Girl Breaks Arm During Catfight, Doesn’t Notice, Keeps Trying to Throw Punches That Never Land

Girl Breaks Arm During Catfight, Keeps Trying to Throw Punches That Never Land

Early into the girl on girl catfight, the girl in white t-shirt broke her arm, but was so full of adrenaline, she didn’t even notice. She kept on fighting, and was gaining an upper hand (no pun intended), when she tried to throw a few punches with her broken arm but they never landed. The whole forearm just dangled loosely from possible elbow joint dislocation.

That arm breakage effectively lost the fight for her, which was good for her opponent who was about to get her ass beat after the broken arm girl got on top of her in full mount.

I don’t have any detailed info about the video. If you know more about the fight, let us know.

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  1. Broken forearms make for cool wet noodle like slaps. Fair play to the other girl who realized the fight was over. School yard brawls happen but when an injury like this occurs the decent thing is to forget about it or settle up another day. Not all kids or adults have enough honor to do this.

      1. @Cheeky amazing how kids go from ” Kick Her Ass, Fuck Her Up, Kill Her !!!” To oh shit your hurt. LMAO. Still nice to see it kept to one on one without weapons and even though there’ll be no hand shaking it was innocent enough, as far as fights go. In MMA they try to knock each others heads off but still if they are able to at the end they shake hands. George Foreman said it best, “after I knock you out, when you come to, I’ll buy you a cheeseburger and a vanilla cone.” Fighting is okay and even fun but, some just take shit farther than it needs to go.

  2. She broke her arm when they both fell.. landing elbow first on the ground..
    Think it hurts like a bitch..
    I could have ripped the girls clothes before throwing punches, much enjoyable for the crowds to watch.. 🙂

    1. I’ve borken bones in my skateboarding days as a youth but only heard a snap followed by numbness and slight pain after a few minutes. What really hurts like a bitch is gettin the tip of your skateboard in between your asswhole and your know that little space… Never felt pain like that in my life.

    1. Hey Boozer, my cousin and I got into a fight when we were about 13 or 14, she was and is a heifer. She sat on me ( all 65 pounds), I couldn’t breathe so….the only I could do was bite her………right on her tit. She never fought with me again!

    1. No, especially if they are of non-white heritage or grow up in some white trash neighborhoods. You’ve no doubt heard blacks and Hispanics, but you should hear how most Native Americans in my area talk – no matter if they came straight off the reservations or not. And I suppose SOME kids who grow up in heavily accented areas of the US like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, etc… Actually, no – none of them speak proper English, lol. (From the few I could hear talking they sound Hispanic?)

  3. When kids break like an elderly person from a fall, that’s a very bad sign from both nutritional and growth aspects.

    Madam Pomfrey and a dose of Skele-Gro will have that sugar-eating soft chica flattening faces again in no time!

    Oh my God, indeed!

    1. That’s how my husband taught my daughter when she was young. It was funny because during one of her dance class routines they were doing some off-the-wall dance (I think hip hop of all things that idiot dance instructor thought was important) and she was the only one who could do a shoulder roll starting from a standing position and ending afterwards back into a standing position.

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