German Roofer Has Mishap with Knife

German Roofer Has Mishap with Knife

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member TheRobin.

A friend of mine who works as a roofer, jumped from the scaffolding onto the roof. While he jumped, his cutter knife slipped out of his workingbag and cut him in the left wrist, #YOLO from germany

Thanks for sharing, TheRobin, hope your friend gets a gnarly scar to show off.

94 thoughts on “German Roofer Has Mishap with Knife”

  1. Ahah! The revenge of the roof! 😆 Why would someone keep an unfolded cutter knife arround? The folder is there is there to be used, its just a push of a finger… theres no reason to be lazy and not use it… That outta teach him a lesson…

          1. @DK Me tooo! I LOVE the sound of a box cutter blade sliding into place for some reason. We have a bunch at work and I get to use them frequently throughout the day but it never gets old!

    1. That’s right! We learned all this shit at a young age…
      -Don’t run with scissors
      -Don’t piss into the wind
      -Don’t jump on a roof with your unfolded cutter knife…etc etc…

      Feel free to add any proverbial “Don’ts”

      1. LMAO! 😆 Ahh well i have a few from experience…

        – If its on and hot, dont put your fingers on it.
        – Dont sniff ether.
        – Dont put battery acid on your tongue.
        – Dont eat cherries and drink coffee…
        – Dont jump off a first floor upside down.

        And so on and so forth… 😆

          1. O No Stomper! That sounds like a bad time in Bangkok.
            If you spent any money on it, flip that she/he over. The little feller has to have a hole in there somewhere!

          1. That is very odd @ Ewe. I like Les Stroud more anyway. Who drinks their own piss? Gross. I may have gotten a little in my mouth on accidentalways someone elses though!

          2. Bear Grylls is wrong on that. I happened to read about just this earlier tonight. Drinking your own piss will do the opposite of quenching thirst. Just so we know for the zombie apocalypse! (-:

            P.S. and be careful making ( or catching ) snowballs in fields where dogs go for a shit. I speak from personal experience! XD

      1. Jobs are shit jobs roofing is something else something…..much worse! Its like rugby.. A brutal sport played by the most damaged of people. The company i worked for hired directly from prison. Ive had some interesting crews. The hardest thing to find a good roofer who has a vehicle license ticket and more than 12 minutes of sobriety.

          1. @booz

            Was a bit worried this was you, German roofer man………..but I knew you’d never let anything happen to that trusty j/o wrist. It’s waaay too important brother

  2. I hope that’s not his beer stein holding hand! Das w?rde saugen! That goes for that other vital thing, too. :mrgreen:

    *throws ten staples, Neosporin? + Pain Relief, gauze, and tape @ German roofer friend

      1. @Stomper

        Fuck me that was quick! I’m usually scrolling around for ages .

        If you blow the pick up it looks like a neck! Ha ha.

        Had a few sherberts, don’t expect much intelligent conversation from me.

        1. On a school night @bobcat !?, naughty naughty. Had a swift half or three myself, yolo and all that.
          Ahh, I get you now, fuck me that’s weird as hell looking. Them there muzzies would still have snackbar’d without the blown up shot though !

          1. Look forward to viewing the pics then @bobcat by the sound of it !.
            Only kidding bud, I’m sure elf n safety have got you covered, emergency cut out and what not !?. If not, stick with the manual tools ’til after lunch eh !?

          2. @Stomper.

            I’ve had a few close ones but I’ve still got all my fingers .

            It’s all about respect.

            That and a sprinkling of luck!

            Till the morrow mate.

    1. @Gnat my man this is the big Roofer boozer…. fuck this lil wound I seen my best friends falling of roofs , last week my best friend fell 7 meters down hes still in coma, but what the fuck it’s you’re job! love or dont do it. I never fear death.

      1. Well said brother…
        If you love what you do… You’ll never work a day in your life…

        I admire you crazy motherfuckers that work at extreme heights… I’m a big pussy when it comes to heights… Just saying… 🙂

  3. Fuckin Boozer, I’ll just bet that was you…you got a friend named the robin?!? Better keep your mind on your work and stop thinking about pussy so much!!! Haha…J/K bro, but fuck, German roofers got it rough sometimes

  4. We get these kind of scratches in the pharmacy from that goddamn lethal packaging on IV fluids all the time! My dad was a roofer up until a few years ago, I’ve seen him come home with way worse! He’d put a bit of antibiotic ointment on it and some electrical tape to hold it together and then get his ass to work. Put some NewSkin on it and quit your damn whining!

  5. I was a single-ply roofer back in the 80’s, and like any construction job there’s lots of things that can go wrong. I saw a guys leg get rolled over by a huge roll of rubber, broke it in 4 different places. All the guys up there were grossing out at his injury but not me, I was right there ready to assist, lol, I mean gawk at his injuries, wish I’d had a camera.

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