Gay Man Bitten on Chin by Boyfriend On Suspicion of Infidelity

Gay Man Bitten on Chin by Boyfriend On Suspicion of Infidelity

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @alejandrojayy, who got bitten on the chin by his boyfriend who suspected him of infidelity:

This is a human bite. Y’all gonna love this queer shit.

My boyfriend did this crazy ass shit because he thought I was fucking my friend. Dude had a guilty conscience, I guess. Cause I tried backing myself up and he wasn’t about it. Fuck that dude.


  • 13 stiches, once stiches came off 2 weeks later, it opened back up.
  • 2 weeks of antibiotics plus another week once it opened up.
  • Plastic surgery was recommended.
  • Didn’t press charges although I feel like I should have.
  • Almost a year later and I have a huge scar… Buried under my beard.
  • But I’m good. Could care less about the dude or the bite mark.

Thought y’all like to see this queer ass drama shit….

Oh! Doc stuck his finger in my mouth and almost slipped it through the other side to the outside of my cheek.

I have a video of the drama but I’m not ready for that shit to be out yet. That shit is some DRAMA! I may post if you can get enough attention.

I totally loved that queer shit @alejandrojayy. Thanks for hooking us up with your pic. Hope you have a saner boyfriend now, and he digs your scar.

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204 thoughts on “Gay Man Bitten on Chin by Boyfriend On Suspicion of Infidelity”

      1. Aye, this little incident put the civil partnership on the back burner.
        I reckon these incidents go with the territory with shirt lifters, probably part of the appeal. And everything is “Drama” with ’em, is it not !?.

  1. What a pathetic child to bite you, especially that bad. I would have pressed charges considering just how filthy the human mouth is and all the medical expenses you have incuured. You must have been guilty.

  2. i didnt put my dick in simons bum,,you did put it in his bum,,richard told me he seen you two in the ally touching willys,i swear i wasnt,smell my dick if you dont believe me,ok come here i want you,yes sweetie??screams,,runs away with a giant hole and a bit mark on his face…lol.

    1. I thought you guys did too? How that work bro? Everybody fuck same time? I count two cocks and one pussy. That adds up to 66% gay. Hawaii is like Alcatraz. It’s not gay when it’s in prison! 😀

    1. Hahahaha @thedre Bro
      I’m gonna say the same
      its one of those ,”Downright fucking disgusting episodes” where the Mirror won’t ever stop bringing it back over and over and over again until his dying day whenever he will see his reflection in the mirror .
      How come he just bit you there ? .He simply left your butt hole unhurt and you can thank your lucky stars for if he was a little more fitsier that freaky day he would have impaled you with an iron rod or something similar .

      From now on lend your butt to a someone with a compassionate ,!
      BTW that earring on ya looks quite a dick puller.

      Cheer up !

      1. Yea exactly brother. This garbage makes my blood boil. The only thing that i would stick up his ass, is my Russian SKS, but only with a FULL 10 round clip, un-COCKed, and ready to explode, as i am positive that it also has an “Urge To Jizz”, from time, to time. 😉

        1. im here thinking like what way is he taking all the comments,is he laughing on or getting upset,some of them are funny fuckers,id love to see the gaymonator come on and give his side of the story,that would be epic,handbags at dawn,dicks at midnight,i cant get my head around two hairy smelly men cuddling up and kissing,give me that soft warm pussy.

          1. I’ll Be Back!
            ie: all over your back like a dog with two dicks haha.

            And yeah i don’t care what he thinks irish he’s the one going against nature. iv got no problems with women being gay but two hairy blokes is shambolic. and i know that’s bias of me but it is what it is.

          2. i no man, i had a threesome with too birds awhile back,one of the best experiances of my life,ill never foget it,two of them down sucking the cock off me,i felt like a king,the coke added to the experiance,when women get going they are up for anything…

  3. I bet you liked that, bitch, right? And you did not do anything to him? I bet he spread his asshole for you and forgot he bit you!

    Although, I look forward for that drama video you are talking about!

    Greetings, my friend.

    And I hope you did not get aids from that bite!

    1. Fags can’t handle their guns correctly so they’re dangerous around rifles. Fags are retarded. They can’t shoot rounds into a bulls-eye only the back door of a barn. Fags are more dangerous than a gun. Let’s pass Fag Control Legislation? Make them register. Train them to use a gun properly.

          1. @danielray : I don’t know if you read the right one (cause actually, there are two comments from me, at the bottom of the page). Sorry, my bad, I deserve a good spanking, I guess…(spanking is good, I love it)…
            But I was mentioning, like Ferestha said earlier, that beards and a hairy chest usually turn me on, too 😉
            That’s it…

  4. Wow!… Your boyfriend is worse than a woman indeed!

    I wonder why you don’t like women instead of men?… It is because men suck cock better that woman? Or because they have tighter assholes than woman? Only you know, my friend.

    Just let me tell you that there is nothing better than a wet tight pussy!

    1. A wet tight pussy!
      is what leaves me drooling all day all night long .
      Pussy I love your scent just like the stale can of sardines but I know ……. and I know nothing arouses me more than the area around both orifices of a woman which are a real turn on that leaves the dick feeling proud like a hammer of Thor

      And the pointedly aroused tits …………….I am gonna cum hard
      Enough recipe for a Porn show start up …………I guess.

    2. Physiologically, yes, a wet pussy with optimal tension, but psychologically women scare fags like their mommas. There must be a reason they’re chicken shit. Women also don’t like being fucked by hysterical women with long clits.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed my penis and balls being bitten and chewed on. Deep toothmarks in the head and shaft of my penis are good. But never big hunks of meat bitten out. This is not passion, it’s assault.

      1. @alejandrojayy…My girl is black/Spanish ,I’d wished she’d bite me too,but not on the face!! Had to seriously tone down my racist antics and my,,” rolling my eyes ” hatred.. For niggers but not good black folk.. Love can really fuck things up ,let’s just say I have to endure this shit everyday. FUCK!!! FUCK!!!FUCK!!! And do take responsibility for it. Thank goodness she’s more Spanish..anymore blacker I’d have to bite the fuck outta her…

  6. “Y’all gonna love this queer shit.” – Ewww… no… no, not really, this isnt the place for LGTB crap… 😕

    “Oh! Doc stuck his finger in my mouth and almost slipped it through the other side to the outside of my cheek.” – …his “finger”?… 😆 I bet you enjoyed that…

  7. Wow! That bite!!
    I could really make a bad joke considering that “bite” means “dick”, in French…But I won’t…
    I’m truly impressed because that must have hurt a lot…the stiches, plus it opened up again (I’m not even mentioning the antibiotics, but, well, yes, I am…). That’s many reasons for me to press charges…
    I support the gay community, so, nothing to say about that unless…Please, let us see the “big drama” video! (I tried…Ok, I’m out…).
    I honestly hope you now be careful who you go with, not get another bite, ok…Cause, ouch!! He must be crazy, I mean I’ve never seen this before…
    P.S: As @Feresta said, chest hair turns me on, too…and beards….I’m out!
    Peace 🙂

  8. Your ex bum pal must be a real big girl’s blouse to bite like that.
    I’d say good riddance, but I suppose you’ll have another one on the go by now. Watch out, this one might scratch your eyes out.

  9. As a group gay people are a lot less of an issue than other groups that exist within our societies.

    Statistically speaking they are not a problem in any real sense, crime rates among their group fall within a reasonable level to their population count and they are almost always gainfully employed and therefore tax contributors.

    Yes they do have some inbuilt issues such as being high risk for sexual diseases but then so are other groups such as blacks. However, unlike the blacks the gays pay their own way, medical expenses and all, and therefore do not burden the taxpayer.

    Whereas I am personally against gay adoption and gay marriage on the grounds that such actions are detrimental to society on the whole I am not going to hate a person for engaging in consensual sexual activity with a member of their own sex.

    There are many issues in life that concern me such as governments expanding their control over people, wars, financial uncertainty, rising crime levels, mass uncontrolled immigration etc so as you might expect where some random guy likes to insert his penis features relatively low on that list.

    My conclusion, judge proportionately not emotionally.

      1. @dixoniamin

        I am not gay and you are not either by the sounds of it and whereas I don’t personally hate them you are entitled to hate them all you want, your own hatred is your own prerogative after all.

        Personally I would prefer that you expand upon your opinion though. Instead of telling me to go to hell explain why your opinion differs from my own and I might just take it seriously and respond to it otherwise, as you so elegantly put it, you can go to hell.

        1. next time ill just tell you go fuck yourself,i might get a reply,i thought CERN and what they are doing would be on your radar?i should of added a nigger or a black man or something to get a reply,who gives a fuck about blacks anyway?only people that see them as a treat,weak people,i see blacks as food for when my children get hungry…who gives a fuck?only the weak…

          1. i hear you man and i do apologise for my misunderstanding,ill have to make sure to inter an African American male or nigger or just plan black the next time for me to get your attension,that shit gets old man you no,their only blacks lol,who gives a fuck about them in the real world?proper white people dont anyway,RUSSIANS.IRISH and so on.,my family and clan would wipe the floor with them,you English are reaping what ye sode…

          2. You should gargle big black balls. No, not the nice clean shaven ones either. I mean barrel to the head in a dark alley slurping them in a pool of your own tears.

      1. @ewestomper

        My stance with blacks is the same as it always as been, so long as they don’t obsess over and chase after whites I have no problem. I respect those blacks who prefer their own kind and I hate those blacks who do not, simples.

        No other race on the planet chooses to race mix more than blacks, that should tell you something ewestomper.

        1. I would call you a cunt, but you have neither the depth or the warmth. Filthy fascist racist, a festering boil upon the ass of society… People like you are the motivation behind George Carlin saying it’s a great idea that we all just keep fucking each other until we’re all the same color. Your crayon box is mostly empty… just like your brain pan. ..|.,

          1. @SykoSikoSugrMoma.
            What the fuck is your problem? You pop in quoting some PC asshole and spouting some bullshit that only shows your ignorance of the world outside of you culdesac.
            Go to the ghetto with a bullhorn and show your support. Then see how soon you get robbed, raped and murdered.
            ‘Crayon box’…Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up!

    1. After he bit me, I was about to lay his ass out, but I honestly freaked out at the amount of blood gushing from my face.
      Dude was all up in my face I should have knocked him out right then and there before he fucking went zombie on me. I wasn’t in prison for nothing.

      1. @alejandrojayy : I hope you’re alright, friend, but judging by the pictures, you seem ok, now 🙂
        Why do you guys always have to be so handsome? I mean no offense to anybody, here. Neither do I discriminate people, in one way, or another, but I have gay (male) friends…They’re so sexy!
        (Having a beard, and a hairy chest help a lot, in my opinion, too, but that’s just me lol )…
        So, here’s a message from me, to tell you that I’m glad you recovered and went away from that psycho who bit you…
        I really hope everything’s good today, for you 🙂
        We are now officially friends, and I’m happy about it. The people I met here, on BG, are some of the best. Funny, intelligent, well, there’s a lot of us, you’ll see by yourself!
        But thanks for the post, it was…unexpected…
        Yup, I had no idea that a human being could bite another human being. So, thanks a lot for the pictures…
        Enjoy BG, and take care 😀 xx

  10. i dont mean to be jacking your post man i no you put time into it but you seam the one to ask,and i want others to read this too,im watching alot of the ;mandela effect; lately and ;cern;.and the effects its having on the past,just one example is the STAR WARS movie,it was always ;LUKE? I AM YOUR FATHER,but if you watch the movie now he says,NO I AM YOUR FATHER,and R2D2 never had one silver leg,he was all gold,now he has,its fucking weird,they are only examples of all the things that have changed,theirs loads,check it out,im fucking loosing it or something serious is going on.its fuckin freakin me out anyway.

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