Girlfriend Stabbed Boyfriend in the Arm

Girlfriend Stabbed Boyfriend in the Arm

Photos by Best Gore’s beloved Gem aka lascerated or whatever the heck she calls herself now, hehe. The Montreal girl, stabbed her boyfriend in the arm in circumstances explained by her as follows:

Stab wound photos that have taken place due to rage in my household. By me in my boyfriend’s right arm. We were arguing, something I loved got broken, he got stabbed with an exacto blade. I won.

How is his arm now, Gem?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Girlfriend Stabbed Boyfriend in the Arm”

  1. Don’t forget she chased him with a knife again last week & the cops were called! @Gem I swear you will kill that guy. Please stay on your meds or they’ll come & take you away, again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I second.
      Even if our book-style comment insult wars start up again, it’ much better than not haveing it be an option.
      B.G. will have a great srange crazy asset missing when You die.
      Untill then, you bring great instablility (In-Stab-abil-ity….?) to the world around us.
      For that, Your cool.
      Plus Your artwork ROCKS!
      I am serious about buying some when some debts are stomped down a bit.

    2. haha, we have a mutual “we’re both angry, lets take it out on eachother” kind of existence.
      He broke my laptop. And after my microwave, kettle, 3 coffee tables and my collarbone (that was an accident, sort of.) i lost it and since i was on my period, well, the rage took over.
      I actually moved out for a while..
      I was concerened we would kill eachother…
      but then we both started getting in way more violent altercations with strangers who DO press charged when you break their noses (v___v’) and decided that we’d rather die crazy and together than crazy and alone.
      It’s a love hate situation. Sometimes i could kill him, but i cant seem to live without him.
      And lets be honest, who else would want to live with either of us? He’s smashy and im stabby.

      One thing’s for sure; my life will likely be short, but it certainly will never be boring.

        1. Reminds me of my ex wife a bit, we had an argument, she said she wanted to stab me so I handed her my kershaw, stuck my hand out and she stabbed it about 6-7 times,and my stupid ass didn’t even move my hand away. I like you guys gem,your’e sick puppies!

    1. That was very much My first impression of her.
      I’m still a little on the fence, honestly, but over all, I’m starting to think that that is pretty much who she is and she really just doesn’t give a fuck.

      I have know people in person, as people have know me, and were both, very, very wrong about who the other person really was.

      We won’t know, so it really doesn’t matter.

    2. I don’t like hurting others; almost 10 years on Effexor XR has left me alarmingly aggressive. I can’t seem to bite my tongue.
      I can firmly state that the medication DOES work, im no longer deeply, dysfunctionally depressed.. I just seem to have no control over my anger or emotions and i cant help but argue. Ill even argue points i know nothing about and don’t even agree with, just to argue.

      Frankly, i dunno what your problem is, you like gore? you’re gonna run into a few totally delusional individuals.


      1. sounds like your looking for an excuse to be angry. Maybe you should look at your childhood. Maybe you learned that if you act out you get what you want. Maybe you act out so extremely because nobody would listen to you or help you with important problems you had. Because of this it lead to a feeling of helplessness and depression probably due to a learned helplessness syndrome.

  2. Why come here to complain what sort of person she is? Let her live her own life, we know a vague as fuck story about what really happened, her boyfriend could have done anything for this have been the outcome.

    She brought us new original bestgore member gore, nothing more to ask for ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. thx Grumb ๐Ÿ™‚ but i don’t mind the criticism.
      I do realise that i come off as quite an obscure creation.
      But everyone is entitled to their opinion and if Gorgonut feel that way, he has every right to. It’s human nature to judge each other and what we don’t understand.
      Everyone does it, i know i do.

      Glad you enjoyed the gash :3 It was pretty fucking awesome to see his muscles contracting through the hole.

    1. I laughed then one time he suggested we get a gun after he got his skull cracked in with a Hammer..
      I laughed.
      Hard. Said “ya, go with that; get shot next time we do battle.”
      I think i changed his mind.

    1. Don’t worry. I don’t believe in marriage, and neither does he.
      Nor do i ever want children, on the off chance they end up anything like either of us. Violent, non-functional, depressive.
      plus, all they do is cry and produce shit. Then they grow up, become ungrateful teenagers and tell you to gofuckyourself and waste your hard earned money on superficial bullshit.
      Im way to selfish for that. *blinkblink*

      What’s the number one cause of DIVORCE?

  3. take heed you gore fucks! when a relationship degenerates into routine violence it’s time to go and hit the road. you may “love” each other but violence indicates loss of respect which indicates no real “love” for your partner. it will only get worse. my ex wife was violent and i never laid a paw on her but i was not going to take her abuse for the sake of “love”. so i took the advice of Ray Charles and i hit the road jack and i didn’t come back no more, no more, no more. i like Gem. she’s intelligent, attractive and is coherent in her thoughts. i would not however put up with her drama and bullshit. stabbing your partner cause he broke some physical object? really? bitch needs to work on her rage issues.

    1. Things got alot better after he stopped kicking my ass everyday actually..
      we reached an understanding.
      And thanks mouse, i am working on the rage. It’s been a year and im alot less stabby now ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @Marc, His arm healed up nicely, minimal nerve damage (localised numbness) but he regained full use of his arm within a month and was back to tossing large appliances down the hall for me to dodge ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ill take a picture of the healed result, nice thick scar.

  5. I assume that she is now his ex girlfriend. Where might she stab him next and for what. Obviouly whatever got broken was far more important to her than her relationship or perhaps her boyfriend is just that desperate.

    1. You assume wrong on all fronts.
      How many 100’s of dollars worth of broken furniture, black eyes and fractured bones would you take before going for the knife?
      He ‘respects’ me more now. I hadn’t fought back before that.
      when people are abused as children they’re more prone to being abusive.
      I thought, that since i was crazy as is, i could help him see past it, (oh, women.) one year later and i was an emotional wreck.

      We fight much less now. We both have worked alot at ourselves so we don’t take our shit out on eachother anymore, we gang up and take it out on others ;D
      Those pictures are over a year old.

      But i can see how you would have drawn the conclusion that you did.

        1. yes they were, but that was a noise complaint. I was throwing things and my drunk negro neighbour wanted payback for me calling the police on him a few days prior. (he was yelling, to himself, in rasta BS and stomping around for the better part of the day, then started banging on the adjoining wall. I contemplated going over there and bashing his head off the counter, make it look like he fell..)
          Drunk bastard was smart enough to return the favour though.
          Im flabbergasted; this coming from a man who falls down the stairs every damn day cause he’s too drunk for life.

          No one was hurt, well, i was hurt but that was my own retarded fault.
          No one important was hurt

  6. oh buddy couple of years ago one ex-gf stabed me in the leg with a fork right above the knee… ๐Ÿ˜ she was pretty crazy but i love crazy bitches … i think its was my fault but anyway your cut brings old memory’s ๐Ÿ˜€ i like it

  7. Nice. I’d really like a girl like her! My ex-wife was a fucking throwback, she only whined and cried when I beat her up. Only once she fought back and bashed my head on the floor. ..but then she ruined it by crying and asking if I was ok…

    I want a chick that will have the guts to stab me when I’m doing something!

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