Gold Shop Robber Shot by Police in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Gold Shop Robber Shot by Police in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Two criminals attempted to rob a gold shop on Jalan Temenggong in Kota Bharu, Malaysia but were disturbed by police before they got any gold.

The incident happened earlier today on June 9, 2013. One robber pointed a gun at the clerk and ordered him to open the display cases so his accomplice could collect the gold. The clerk opened one of the cabinets but patrolling officers noticed the armed robbery in progress and took action.

Faced with police, the robbers were forced to flee without any loot. One of them was shot in the leg, the other one escaped but with one suspect in custody and with police also having the CCTV footage of the robbery, they will hopefully get him soon. The wounded robber is a 32 year old man from the Village Cork in Tok Uban, Pasir Mas.

Props to Best Gore member bakhworld for the normal video. I got the one filmed by a retard with an Iphone:

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25 thoughts on “Gold Shop Robber Shot by Police in Kota Bharu, Malaysia”

  1. I’m guessing the bullet struck a bone in his leg. Either that or he’s a serious wuss. Gunshots that hit in the arms and legs are always serious, but not all that painful if bone isn’t struck. We see pics and vids on here all the time of people so inflicted and barely a wimper. But I hear that when bone is struck, it is much, much more painful, as not only does the bone break, the bullet expands and often tumbles along the bone shredding evything in it’s path.

  2. Why d,ont those store owners learn & have 2 or 3 shotguns under the jewelry desk , in front of the most expensive diamonds and such, and when the attempt to rob them, you tell them to move over while you fill your hands full of golg. When fuckstick is in the right spot CA-FUCKIN-BABOOM ! how do you like me now pal, as he bleeds out from a 12 ga slug 🙂

  3. Actually, Kota Bahru is the safest of all the states in Malaysia and its located at the north just below Thailand. I believe you were refering to Johor Bahru, Mark. Johor is indeed famous for its notorious crime rates all year through.

    1. Shit, you are right. Been a while since I’ve been there and these similar sounding town are confusing me. Kota Bharu is the rat town. Never seen so many rats in my life. Also, very Islamic and hard to get food on Ramadan. Even McDonalds with an “Open 24/7” sign closed early in the evening.

  4. Cops in SE Asia do not fuck around. I once saw a thief snatch a ladies bag and take off running barefoot down the busiest, dirtiest street in Bangkok (Sukhumvit) he was running in the middle of the road against opposing traffic when a motorcycle cop cut him off… He then dropped the lady’s bag and went down to his knees with his hands on the back of his head when the cop walked up to him and bashed him across the face with a wooden baton for being a punk.. Then it was cuffs on and tossed in the back of a pickup.

    Something I found really crazy in Bangkok is a cop can pull up to you at anytime and open your bag, go through your pockets .. Full on search with no probable cause necessary. Usually it’s Cambodians or other immigrants that Thais hate who are scrutinized the most. Now if you’re a foreigner the cops can basically do the same except they cannot put their hand in you bag/pocket…. They can have you turn them inside out and go through the contents but never allow them to put a hand in your space. It’s very easy to keep a small rock of dope between your knuckles and drop it into a pocket and that’s exactly why Thai cops aren’t allowed to do this.

    Crime does not pay in SE Asia that’s for sure.

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