German Tourists Attacked and Stabbed in Fez, Morocco

German Tourists Attacked and Stabbed in Fez, Morocco

Three German tourists – two men and one woman – were attacked and stabbed by two people with knives while sightseeing in the Talaa Lakbira, a neighborhoods in the city of Fez, Morocco. Fez used to be known as Morocco’s spiritual capital, but has seen an upsurge of violence in the recent years.

The attackers were reportedly under the influence of Karkoubi – a psychoactive drug that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, or consciousness. Karkoubi is available in Morocco as prescription medication that comes in the form of a pill, usually in red packaging, for which it is nicknamed “red bulb”. People on Karkoubi have been known to commit horrific crimes, like slaughtering their own family in cold blood.

As soon as the attack occurred, a group of locals intervened and took the attackers down. The video shows them tending to the shocked victims, while another group is holding the attackers aside. The victims have been taken to Fez University Hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @moroccan_boy for the video:

One more video:

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    1. Who the F goes to that place?
      It is a terrible place.
      By terrible I mean poor.
      And that is about it.
      That’s what rich ass tourists do.
      Go to places poor folks won’t go.
      For the rustic scenary.
      Rustic charm or what ever.
      They go to the damn ghettos.
      Cause they don’t know any better.
      Hey rich folks go to a whore house.
      And forget about sight seeing.

          1. Ahhh blu honey I appreciate your kind words. I prefer to compliment others and I’m not good at accepting it from other people. When someone in rewal life saays something to me of that effect I act like a complete idiot. I either punch their shoulder, speak jibberish or say good shit, nice face etc rather than thankyou

          2. Lol Hollywood. You’re a dapper gentleman that’s for sure. I’m not going to say you’re beautiful though if that’s what you’re thinking. You’ll have to say that to yourself in the mirror.

    1. You can always go to Asia, if you get hurt there they would stand around and take pictures and videos of you lying there hurt and no one would bother to help you, at least in Morocco there is people helping the injured and holding the freaks that attacked down.

      1. Moroccco is really peaceful country.
        People who do such things receive bad fucking punishemnt they could be dead by now.
        They were under drogs thats why they attack them, i know a friend ( algerian ) who stabs his own mom after he took karkoubi that shit is powerful and make you do stupid shit

  1. So that “karkoubi” bullcrap, a drug that turns one into psychos, is a PRESCRIPTION medicine?…

    – “Ohh doctor, my family is too good for me but they give me too much headache at times, i need something to take care of it.”
    – “Dont worry, my fellow patient, im gonna prescript you with daily dose of Karkoubi. Soon enough all your problems will be gone for good!” πŸ˜†

    But seriously now… what the fuck is wrong with african coutries? They come to our countries and we treat them like fucking kings, hell, the very worse that happens to them is getting their cameras robbed or something, or getting a food intoxication… But if we visit their fucking countries, they treat us like dogs and stab us because they were on “prescription drugs”? How about i start hunting tourists down and put their fucking heads on a fucking spike for a change?

    1. @D.K

      I’ve done more than my fair share of LSD and I never stabbed anyone, as far as I can recollect? I have though seen a few people “lose the plot ” so to speak but usually in a scared, paranoid way.

      This drug sounds like something the military would be interested in.

      Like B.Z

      1. Oh acid is so much fun. I felt invisible talking to rabbits.
        Mushrooms while camping is a trip too.
        The trip you have is based on your mood that day and personality. If you’re always depressed and negative about life. You’re gonna do something stupid, if you want to make music and fuck, then you’re gonna have great illusions

        1. Nothing opens up the mind like LSD. One can learn a lot about one’s self while tripping. And as well as the fun, many aspects of our natural habitat and surroundings become visible in a way that’s both captivating and difficult to explain. It is like a whole other plain has opened up.
          Not that I’d do it now, but it is definitely worth trying as an experience.

          1. Did you just read all that bullshit on some pro-druggie panflet or something? If you really need the help of degenerative drugs for that, geeesh, humans arent even trying this days… no wonder why you can all be so easly manipulated… what a bunch of sheep…

          2. I love eating shrooms every once in awhile. Its a really good experience when taken with an idea as opposed to taking it just to trip out. I think its nice to exit your own everyday consciousness for a little while here and there as long as you intend to come back. And, yes, it does open up the thoughts. Seeing impossible shit makes so many difficult things seem so possible. Those who’ve done it know what I mean. I wont speak to the effects it may have on others but thats what I get from it. It should not be seen as a crutch, but rather, a different pair of shoes. If that makes sense

          3. Its opening your mind the way you open your ass thats making humans as irrational as fucking animals. Everything has its fucking limits, and everytime youre breaking taboos, youre fucking up everything that made humanity once great. Its not a fucking coicidence that the old arts of 500 years ago cannot be recreated today, and bullshit like “modern art” as taken its place, because humans broke the limits by “tripping” and started going on a fucking decline, and now a fucking painting with a single color palete or a bunch of scribbles that looks like it was made by a fucking kid is worth millions… but its alrigh! You have the fucking drugs! And everything looks fucking marvelous! No matter if its a shit painting, or a phrase that makes no sense at all, or a fucking fresh dump that your dog just made! And this crap affected not only arts, they can no longer think for themselves anymore either. The progress has ceased to be, and we havent advanced all that much since the booming of drugs from the 70’s, if you havent noticed already. Humans lost creativity and capability to think, because they were introduced to that mindfucking shit you love so much that turns you into the cattle they want you to be. Theres no need for fucking progress anymore, you have drugs! You dont need to go to the fucking moon or mars, or expand as its supposed to be as the result of human progress, you have fucking drugs! You can travel to the moon and mars and beyond, and meet aliens and shit thanks to fucking drugs! Bravo!…

            …and then you wake up, and you see the shit reality that you live in, because instead of making the world a better place and being productive, you rather be “tripping” to live in a fucking fantasy world that fucks up your mind and body… what a great invention that was!

          4. thats a very good point you make and I, in no way, disagree. that doesnt mean that i will stop taking shrooms occasionally. it has effects that I have found to be quite profound and I do not attempt to create from those ideas while still under the influence. I videotape or voice record our trip sessions and then review it after I’ve sobered up. I do this because the person who introduced me to shrooms suggested I do. The stuff you can’t easily access in your subconscious tends come out and play a frontal role in your personality while under the influence. Thats what I’m most interested in. how to access my subconscious because I know there are many terrifying and beautiful things hidden in there

          5. Here here ewe. Tried LSD in my early 20s I can honestly say it was a beautiful experience and fucking scary all rolled into one.the up was amazing but the come down was very disturbing .had a flash back about a month after whilst at work, never again mukka. I just stick to my weed now and the odd pint of Guinness

          6. I agree in part ,yes the drugs I took at college and in my early 20s let me see a part of me and the world I’d never experienced before and the highs were great, but some of the lows were severe, but I grew up and had a daughter, she is my drug of choice now, oh and coffee lots and life of coffee.

        2. I’m sure there are many Amazonian tribesmen who would disagree, not to mention Mongolian Shamen etc, etc.
          This is has been going on since year dot.

          You think ancient or old art / artefacts can’t be recreated !?. Two words… York Minster.

          1. Ohh yes, the almighty amazonian tribes! Their great civilizations and technology thanks to the power of drug abuse are a perfect match comparing to… erm… to… well… FUCKING NEANDERTHALS! They all live in fucking straw huts! How can you even compare that!?

          2. Der Kopf honey. I’m actually really comforted at the thought you disagree with drugs. I don’t do them anymore haven’t in over 11 years. Had my demons. I don’t fault anyone for doing them either just be productive and not a statistic. But it is nice to know someone who doesn’t.

          3. This was not about condoning the use of drugs per se, as I stated that I wouldn’t do it now. I was merely pointing out that LSD in particular has the ability to open up the mind thereby releasing a train of thought that wouldn’t normally be possible.
            But, if a person has never experienced it, they would not be able to grasp that.

          4. Such experiences, without being devoted of mere additional halucinations, that you so believe to have much meaning whatsoever, can be achieved through simple meditation. But i suppose you all perfer the “cheaper” route, thats actually heavier on your wallets, and health, eh? Your pride for it is like entering inside the water full of chloride and being able to open your eyes to see whats arround you, when you could just be smart enough to just go underwater wearing diving goggles instead and spare yourself of such trouble…

          5. Your words are typical of a person whom derives his opinions from an egotistical standpoint, but, crucially, without actually having experienced what you are talking about.
            You think you have all the answers, but actually, you give the impression that you are afraid to live. And again, if you believe you’re the only one to meditate, think again. I have a friend whom retreats to a cave in the Pyrenees for three months at a time, with nothing but a morsel of food per day and two ragged wild cats for occasional company.

          6. How convinient of you to know such person! Good for you! Perhaps you can ask that person what does he do when hes not wasting himself in that cave? Have your ever experienced the results of meditation, and i mean deep meditation, astral projecting yourself? I know you’re gonna “conviniently” say “yes” anyways, so why even bother carrying on with the conversation when you colapsed on your defensive position already and starting pulling out made up crap…

          7. Hey Kopf I agree with you on the drugs issue. I’ve never smoked (except for one puff on a cig which convinced me not to continue), do drugs and drink maybe once a year (Oktoberfest).

    1. I was wondering what your take on this would be. I haven’t seen or read continuous terrorist attacks coming out of that region. In my humblest opinion Morocco is really beautiful and serene. There is also the infamous spice markets if memory serves me correctly. I hope this doesn’t turn into a repetitive thing for your country. Now my question is, was this drug already found in Morocco or was it introduced recently? If its being introduced what does that mean for the Moroccons?

        1. There is a special travel advisory POSTED if you may like to take a look at if you go googling further @ellen
          and Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.
          and there’s always that air of uncertainty you will find hanging over cause Morocco is a Muslim country which follows stringent hardcore Islamic laws and customs.
          and now don’t tell this country is another one in your desirable bucket list of destinations you’re yearning to go to .
          Think not for a minute about such places where Muslims come and go ……….

        1. No baby @ shorty very very sadly I’m not. I miss it so much. I live in fucking Oregon now. Why do you ask?

          Moroccan. I figured it was from somewhere else.

          BTW wheres your brother been? That’s your brother right? Memory sucks

          1. Agh I love IL. Mostly everyone I love is there and every friend since grade school lives there. I’m still in contact with everyone. But that’s like 80+ people that I love a lot. They are mostly in the Champaign/Danville area. Got a few friends still in Chicago. Never leave IL thinking everywhere else is better. Illinois is a wonderful state that I would love to go back to someday

        2. @shortyshark

          just tell me why don’t we see much of ya around here cause we want ya
          do you breath in the shadows and wanna come about only when you feel like on a random note .
          why don’t ya post your pic is another question and now don’t ya go hating me for it

      1. This drug comes from algeria . Peope kill their whole family cuz of it. Morocco is trying to do something about it. Every month they find tons of it and they burn it.
        People who traffic this shit are lucky because im no in power otherwise its death to anyone selling/using/buying it

        1. Oh and I would applaud you for that MB. It’s like with this new and more dangerous (didn’t think that was possible) drug called bath salts (different form of methamphetamine) and Desomorphine aka krokodil, the flesh eating drug. We are no longer with the basic drugs (Coke, Heroin etc) Now chemist are using their education to make more money. Regular jobs just don’t cut it anymore

          1. Yes sir MB. I’ve never had the luxury of being able to visit other countries yet. Regardless of how anyone may feel, I would still like to visit Morroco someday

          2. Oh a geologist how wonderful. I have large quartz clusters, geodes many minerals etc. My mother is also really into it. The US has some amazing geology specimens. Plenty of fossils and minerals. There are gold deposits in areas. We have a beach called Agate beach. They’re beautiful. I can go on and on. Im sure France is beautiful right now.

  2. Gotta hand it to the locals. They took action, at least. Had it been Thailand or Brazil, these poor tourists would have been introduced to us through a series of bloody post mortem photos.

    They should let the victims have a go at some justice. Slit the attackers throat and turn them into some Fez- uh, I mean…Pez dispensers

  3. I only like Morocco, for their Hashish. Did you know that their hash is made with the male, cannabis plant? Yep,,, no shit! It is made with the pollen of the male plant, and super compressed, to give us those hard, as a rock pucks. I used to get them in 250 gram, soap bar looking bricks! But man it is one of the tastiest hashes around. And tops up there with the Red, and brown Lebanese Hashish. Awwwww, the good old days!!! All you get now is shitty re-press, or as we call red wrap, crap! πŸ™

    1. @thedre.

      You’re getting me all sentimental. I remember when weed was a rumour and all there was was soap, rocky,red seal.

      Had some oil once, 1g wrap in grease proof paper. Watched a guy roll a joint with it, he put the papers together, put the baccy in then scooped a blob of oil out of a small pot with a butter knife.

      He warmed the oil with a lighter so it ran down the knife to the length of the joint. He then slapped the knife onto the baccy and pulled the knife lengthwise down the joint and “voila” the baccy was covered in oil and hadn’t moved.

      I was impressed and not long after properly stoned.

      1. @dre, @bobcat.
        Oh yes guys, the days when a nice lump of Moroccan or Lebanese hash was a daily accompanying friend. Hot knives at the ready and away we went.

        Long time no see mate, how’s it going ?.

        1. Ewe, bro, the only weed back then was the Gold, or, Red Columbian, compressed, and full of stems, and seeds! Fuck, you would buy a gram, and end up with .5 or .6 once cleaned πŸ™ My bud would smoke it with the seeds, and i refused, the lil fucks, would usually blow-up in your face. Na, i stuck to the good hash we had back then.

          1. Sounds familiar dre. I never did get what all the fuss was about with that stuff. And nowadays that shit is getting?way too strong, which seems to defeat the purpose of getting nice and mellow. Yeah mate, give me a nice lump of Moroccan black any day. πŸ˜‰

    2. “I used to get them in 250 gram, soap bar looking bricks! But man it is one of the tastiest hashes around. And tops up there with the Red, and brown Lebanese Hashish. Awwwww, the good old days!!! All you get now is shitty re-press, or as we call red wrap, crap! πŸ™ ”

      Yep… The good ‘ol days are long gone my friend…

      Good times… ?(???)?—

    3. @thedre talking about hashish. i swear i made a presentation at the university last Friday in front of 45 people including 3 professors while so fucking baked on hasish . i said stuff i would never been able to say while sober.. felt like Steve jobs on some Tx talks and got excellent mark lol

    4. It’s made with the female as well as the male plants, because they sometimes don’t go to the trouble of rooting out the males.
      If you know anything about cannabis or hash you know that the male cannabis plant has almost no cannabinoids.
      Pollen from the male plant has 0.00% cannabinnids, but because Germans started calling cannabis kief “polm” (powder/unpressed hash), this gave rise to the urban legend that hash was made from cannabis pollen. And only male plants produce pollen, just has only male humans produce sperm.
      Meanwhile, uninformed people worldwide continue spreading this misinformation that hash can be made from male plant pollen, which is absolutely laughable and the tale of posers.

        1. I,m ok bud, both my hands, and arms, will never be the same, but i am finally learning to accept this fact, and got out of my depression. Thanks mostly, to my wife, and you crazy fuckers! πŸ™‚

  4. So, its apparently a mix of Haldol and ma?joun (Is it right to call it Hashish or hash brownies?) I?ve experienced Haldol in a high dosage once, I?ve slept for 2 days, and after that I was somehow excessive and violent, but it depends on the person and circumstances I?d guess.

      1. I wouldnt be surprised, if the suppliers of ISIS weapons wouldnt provide them with some experimental drugs to make them more bloodthirsty and psychopathic, although there is already enough potential without those substances. Still, there is a long history of (hidden) experiments on soldiers, and the sophistication should be pretty well progressed and accurate by now, that allows to create the particular desired outcome in the psyches of the combatants.

  5. I normally start out with a hit of Karkoubi in the morning, right before I eat some of the vulvas that stayed over the night before. The Karkoubi makes my tongue extremely sexually violent. I lose control of the tongue. The tongue slashes and criss cross around the vulvas (I’m eating 3 at a time) at such a high velocity that the vulvas are left with no other alternative than to cum. I love Karkoubi and Vulvas in the morning. Don’t you?

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Fuck the Jews, pork eating fuckers. Fuck the Muslims, praying assholes. Fuck the Christian Religion – bunch of jesus fuckers

    and fuck____________fill in the blank.
    There. Have a nice Sunday! From the Vulva Eater.

  6. This has Israel written all over it. They angered in some way those who had the knives and their only alternative was to stab strangers. Kill all Jews and stuff like this would never happen because Niggers and Muslims really have their shit together and are so peaceful it brings a tear to my eye. Fuckin Israel did this. The stabbers are Moussad and the victims are Moussad and they will use this as qn excuse to take the land from every Country on the Love you the planet. Oh and all you shit heads on here are fucking stupid. You’re welcome

    1. Well sir, by posting this comment it means that you are on here as well. So you basically called yourself stupid. And i’ve learned not to take offense from stupid people. So have a nice day, stupid. May the stupid rays of sunshine shine down on your stupid face and encourage you to stupidly continue on with your stupidity.

    2. Another fucking self proclaimed genius.
      I got news for you, you really haven’t got it all worked out, and nobody gives a fuck ( in real life or otherwise ) what you believe to be the truth. You don’t have it all sussed, and never will.

  7. archange gabriel should come back and kill all these motherfucker .
    for the grace of god (and disrespect of the archange knowledge) .
    hallahu hakbar like they say
    purify the world from those shitbag terrorist

    shit, morroco , algeria and all are cool place, and now they try to turn those place as shit.

    kill them all i say

  8. I can’t believe anybody with knowledge would fall for this.
    “Karkoubi” is just a generic name for any number of drugs (some of them legitimate pharmaceuticals for treating heartburn, migraine and joint pain) being sold on the black market in Morocco.
    Since these (and other) black market pharmaceuticals are being imported from Algeria, and the relations between the Moroccan and Algerian governments are far from perfect, the media in Morocco which is controlled by the King have jumped on a witches’ hunt against this “terrible drug”. It’s the moroccan version of South Park’s cat urine hysteria, or the USA media’s labelling of marijuana as the Devil. Blame it on the Algerians (or the Mexicans), it draws attention from the real issues, such as the Moroccan youth having to sell any drugs or even their ass to make money to eat.
    In reality “Karkoubi” is just a mild analgesic.
    In the propaganda of the Moroccan media it’s a dangerous psychoactive drug being blamed for every drug induced attack in the country, and of course blamed on external forces (Algeria).

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