Gang Attack in Malaysia – Man Chopped Up with Machete

Gang Attack in Malaysia - Man Chopped Up with Machete

This brutal, gang related machete attack took place in a small town called Batang Kali, in the State of Selangor, Malaysia. A man was left without a hand and with several brutal chops to the head. He lost a lot of blood but somehow managed to remain conscious and was carried away while still alive. I don’t know if in the end he made it. Blood loss was pretty significant.

Some kind of friend of his seems pretty distraught by the severity of wounds and acts possessed. A policeman appears to be nearby but he doesn’t seem too keen to get involved. Hopefully he at least used his radio to call an ambulance.

Props to Best Gore member victoriadas for the video:

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      1. Maybe in said class, these particular ‘mammals’ (I use the term very loosely) might be instructed on NOT GRABBING AND PULLING THE PROFUSELY BLEEDING DYING MAN IN THEIR HYSTERICAL FITS…just a thought…

    1. I tell you what. Hidup ni biar ber dunia dengan orang lain. jgn jadi sombong sangat.
      yeah, I pun tak suka kdg2 dgn puak2 cha ya nun alif mkn baa yaa baa alif ni. and geng2 berparang ni. tapi dr sudut lain dorang ni bukan semua teruk. pandang dari sudut positif ok. I pun benci giler dgn geng indon and bangla tapi nk buat macamana melayu malas nak keje in construction and jadi kuli. yang jaga sempadan sape? melayu kita jgk kan?

      peace k.. 1love y’all. slmt brpuasa.

        1. hypocrite? silap orang darling..
          Cepat melenting ye.

          Remember, as I’ve mentioned earlier, there are bad and good people. Not all I bet the madura immigrants in my BG post are not the type of immigrants who would like to meet / encounter.

          Wait? 1malaysia slogan?hehehe that is BS.

          Have a nice weekend.


          1. Your statement “We, Malaysians hate Indonesian immigrants as much as Germans hate Turks, or as much as you hate Jews” what do you mean by we? the chinese maleysian? lol

          2. At least you guys have Asian on Asian immigration.

            Imagine if you got saddled with massive immigration from Africa or the Middle-East.

            Though Malaysia is an Islamic country, but still.

            Shit sucks when you look around and all of a sudden you see no one who looks like you at all – and you’ve become a minority in your own city and Country.

  1. I bet these guys where just having a bad ass breaking dancing competition, and now the screaming dude is just upset cause they cant finish their dance off.

    PS: love the glove on the severed hand 😛

  2. I don’t think he made it… and the hysteric guy knew It’s too serious. Must be terrible to see a friend or family member badly injured and struggling aigainst death, knowing he will possibly die in a few minutes.

  3. His friend is so distraught, it’s very hard for me to watch. I always try to identify with people and put myself in their positions. Empathy is important, it keeps people grounded. It may just be part of my nature as a Psych/Social work student.

    Also, I wanted to yell at bystanders helping to raise his stump to prevent further extreme blood loss from that left wrist!

          1. @s.a.d., it’s the fantasy that makes it exciting. She could be anyone you want her to be. I see a sexy girl and that’s all that matters to me.

          2. Look at me for example…I’m always talking about my nine inch cock. Does it matter to Barbie that I’m only eight and two thirds? Probably not.

      1. @broke back your such a gentlemen. Hey did ya all notice his brother go grab the chopped off hand and put it by him. Boy was he hysterical. Dam I thought he was playing a bloody game of twister.. I also noticed the guy with the chopped hand was chopped under his arm by his elbow yOu can see it when he starts to have a mini convulsion.. These machete videos are my favorite Chop Suey anyone? P.S hopefully one of these days I could qualify as one of those beautiful ladies you guys speak of. Lol just kidding

        1. @joluvs2gore, you can start by using a clearer avatar so that we can have a better look at you…showing a little skin also goes a long way here…any reference you make towards my endowment will earn you brownie points and if you swallow I will marry you immediately.

          1. @Brokeback here ya
            Go Hope
            This avatar is
            A wee bit clearer. And wow
            those qualifications fit me to a tee. Except a swallower. Never tried it but Im open to invitations. Lol …

    1. They are his relatives. The dramatic guy was his brother if I’m not mistaken.
      If you’re used to see Indians funerals, that kind of reactions (screaming, rolling on the floor,hit themselves, etc ) are just normal.

  4. Maybe he was just into edge play? No? I can’t understand the stump fetish, but some people remove their perfectly functioning limbs! This is kind of a smack to the face, of those born without! Maybe someday people will be able to donate limbs!! Haha! Imagine a tiny armless white chick, goes under the knife, after a black body builder dude donated his arms to her! Hahaha! Imagine that? She could walk on her feet and hands like a sessssy gorilla! And it’d be like a man rubbing her chi-cha!, when she got frisky! Lol! Am I demented?

    1. by saying a demented style comment with demented input then saying am i demented are you inferring already that youre demented and want us to gently and humorously agree or are you genuinely wanting us to determine that you are demented by the content of that comment ?

    1. NO. So wrong. As the title, this is a Gang related issues.

      According to the news and witnesses, he was attacked by few INDIAN guys while he riding his motorbike near a gas station. (that’s why he had a glove on his left hand)

      This is nothing to do with religion

  5. Ok I’ve never been in a situation like this seeing someone close to me be in that sort of condition. But you would think that last thing that guy needed was to see is his friend or relative wiggle around in his blood screaming and crying.

    I know sometimes its hard to control your emotions but god damn it man, at least for your friend you gotta keep it together and show him some courage so even he dies he doesn’t die watching you cry in a pool of his blood.

  6. This is an example of how not to react when your friend gets severely injured. This guy isn’t trying to help, he doesn’t care about minimizing the bleeding, he doesn’t even care about providing emotional support. Instead of “it’s going to be okay, it’s not that bad, you can make it, stay with me,” he is basically providing the opposite (negative emotional support?). Through his actions, he is telling his friend that it’s not going to be okay, that it’s really fucking bad, that he won’t make it, and that he doesn’t give a shit about being there for his friend while he’s dying. I get that people react to things differently, but this is awful.

  7. what is it with them third world fuckers do they enjoy splashing around in other peoples blood ? and even the people who scoop up body parts and stuff just use them paper thin plastic gloves. i bet theres some sick fucker out there who scoops up brain matter for a living and sneaks some into his lunch box and eats it thinking it will give him superpowers

  8. I’ve got to work on people with non-fatal injuries that go into shock (complete shutdown of your body and organs) from the fear alone. This guys friend is definitely tippin the scale for the reaper. With that amount of blood loss and being in small malaysian town, I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered much anyways. Some people are just not mentally equipped to handle these scenarios, dude freakin out as he’s losing his friend is a prime example.

    1. This guy is great in a crisis, no? I mean it had to be more helpful to roll around kicking and screaming like a two year old than to take off the belt he was wearing and use it as a tourniquet. Can we promote this guy to field medic for the Fake Syrian Army?

  9. i think he’s lost too much blood to remain alive long. Body’s hold a gallon or so, and that looks to be more. After that the heart goes into cardiac arrest. They would of had to close his wounds, and then pump him up.
    But a good way to stop blood loss is burning the wound, which im sure you’ve heard, and if you don’t have fire ready available or a hot iron, duck tape also works well, i always keep a few rolls around and in my vehicle at all times. Its great for stopping bleeding on heavy wounds. tape that shit tight….

  10. News by MyNewsHub

    MCAC?s Translation:

    Shankar Nadeson, 35, was confirmed dead after he was badly slashed and had one of his wrists hacked off. The group of assailants who attacked him at the petrol station were masked.

    The victim was brought to the Kuala Kubu Bharu Hospital for treatment but doctors there confirmed that he was already dead by the time he reached the hospital.

    The motive of the attacked is believed to be revenge due to a previous fight that happened at Taman Ketoyong Permai, Tanjung Malim, Perak.

    The gangs which were believed to be involved are the Kumpulan Gobi (08) Kalompang, Selangor and Kumpulan Santhana (36) Kalompang, Selangor.

  11. I was wondering where the ambulance was also? I first thought why weren’t they putting a tourniquet on this guy? But then I remembered that these regular every day citizens probably don’t get the training that we get in the United States. They probably didn’t realize how crucial it was to get him help. The policeman was just walking around. I mean really??? What was really going on?

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