishing guns or pistols , here ye have ’em carrying snippers happily .
    I think after the first aid the egg head is gonna return once more but he may walk in with a bigger scissor leaving aside his cigarette to teach his lender as to what does the idiom ” tit for tat”, means .

  4. Fuck man,,, if you look at the main picture you will see that the Stabber, and the big guy to his right are both laughing right at the time of the first stab in the neck. And seeing that the first stab was lightning fast, they both had to be in on it. So that Javex-Headed-Cunt with all the chips in front of him must’ve been quite the Asshole/Prick Taking full advantage of the little guy, and blowing hom off every time that he would ask for his money. And just the fact that he disrespected the much smaller guy that himself, he deserved the Casino-Type of Joe Peshi, or Chan peshi

    to not pay the little dude when obviously the Bleached-White headed Fuck had the money. He probably just Thought to himself,,, Da-Fuck Is that Tiny Fuck Gonna Do Ta Me if i din’t pay him,,, fart on me? lol,?

    Yea,,, you bald-headed fuck who’s fartin now

  5. What really pisses me off is that they didn’t change the year in the surveillance cameras configuration menu. I swear it takes like 2 minutes to do that shit and whoever administrates that shit was too lazy to fucking do it, fuck that guy.

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